Chatting with you, the other day reminded me of the<br />times I would pull into different ports here stateside<br />and go out and get me a hotel for the day/night. I<br />always thought that it was too dangerous to just go<br />out and try to meet someone for a quickee when I<br />pulled into different ports. I would always get a<br />hotel near a shopping complex that I would be able to<br />walk to, so I could buy some stuff for my<br />afternoon/evening/night of fun…I might have been by<br />myself, but I always made the best of my time   LOL.<br />Here is a story about what I would usually do. I would<br />go by a drugstore and get a small bottle of baby<br />shampoo, a hot water bottle/enema kit, a bottle of<br />some baby new tooth number (numzzzit LOL), a pack of<br />good ladies disposable razors. I would then go to the<br />supermarket to finish my shopping. I would grab some<br />beer,,,and also a couple of sixpacks of interesting<br />shapped beer in bottles,,,Michalobs are always<br />fun,…the way they are shaped, and of course a slim<br />bottle of wine. run through the veggie department and<br />grab some bananas, cumberbers, a couple of egg<br />plants,,,and maybe a long necked zucchini or two. The<br />last thing on my list was a small can of Crisco of<br />course, being the anal slut that I am, I always needed<br />the best when it came to a standby container of<br />lube..LOL. I always like the feeling I get buying all<br />of this stuff in a store, knowing what I am going to<br />be doing with it,,,in just a little while.  Well this<br />time I was down in <span id=”lw_1167238119_1″ style=”border-bottom: #0066cc 1px dashed”>Miami</span> Fl and got a place around<br />11am, and got back to the room around 12:30. I had<br />already ate breakfast and started out by taking a long<br />hot shower. I got out of the shower and sat down on a<br />towel, and started carefully shaving the area around<br />my asshole. After shaving the bottom area, around my<br />balls and the sides, I jumped back in the shower and<br />soaped up my ass and shaved the upper parts around my<br />asshole by feel. I opened up my 2nd beer, taking the<br />first one and putting it in hot water so I could peel<br />the labels off later. I filled up the enema bag, put a<br />squirt of baby shampoo in it, and hung it on one of<br />the close hangers, and kneeled down on the floor with<br />my ass in the air, and opened up the nozzle and let<br />the 2 quarts of soapy water fill up my behind. After<br />taking all of it up my ass, I sat around and watched<br />tv for around 15/20 minutes,,,until I couldn’t hold it<br />in anymore, and went to the bathroom and let loose the<br />first bag of water. I continued this process until I<br />had given myself 6 or 7 enemas, and was clean as a<br />whistle. After the 4th one, I would work one of the<br />cucumbers or bananas up into my ass to start to get me<br />opened up and to make sure, I was empting myself out<br />each time. By the time I could be slamming 3 fingers<br />in and out of my ass or an 8†banana…and then a 10/12<br />zucanni…I could put 2 or 3 quarts of water up my ass,<br />and expell damn near all of it at one time. By this<br />time I would be working on a 12 pack,,,and also had<br />taken several double shots of Tequila and was starting<br />to get that warm horny feeling that I always get when<br />I start getting a decent buzz. When I was all clean<br />and starting to get open, I would start working the<br />numbzzzit up into and around my asshole…it stings at<br />first,,,but then it numbs the opening also. I would<br />also take a slim carrot (I would always buy a bag of<br />carrots) and dab some of the numbzzzit on it several<br />times and put it my mouth and push it to the back of<br />my throat, and coat the back of my throat with it. I<br />would start working one of the bigger and longer<br />veggies into myself,,,and once it was feeling me<br />inside, I would start sucking on a carrot wishing it<br />was a hot cock, and sticking it futher and futher into<br />my mouth, until it was past the back of my mouth and<br />into my throat…the first few times was always rough<br />but after a bit I could overcome the gag reflex along<br />with the numbzzit and start pushing the small carrot<br />down my throat. I would have tears streaming down my<br />cheeks, and at least 4†of carrot down my throat,<br />slobber running down my chin,,,and me just humping up<br />and down on a veggie. Holding the carrot in one hand,<br />I would beat myself off with the other. After I came,<br />I would lick and suck my cum from my<br />fingers,,,thinking of the fun that I was going to have<br />over the next several hours. I was laying around just<br />after this,,,watching tv, relaxing…every now and then<br />sticking a couple of fingers up in my ass,,when I had<br />an idea,,,I had walked by a bowling alley over by the<br />store…Now, I am half buzzed,,horny ass hell and really<br />hot to trot. I went to the bowling alley and told the<br />person by the counter that one of my shipmates was<br />getting ready to retire and that he was an avid bowler<br />and that I wanted a pin so, I could cut it in half and<br />make a nice plaque for him…He made a call and a guy,<br />brought me 2 used pins that they had in the back…wooo<br />hooooo. I got back to the room, and started working<br />more numbzzit into me, and started screwing myself<br />with bigger veggies, and then a beer bottle. I also<br />got to the point that I could take a banana down my<br />throat with ease..and was starting to look at a 12†<br />or so zucanni,,,and wondering how much of it I could<br />take down my throat. I ended up riding the bowling<br />pin, and had about 7†of the zucannni jammed down my<br />throat when I came the 2nd time. By the time I had<br />worked myself up to screwing myself with an<br />eggplant,,I was totally open on both ends…I just<br />wished it was the real thing. I came at least 7 times<br />that afternoon and night,,,and finished up alternating<br />from 4 finges and a thumb jammed up my ass, to an<br />eggplant or the bowing pin jammed up my ass. I got so<br />opened up that I was able to take a michalob bottle<br />large end first….stick it up my ass, walk around with<br />it inside of me, bend over the couch arm, with my ass<br />in the air, reach back and open it up,,,and pour<br />myself a glass of beer…missed more than anything<br />LOL…but I thought how nice it would be for someone to<br />crack it open and empty it into a beer glass to drink.<br />This time I finished up in the shower, the bowling pin<br />half way up inside of me,,,I had had to piss for about<br />an hour and with my legs bent back over my head, let<br />loose all over my face and chest, drinking some of my<br />piss, and then beating myself off one last time onto<br />my face…It made for a nice sound sleep at night!!!  <br />Hope you enjoy reading this<br />