Chapter one
High School
High school was more like prison. No one wanted to be
there and no one could leave without an excuse. At least that’s
how it felt at Walker High School, home of the mighty “Goats.”
It was a small hick town no one has ever heard of called
Mokesville. Nothing exciting ever came from out of that town.
The most exciting thing to ever happen was when the Thompson
boys burned down the public library out on station road, because
the librarian’s daughter, Sara, wouldn’t take her clothes off in
the school bathroom for them. Needless to say the Thompson boys
got in a lot of trouble and were sent off to a boot camp for
unruly kids. Ever since then nothing even remotely exciting has
happened. Unless you count farmer Johnson claiming he got
abducted by aliens. Don’t get me wrong Mr. Johnson is a cool guy
and all, but ever since Mrs. Johnson passed, he kind of fell off
the wagon. He began drinking a lot and he started to smoke weed.
He ended up loving it so much he started selling it to teenage
kids around town. But that all changed one day when Ms. Evens
moved to town. Ms. Evens came from the big city, she came to
teach at our school. She was my new geometry teacher. She was
the type of teacher that every guy in school dreams about she
was about five foot eleven inches tall and she had the sexiest
curves anyone could ever imagine. I will admit I had quit of few
interesting day dreams about her. She had beautiful brown hair
and long sexy legs. She always wore a skirt to school and one day
she was sitting at her desk up in the front of her class and I
could see her sexy legs sticking out from underneath the desk.
My eyes slowly trailed up her leg admiring every inch of her and
then I saw it. She readjusted herself in the chair and I could see
right up her skirt clear as day. She had on the sexiest
undergarments I had ever seen, she was wearing a red and black
lace thong. I had to readjust myself in the chair so no one could
see the bulge in my jeans. I couldn’t turn my head away from
under Ms. Evens desk all the way up until her legs closed really
quickly and I hear her yell my name. She had caught me staring at
her under the desk. I was startled and I jumped back to reality.
That’s when in noticed that the rest of the class had left and
school was out all ready. So I jumped up really quickly to leave
but she called my name again as I was about to walk out the
classroom door. I froze in my tracks afraid to turn around
because she would see my eleven inch dick bulging out of my jeans.
She knew she had my attention so she told me to turn around and
face her. I slowly turned carefully holding my books in front of
my jeans so she couldn’t see. When in turned around i noticed she
had gotten up out of her chair and was now leaning on the front of
her desk. I just sat there with a puzzled look on my face. She had
her arms folded crossed her chest, the way she had her arms made
her huge triple-D boobs look even bigger. I tried not to stare,
but it was really hard not to. She said my name again as I
realized I was just sitting there staring at her chest not saying
anything. So I said yes Ms. Evens? And she started to say I saw
you during class; you were staring up my skirt weren’t you?
Don’t lie. I was so scared at what my parents were going to do if
she told them all I could manage to say was yes. When I said yes I
noticed her face changed; it no longer looked mad, it kind of
looked like she was happy.
Chapter 2,
Dream Come True

I was so scared as to what Ms. Evens was going to do i
didnt realize that i had let my arms fall to my side until
Ms. Evens started to clance back an fourth from my eyes to my
waist. When i did finanly relize what she was looking at i
quickly raised my text books back in front of my jeans. I sudonly
got really nervous and it felt like my whole body was shaking.
Ms. Evens stood up from leaning on her desk an slowly walked
towards the door. as she passed me she wisperd in my ear and told
me to sit down in her chair, that we needed to talk. So i walked
as quickly as i could and sat in her chair behind the desk. when
she reaced the door she put her arm out slowly closed it, checking
the halls, and she locked it. Then she took the board that we put
in the windows durng lockdowns an she hung it up infront of the
window so that no one coud see in or out. As she finished hang it
up she turned around and said to not take my eyes off the chalk
board until i had written i will not be a perv one hundred times.
So i began to write on the board. As I wrote i tried to ask if
she was ging to tell my parents and she told me not if i do
everything she says. Then she told me not to talk anymore. As i
wrote i heard Ms. Evens rustling with somethings behind me when i
tried to turn around to see what she was doing she yelled and said
face the board. after about ten minuets of me writing i finally
reached the one hundred mark. As i set the chalk back on the tray
Ms. Evens came up behind me and put a hand on my shoulder saying
good job. Thats when it happend, i began to turn to face her and
she started to kiss me. i was confused and whondering what was
happening so i didnt try to stop her. When she noticed that i
started kissing her back her hands found my arms and she slowly
worked her way down to my jeans were she undid the button and
yanked my jeans and my boxers down realesling my rock hard cock
like a spring. I felt my tip touch her bare stomach and i jumped
back in shock. thats when i noticed Ms. Evens wasnt wearing
anything. i was frozen in place again admiring how sexy she was
an how surprisingly small her vagina was. thats when she pushed
me and i fell into her desk chair as i reajusted my self, still
trying to figure out what was happening, Ms. Evens got on her
knees in front of me an started to suck my hard cock. when her
soft lips touched my tip i let out a small moan becuase it felt
so good. All those day dreams all those time i imagined his moment
while i was in the shower, it was all coming true right now. As
her mouth moved up and down on my long shaft i couldnt help but
let out a few more quiet moans. when she heard me moaning she
sucked harder and faster, then i felt her hand slowly rubbing my
nuts as she sucked on my dick. Then she deep throated my cock and
i could feel my tip slide down her throat. I was amazed, no one
had ever been able to put my entire cock in there mouth. It felt
so good i could help but blow my first load in her mouth and on
her huge tits. Then she wiped the spunk off her tits with her hand
annd started rubbing her pussy with it. so i stood i stood up and
i stood her up kissed her agian an i said sit in her ear. So she
sat down and i bent down and kissed her with as much lust as i
could then i slowly kissed down her cheek to her kneck and i gave
her a big hicky right were everyone will be able to see it. Then
i began to slwoly kiss down the side of her neck one inch at a
time. As i reached her shoulder i slowly worked my way around to
her chest and i kissed one inch at a time right down the middle
of her chest. At the same time i was slowly gliding my hand down
the side of her body causeing chills to run from her head to her
toes, stimulating every inch of skin on its way down. Then i moved
over to her left tit and gently began to squezze it. Then i gently
ran my tung across her nipple witch was now rock hard, and i began
to gently suck on her nipple. Gently nibbling at it with my teeth.
then i squezzed it as hard as i could then quickly releasd it and
moved on kissing my way over to her right tit do ing the same
thing squezzing and realising it sucking and nibbling on her
nipple. Then i slowly kissed my way back to the center of her
chest and down her stomach. As i kissed my way down her stmach i
heard her let out a moan reasuring me im doing a good job. So i
kept going working my way down when i reached her the top of her
vagina i jumped down to the inside of her thigh kissing up her
thigh as slowly as possible. when i reached her pussy again i
kissed right next to it, just barly lettung my lips touch then
side. Then i jumped over th the other leg and kissed my way up
her thigh again kissing it as many times as pssible then after i
kissed right next to her pussy on the other side, i slowly began
to lick the her sexy vagina purposfully doing my best to avoid her
clitt. As i began to really work my tung she began to moan
constantly saying fuck me all ready over and over again, and after
about five minutes i decided it was time to suck on her clitt as
i began to slowly take her clitt into my mouth she let out a moan
so loud i thoght everyone in the school heard. But i didn’t stop
i kept going and i sucked on her clitt until she came thats when
i stood up and kissed her again without wiping my mouth. As i
kissed her i worked my hand down the side of her body toward her
pussy. Then i started rubbing her clitt and massaging her whole
vagina, i slowly sliped one finger inside of her. I was surprised
at how tight her pussy was around my finger, I slowly moved my
fing uo and down and back and fourth until i found that one
speacial spot. I massaged away at her G-spot, hearing her moan
through our kiss. Then i broke away from kissing her and wispered
in her ear, Condom??, She replied, Pill, so i began to repastion
my self so that my long hard cock was lined up with her little
pussy. Right before i slid my rock hard shaft in i looked her in
the eye and as if she read my mind she nodded giving me the go
ahead to fuck her. As i slowly slid in her for th first time we
both monad becuase of how tight she was. As i got as deep into her
as i could i slowly pulled back out all the way to just the tip
was left in then i pushed back in with just a little more speed
going as deep as i could. Then pulling all the way back out with
a little more speed. Each time i went as deep as i could and i
pulled out everything except the tip gradully getting faster with
each thrust. Thats when it happend it had been like 20 minuets of
fucking her and she fianlly climaxed, as i felt her walls grasp my
dick throbbing with pleaser i couldnt hold my load any longer and
i let every drop of cum o had deep inside her pussy then we i
collapsed. Both of us laying on the floor me ontop of her, i was
still inside her so i slowly pulled out. i lay there next to her
staring at the cealing thinking wow that was amazing. then i
closed my eyes for a second an when i opend them back up i heard
Ms. Evens scream my name, I was sitting in my desk staring up her
skirt and i mumbled under my breath and said, Fuck, relizing that
the whole thing was a dream. then i realized that school was out
and i got up to run out the classroom with out letting anyone see
the buldge in my pants and right before i got to the door
Ms. Evens yelled my name, i froze in my tracks, smilled then
closed and locked the door…..