Since a few weeks I have an online Master. I have always been interested in bdsm, but being the shy and scared young girl that I am, it’s still too much of a risk to meet up with one in real life. So this seemed like the perfect solution: this way I could get used to some aspects of the lifestyle, without putting myself in real danger. I had met him on a S&amp;M dating site. Most guys were only interested in real sex, but this one was willing to help me out. He said he found it exciting and different to start an online relationship and it still gave him enough time for work, his family and his other pets. Sometimes he would give me assignments like &quot;<em>Go to school in a skirt without any underwear</em>..&quot; or &quot;<em>Videotape yourself while masturbating</em>&quot;. He could send me text-messages with assignments at every time during the day and night. Or we would meet online and he would make me do stuff in front of the webcam.<br /><br /><a name=”cutid1″ /><div text=”Read more…” class=”ljcut”><a name=”cutid1″>So I waited for him to get online. I never knew what time he would come. Some days he was early, others really late at night. Or he wouldn’t come on at all.. there was really no telling. But what I did know was that he did not like to wait and I would be in big trouble if I didn’t reply to him soon enough.<br /><br />Finally I saw his name pop up in the right corner of the screen.<br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;Whore, get your ass in front of the webcam right now!&quot;</font><br />Quickly I turned on the webcam. He hadn’t turned his on yet. I liked to be able to see his face, the look in his eyes made it easier to tell whether he was pleased with me or not. But sometimes he chose not to turn it on, which was extra exciting because it kinda made him seem even more powerful.<br />I was wearing my black lace nightgown, with a small black lace thong underneath.. nothing else.. the thong was already soaking wet because of the anticipation. All day I had been thinking about him and wondering what he would make me do this time..<br /><br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;Show me your tits.&quot;</font><br />I removed the straps from my shoulders and pulled the fabric down under my breasts.<br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;Put your feet up on the desk.&quot;</font><br />I did as he commanded, placing my feet wide apart so he could see the thong.<br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;You’re wet aren’t you? You slut!&quot;</font><br />I nodded while blushing.<br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;Get yourself ready.. it’s gonna be a rough night.&quot;</font><br />I knew this meant he wanted me to finger myself and get even hornier. I started playing with my nipples and put one hand in my thong.<br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;I’m going to treat you like the little whore that you are!&quot;<br />&quot;I know you love it, you filthy slut!&quot;</font><br />He knew his words turned me on even more.<br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;Show me how wet you are!&quot;</font><br />I removed my thong and exposed my bare cunt to him.<br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;Such a slut!&quot; <font color=”#000000″>was his respons. </font>&quot;Open the drawer.&quot;</font><br />I had dedicated a drawer of my desk to our little play sessions. It was filled with all the sextoys I owned; some bought by me on his command, others sent to me by him.<br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;Put the clamps on your nipples.&quot;<br /></font>I obeyed, but really hoped he wouldn’t let me wear them as long as last time. My tortured nipples had hurt for days!!!<br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;Put a clamp on your clit too.&quot;<br /></font>Ouch! Now that was even worse than the nipple-clamps.<br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;No pain, no gain pet..&quot;</font> I knew he would be grinning right now.<br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;Now take out the biggest dildo..&quot;<br />&quot;Show me how you would treat my cock if I was there right now..&quot;</font><br />I slowly started licking the shaft, paying extra attention to the head. Then I took the whole thing in my mouth and tried to take it in as deep as possible while looking right into the camera. I hoped he would be masturbating right now, imagining I was really there with him.<br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;You want to be fucked don’t ya?&quot;</font><br />I replied with: <font color=”#800080″>&quot;Yes Master, very much so!&quot;</font><br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;I knew you were a little whore!&quot;<br />&quot;And little whores need to be taught a lesson..&quot;<br />&quot;Put the dildo away..&quot;</font><br />I was a bit disappointed. I really wanted to fuck myself with it. But he knew how much I longed for something big and hard deep inside of me and he didn’t want to give it to me that easy.<br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;Take off the clamp on your clit..&quot;<br /></font>Tears welled up in my eyes as the pain got worse.<br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;And the ones on your tits too..&quot;</font><br />I removed them one by one.. it hurt even more taking them off than putting them on.<br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;God I wish I could spray my cum all over you right now.&quot;<br />&quot;You look so.. fuckable!&quot;</font><br />I smiled.<br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;Your assignment for tonight is to put those clamps back on your tits at exactly 0:00 and leave them on until I text-message you.&quot;<br />&quot;Hopefully for you I don’t forget..&quot;<br />&quot;Now get on your knees and show me your ass.&quot;</font><br />I turned around on my chair and lifted my ass up in front of the camera. I looked around over my shoulder to see what else he would say.<br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;You really deserve a good spanking..&quot;</font><br />Then he turned on his webcam and there were 2 strange men beside him laughing and waving at me. Shocked as I was I immediately wanted to cover myself up, but I knew that would make him angry..<br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;Don’t worry pet, they haven’t been watching the whole time..&quot;<br />&quot;I have to go now, but don’t forget your assignment!&quot;<br /></font>I turned around to be able to type something back. <font color=”#800080″>&quot;Yes Master. I’ll be looking forward to your message!&quot;</font><br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;Good girl..&quot;</font> he replied. He smiled and then turned off the webcam again.<br />I turned mine off too. I was trembling a little because of the shock of seeing his friends there! How long would they have been watching? I felt so embarrassed!<br />I decided to go and take a shower.. But first I put the alarm clock at 23:58, so I wouldn’t forget my assignment. The rest of the evening I spent watching tv and I got in bed at 22:15. I didn’t know what he had planned for the night, but it could well be that I wouldn’t get much sleep. He had said it would be a rough night..<br /><br />At exactly 0:00 I put the clamps on my nipples again. I lay naked on my bed and masturbated a little. My nipples were still a bit sore from before, so I really hoped he would have mercy on me and wouldn’t let me wait long. I tried to take my mind off the pain by reading.. which didn’t work.. watching tv.. which didn’t work either.. falling asleep.. which didn’t work at all (especially not since I was worried that I would sleep through his text-message..)<br />At exactly 0:30 I heard my cell-phone bleep. The message said: <em>&quot;Get the biggest dildo, the small one and a vibrator and go and lie on your bed. Then call me.&quot;</em> I ran to the living room to get the stuff and quickly ran back to the bedroom. I called him and waited for him to answer. <font color=”#000080″>&quot;Are your nipples hurting pet?</font>&quot; <font color=”#800080″>&quot;Yes Sir, very much so..&quot;</font> <font color=”#000080″>&quot;Ok, you can take one clamp off..&quot;</font> I did as he said and gasped in the phone. <font color=”#000080″>&quot;Are you wet?&quot;</font> Again I replied with <font color=”#800080″>&quot;Yes Sir..&quot;</font> <font color=”#000080″>&quot;Are you naked?&quot;</font> <font color=”#800080″>&quot;Of course..&quot;</font> <font color=”#000080″>&quot;Take the other clamp off.&quot;</font> Again a gasp. <font color=”#000080″>&quot;Now run the vibrator over your nipples..&quot;</font> I obeyed and it felt sensitive, a bit painful, but also good. <font color=”#000080″>&quot;Ever played with hot wax?&quot;</font> <font color=”#800080″>&quot;No.. not yet..&quot;</font> <font color=”#000080″>&quot;Do you have candles there?&quot;</font> <font color=”#800080″>&quot;Yes Sir, I do.&quot;</font> <font color=”#000080″>&quot;Go get one and light it.&quot;</font> <font color=”#800080″>&quot;Ok.. be right back!&quot;</font> I lighted a candle as quick as possible and put it beside the bed. Get on your hands and knees and fuck yourself with the small dildo. I moaned a little to let him know I was obeying. <font color=”#000080″>&quot;I bet you’re dripping wet already, aren’t you? You slut!&quot;</font> <font color=”#800080″>&quot;Yes Sir, I am..&quot;</font> <font color=”#000080″>&quot;I’ll teach you how we treat whores around here!&quot; &quot;Put the dildo in your ass..&quot;</font> I hadn’t had anything in there often before, so it was still very tight. <font color=”#000080″>&quot;Is it in?&quot;</font> <font color=”#800080″>&quot;Not yet..&quot;</font> <font color=”#000080″>&quot;Well hurry it up will ya!&quot;</font> … <font color=”#800080″>&quot;It’s in!&quot;</font> <font color=”#000080″>&quot;Good.. now fill your cunt with the big dildo..&quot;</font> <font color=”#800080″>&quot;Yes Sir..&quot;</font> <font color=”#000080″>&quot;Put it in deep!&quot;</font> I gasped.. <font color=”#800080″>&quot;It’s in Sir.&quot;</font> <font color=”#000080″>&quot;That’s a good whore.. totally filled up.. now if I were there I would fuck your face too. Make you swallow it whole. You would like that, wouldn’t you?&quot;</font><font color=”#800080″> &quot;Yes Sir.&quot;</font> <font color=”#000080″>&quot;I knew you would.. you little Slut!&quot; &quot;Go and lie on your back and put the vibrator on your clit.&quot;</font> I moaned and groaned in pleasure, but he quickly ordered me to stop. <font color=”#000080″>&quot;That’s enough!&quot; &quot;Get the candle and drop the wax on your nipples!&quot;</font> The pain startled me, making me shout in the telephone. &quot;Cover both nipples in wax..&quot; It hurt a lot, but the wax quickly cooled off and felt tight on my nipples. <font color=”#000080″>&quot;Now drop some on your clit!&quot;</font> I really didn’t want to do that.. that would hurt like hell!! <font color=”#000080″>&quot;DO IT!&quot;</font> <font color=”#800080″>&quot;Yes Sir..&quot;</font> I answered with a shaky voice and tears in my eyes. I lowered the candle above my cunt and made the wax drop. The aim was a bit off, but it still hurt a lot. I sobbed in the telephone.<br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;Good girl..&quot; &quot;Peel the wax off..&quot; &quot;Tomorrow I want you to wear your little school girl’s outfit and make sexy pictures for me.&quot;</font> <font color=”#800080″>&quot;I will Sir.&quot;</font><br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;Good.. Now fuck yourself hard with the big dildo.. and make me hear how much pleasure it gives you.&quot;</font><br />I moaned in the telephone. Imagining it was his hard cock that fucked me. Punishing me for being such a slut!<br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;Put the vibrator on your clit and finish yourself off..&quot;</font><br />I literally screamed my lungs out when I finally came.<br /><font color=”#000080″>&quot;Good night pet..&quot;</font> He had hung up.. Totally out of breath I threw the toys on the floor and crawled up in a foetus position. Soon to fall asleep.</a></div>