Robert said, “Punkin …”

“Punkin! He called her Punkin. That’s the name of affection that only I use for her. None one else uses it,” I thought to my self. “Has he even taken that from me too?”

“… is prime white pussy. There was no way I was gonna let her get out of here tonight without getting that hot married white woman’s cunt of hers thoroughly Fucked!” he finished saying.

“Come on Punkin,” he said again and they went through the door.

They walked over to his car. It was chilly outside but I stood by the door on the porch and watched them. In the still bright moonlight they stood close and I could see he had put on some kind of coat. I could tell they were kissing and I saw his hands roaming over my wife’s ass cheeks. I heard her giggle and say the word… Saturday. He got in and started his car and drove away.


Standing in the drive by our car, the moonlight illuminating the very Naked Mary Deanna, she asked me if I had enjoyed her anniversary gift to me?

I said, “I certainly did. You couldn’t have given me a better one. It was the best gift a wife could give her husband. But to tell you the truth, I still don’t fully accept this ‘my wife, his woman’ shit! Just where did you find this guy?”

My wife told me she worked with Robert and known him for about 2 years. She said he immediately began hitting on her and had asked her out several times but always she had refused. Refused until she realized I wanted a Black man to Fuck her. I inquired as to how she deduced that and she said she found my computer picture files full of Black men Fucking white women. That there were so few white couples pics and so many Black men/white woman pics, that she just knew that was my fantasy.

I admitted it was and said I didn’t have the nerve to ask her knowing how she felt about interracial dating and marriages. I asked her feeling how she did about it, why did she do it. Fuck a Black man? Her reply was she loved me and to prove her love for me she would humble herself, degrade herself to give me what I wanted most from her.

Then without warning she shook violently, placed her face in her hands and cried uncontrollably, “I am so humiliated… so degraded… so cheapened by what I did tonight. How can I ever look you or any other decent person in the face again? You have no idea what this has cost me… will cost me.”

I took her in my arms and kissed her and held her close, assuring her I loved her and respected her and was proud. Yes, proud of what she had done because of her love for me.

She raised her head and looked at me. “How can you darling? I whored for him to night. I let him have me, use me like a common street walking slut.”

“Lets have no more of that talk,” I said. “You are not a whore and you are not a slut. Got that?”

Mary Deanna nodded and I dried the tears from her eyes.

“Cost you?” I asked. “Money?”

Mary Deanna nodded yes, “Money. I didn’t pay him to Fuck me, but I had to cover the cost of this room and I have to do other things in the future.”

“Now tell me exactly how this all came about,” I told her.

Mary Deanna proceeded to tell me she found out about my fantasy and decided to make it come true. She wondered who to do it with and about that time Robert began hitting on her again. She said he was good looking and he obviously wanted to Fuck her. Then in the coffee room at work one day she overheard someone say that Robert was a terrific stud and he was rumored to have a string of women and wives whom he serviced. She said she decided to see if he was interested in her proposition. Well he was definitely interested in it but he had certain conditions of his own she must comply with to gain his compliance with her requirements.

She told me they had met after work one day and came to this motel. He told her it was perfect for what she had in mind. He told her that he rarely let husband’s photograph and videotape him fucking their wives, but if she insisted he would go along with it. If she did certain things for him. Mary Deanna said he wanted her to meet him here every day for five days before our anniversary so he could teach her how to do all of the things she needed to know for the “show” they were going to put on for me. She said once they were there he insisted on her stripping and going naked for him all the time they were in the room setting things up and choreographing the nights activities.

She said, “You have no idea how embarrassed I was the first time I let him see me Naked. I was so humiliated. He made me stand before him and do all sorts of nasty things with my body.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“He had me spread my legs and show him my cunt, finger myself in my cunt and ass and talk all sorts of dirty filthy words. He told me that from now on I was never to refer to my pussy by any terms other than pussy or cunt or hole or some such similar vulgarism. Then he put his hands on me for the first time. I cringed. I was so mortified as he fondled my breasts and put his hands and fingers in places only you have touched. I cried and cried as he forced me to Fuck myself with a huge Black dildo in both my ass and cunt. I had told him that I didn’t want any penetration of my pussy or ass by him until tonight because I wanted you to be there to see the first time anyone had Fucked me in those holes.”

I asked her if this was so humiliating for her why did she do it?

And she replied, “Because I love you darling. If this was what it took to give your fantasy then I would endure it.”

She continued saying they met everyday after work and he had her come to the motel wearing nothing except her shoes and wedding ring. He got off on seeing me naked wearing only my wedding ring and shoes. He said I was no longer to go outside wearing a bra or panties and I was to practice letting men see me naked. She asked if I remembered when she had gone to the ladies room at the restaurant? She said Robert had told her to flash the Maitre ‘D and at least one other employee. She said she did as she walked out of the ladies room she opened her coat and let the Maitre “D and the wine steward see her Nakedness and gave them both a big smile!

My wife told me she recoiled in embarrassment when Robert told her to do it but he was so forceful so dominant with her that she knew she would do as he said. Also, I was to open my coat under the table and let people see my pussy, but without letting you know what I was doing. Everyone seated behind you was able to look under the table and beneath the table cloth which was off centered and allowed a clear view of me exposing myself.

No wonder I got all of those admiring looks in the restaurant! I nodded in agreement. I had to admit he was forceful and he did clearly dominate Mary Deanna and the night’s activities. He didn’t use the usual verbal abuse and brutality I had half expected but he definitely had control of the situation and of my wife. Still had control of her.

I asked her, “What’s this about Saturday?”

Mary Deanna looked me in the face and said, “I am going out with him Saturday night. To the restaurant we went to tonight and wearing the same thing I wore tonight. He said he has plans for me.”

“Are you going to go?” I inquired, looking into her eyes.

“Do you WANT to go?

” My wife said, “Yes. I want to go. I need to go.

I HAVE to go.” “Why?”

I queried. “My… My,” she stammered.

“Your Master says to?” I asked.

“NO. He’s not my Master. I’m not his slave. He… he’s my teacher. He’s teaching me to come to grips with my sexuality. To overcome my inhibitions and prejudices.” She shouted at me!

“Ok then. I’ll go with you,” I said.

Shaking her head she told me I couldn’t. That was part of the deal. For every time I was with them while they Fucked, she had to meet him without me two other times. Saturday would be the first time and some day next week the second.

I nodded acceptance of this. I knew it would be useless to argue. I knew my wife was stubborn enough to make me go along with it. Besides, an idea had suddenly popped into my head and I was formulating a plan around it.

“Ok, you win. I stay home,” I said. “Are you ready to go home? If you are I will gather up the stuff and put in the car and we can leave.”

“No, I am not ready to go home. Not like this, but I will. That’s another part of the deal. I go home with you Naked, with his cum still in me and on me.”

I collected our gear and threw it in the car and as
I drove home I looked at My Beautiful Naked Wife, Mary
Deanna, who had that unmistakable fully satisfied glow of
a woman who has been very well and very thoroughly

I wondered what lay in store for me and my wife?

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Aftermath – Sex Story on part 2
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Aftermath – Sex Story on part 2

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