Mary Deanna lay on her back and spread her legs, she rubbed her pussy and fingered herself as Robert moved up to her head and placed his slime covered Cock into her mouth. Remarkably, without hesitation considering where it had just been, my wife licked and tongued his softening cock, cleaning it for him. I was standing truly in awe at Robert’s sexual prowess. He had Fucked Mary Deanna in all of her orifices and had cum three times, depositing his cum jism and sperm in each hole. All within the time of just about two hours! I knew I couldn’t match that. Mary Deanna’s oral work on his cock had removed the slime and cum from his dick and she was still working it over… causing it to find new life and stiffen steadily until it was erect and ready for action again.

Robert moved between my wife’s wide spread thighs and eased his cock into her cunt. Sliding it full depth with no resistance. He slowly pumped his cock in her as he held himself up off of her.

“Do you love me darling,” my wife asked of me.

“Why yes, of course I do Mary Deanna,” I replied without hesitation. I did love my wife.

“Even after what you saw me do tonight with Robert?” she inquired. “Things I never did with you?”

Did I? Good question. But I knew the answer.

“Yes, honey. I still love you. Even after what I saw you do with Robert tonight.”

A thankful look spread over her face. Then she said to me, “Who am I?”

I said, “Why you are my wife, honey.”

“Yes, I am your wife Darling, and what am I to Robert?”

I wrinkled my forehead, “Uh umm, you’re the one he just Fucked.

Uh… his mistress.” “Yes, I am his mistress. NOW!

But what else am I?” she inquired again. “I don’t know,” I confessed.

Mary Deanna looked into Robert’s face and eyes and smiling she said, “I Am His Woman!”

I was shocked to hear her say it. Shocked to the very foundations of my beliefs.

“NO! You’re not. You’re my wife, Mary Deanna, my woman!” I exclaimed with force.

Shaking her head she said, “No, you are wrong Darling. Not anymore. Tonight I am still your WIFE. But I am his WOMAN!!! She kissed Robert’s mouth and Frenched him passionately. Looking back to me she said, “Darling, I know its hard for you to accept, but no female can be the woman of another man and do what I did with Robert. What I AM going to do AGAIN with Robert, TONIGHT!”

She saw the uneasiness on my face and in my eyes and instinctively knew what I was thinking. Was I losing my wife right here, right before my very own eyes? Was my fantasy come true just the beginning of my worst nightmare?

“Do not worry my darling. You haven’t lost me. I am still your wife and if you want me I always will be your wife. But when Robert takes me again, when I give him my body again I will be his Woman. You must accept this Darling. Whenever someone Fucks me, I will be his Woman!!!”

My mind was racing. What does she mean… “When someone Fucks me?” Can I accept it? Do I want to? I looked at My Naked Wife with Robert still between her thighs… his chest pressing into her full tits… his cock still pumping in her cunt… her mouth kissing and swapping spit frantically with him. I realized I had no choice. No choice that is if I wanted to keep my wife.

“I accept it,” I told them.

“Good buddy, cause you don’t really have any choice not to,” Robert said to me scornfully. “I am going to make YOUR WIFE… MY WOMAN… often!”

Crestfallen I turned and walked over to an easy chair… a fairly nice one considering the sleazy kind of room this was and sat down. Mary Deanna and Robert continued to Fuck. I was lost in my own thoughts and despair seeing but not seeing him and her Sucking again and Fucking again, and again. The only thing I could think of was how can I accept this? How can I keep my wife?

I must have fallen asleep. Robert and Mary Deanna were still on the bed. Their bodies intertwined sleeping. I walked over and looked at my wife sleeping with a self satisfied look on her beautiful face. Tears rolled from my eyes. I have lost my wife I cried… my fantasy come true has cost me my wife. I again sat down in the chair crying uncontrollably. I thought somehow I must fight this, but how?

Again, I must have fallen asleep. I awoke to the sounds of Mary Deanna’s throaty moans and groans as she climaxed on Robert’s cock. I saw her straddling him facing the camera, rutting furiously on his Black pole. Her tits hanging, wiggling, jiggling up and down. She came and came and came. My God, I thought. How much can she cum? She is a sex machine turned on and never stopping, a real Fuck machine.

But eventually, she did stop. I saw that it was 4am and Mary Deanna said to Robert that she thought it was time for him to go. He agreed and they walked naked to the door, his arm around her. He opened the door and I moved to the door intending to go with them. I saw they intended to go outside just as they were. I thought someone would see them and I wanted to stop them.

I said, “Mary Deanna don’t go outside naked. Someone may see you.”

Robert retorted, “Just who the fuck do you think is going to see us White boy?

He had a good point. This place was so deserted even during the daytime they probably could go naked and no one would see them. Even so I wanted to assert myself and regain some of my lost self respect. I told them it didn’t matter. She was MY wife and she wasn’t going outside. Robert moved quickly and pushed me in the chest. I rocked backward but, it was a glancing blow and I recovered before he could get set. I grabbed his wrist pulled him towards me and before he knew it I had him in a control hold I remembered from my military police days.

I told him, “Look mother Fucker. Just because I let you Fuck my wife tonight doesn’t give you the right to order or push me around.”

Robert was strong and he was fighting the hold I had him in. I wondered how long I could keep him in it. I had to defuse this quickly. That or break his arm, because if he got loose he was going to kick my ass!

“You keep your hands off me and we’ll get along just fine, hear me?

He looked at me and stared me in the eyes and finally said, “I can take you white boy.”

“You can try,” I answered.

We stood there for a few seconds then he laughed, “Ok. You’re not the wuss I thought you were. Mind if YOUR Naked Wife, MY Woman, walks me to my car?”

I nodded it was ok, and slowly let him loose, wary for some kind of trick move on his part. But he just took hold of Mary Deanna’s hand and lead her outside. Just as she passed through the door she stopped and motioned for me to come to her.

“I want you to thank Robert for helping me give you your anniversary present, Darling,” she purred. She just had us fighting over her and she was pleased with that.

I looked at her and saw she was serious. I looked at Robert and knew I would never like this Bastard. But he had fulfilled my fantasy, and I had just made him back down.

“Ok, Mary Deanna. Robert, thank you for… for Fucking my wife in my presence,” I said.

He grinned at me and told me he knew I thought I had allowed him to Fuck her. But I was wrong. He took my wife without my permission he alleged.

“Show him babe,” he told my wife.

Mary Deanna walked over to a drawer and took out my MP handcuffs and a rope. Robert said if you objected to what was going to happen or tried to interfere or stop it at any time tonight, your wife and I were going to use those on you. We would have let you leave, but any interference would have resulted in your being bound and gagged if necessary. Your wife promised me that if she entered this room tonight she wasn’t going to leave until I had Fucked her repeatedly in all of her lovely holes. I saw Mary Deanna nodding in agreement. So you see, he continued, you didn’t give me anything buddy. I took it from you. I made you a CUCKOLD!

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