<table cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”0″ width=”100%” border=”0″><tbody><tr valign=”top”><td>Dear Diary<br /><br /></td></tr><tr valign=”top”><td><div>September 5, 2000 <br /><br /><br />            Dear Diary, <br /><br />  <br />Today, I started my first semester at school.  I don’t fit <br />in already.  All these skinny little Brittany Spears types <br />running around, and then theirs me.  Who would want a woman <br />with large 36 DD breasts, my thick thighs, all my curves, <br />and big bottom?  Who is ever going to want me?  I knew I <br />should have stayed home where I belong.  Oh diary, I want <br />so to feel the closeness of a man.  To touch my first penis.  <br />To have a guy grope my breasts, sticking them in his warm <br />mouth.  Oh diary just thinking about it makes me hot and <br />steamy, makes me slide my hand down between my legs. <br /><br />Ohhhh diary, I want to have an orgasm. <br /><br />  <br /><br />September 7, 2000 <br /><br />  <br /><br />            Dear Dairy, <br /><br />  <br />Today was awful!  I hate school, in my gym class a ‘skinny <br />girl’ named Karen stood and watched me get undressed.  She <br />just kept staring at me.  I looked at her once and she <br />licked her lips at me.  Smiling, her hands slid between her <br />thin thighs and she moved them back and forth.  Why was she <br />tormenting me?  Did they see me last night?  Are they <br />watching me?  I am not sure what to do.  Karen is beautiful.  <br />Boy how I would love to look like her.  Well diary I am off <br />to take a shower. <br /><br />  <br /><br />September 7, 2000 <br /><br />  <br /><br />            Dear Diary, <br /><br />You’re never going to believe what happened to me.  Karen <br />came to my room last night.  She knocked on my door around <br />9 PM and asked of she could talk to me.  She said she <br />wasn’t teasing me today in the gym, but was turned on by <br />my huge tits.  She asked if she could see them again so I <br />showed her.  I took off my shirt and bra and let them <br />dangle in her face.  She took them in her hands and she <br />started kissing and licking them.  Can you believe it <br />diary?  I am dripping wet again thinking about it.  She <br />bit on my big nipples until they were hard as rocks!  It <br />felt soooo good diary.  I was moaning when she pinched my <br />nipples and sucked hard on each melon.  She asked me if I <br />liked it.  All I could do was moan.  Karen smiled at me <br />standing up.  She slid her long brown hair to one side and <br />unbuttoned her blouse.  The entire time I was in shock <br />diary.  I have never had sex and with a girl no less!!!  <br />Her breasts were exposed to me. They are smaller than <br />mine, but very firm.  She had rose buds for nipples.  <br /><br />&quot;Suck my tit&quot;, she said to me moving my head closer to her <br />breasts.  I did just what she said diary.  She tasted so <br />good.  I licked her boobs, and sucked on them hard like <br />she said for me to do.  I loved it diary.  Maybe I am a <br />lesbian and just never realized it.  That’s all that <br />happened diary, but it was WONDERFUL!! <br /><br />  <br /><br />September 9, 2000 <br /><br />  <br /><br />            Dear Diary, <br /><br />  <br /><br />Today was a nightmare; I am convinced my room is bugged.  <br />While sitting in the library today studying for a math <br />test, John Williams came up to me, and slide his hand <br />inside my shirt. I almost died.  I pushed him away and <br />he said, &quot;Come on, I want a lick of those melon’s just <br />like Karen did.&quot; I just stared at him. I couldn’t believe <br />it.  I ran out of the library and back to my apartment.  <br />Oh diary why did she tell people?  Or am I being watched. <br /><br />  <br /><br />September 10, 2000 <br /><br />  <br /><br />            Dear Diary, <br /><br />  <br /><br />I searched my entire room, and found nothing to indicate <br />someone was watching me.  Hmmm, Karen must be evil is <br />all?  Huh. Sometimes people really suck. <br /><br />Time to take a shower, talk to you tomorrow <br /><br />  <br /><br />September 10, 2000 <br /><br />  <br /><br />Oh gosh diary you are not going to believe this.  I went <br />to take a shower right?  And I got all undressed and lit <br />candles in the bathroom and stepped into the darkened <br />walk in shower.  I started cleaning myself when I felt <br />something poking me in the back.  I turned around and <br />there was John Williams, COMPLETELY NAKED!  <br /><br />&quot;I told you I wanted a taste of those tits of yours,&quot;<br />he said grabbing a hold of them.  I was scared out of <br />my mind, but at the same time my body was quivering in <br />anticipation.  I looked at him.  He had a hairy chest, <br />muscular arms, not to mention his ‘total package’.  <br />Diary we stood there in the shower and he started licking <br />my breasts.  The water dripped off me like a spring rain <br />shower.  He made my legs weak as he caressed my breasts <br />and pulled me closer to him.  I could feel that monster <br />between his legs growing as he moved me over against the <br />far wall of the shower.  <br /><br />He looked at me diary and said, &quot;You know I am going to <br />take your virginity don’t you?&quot;   My heart almost stopped <br />beating when he said that.  I asked him how he knew I was <br />a virgin and he said he knew everything about me.  That <br />it was his business to know, because he was the ‘director’. <br />I asked him &quot;the director of what?&quot;  You know what he said <br />diary?  The director of our scene together!  Isn’t that <br />dreamy diary? <br /><br />Anyway, we are in the shower and he has me pressed against <br />the wall.  He is jabbing me with his full erection, while <br />devouring my nipples.  I was moaning with delight when he <br />turned me against the glass of the shower, my breasts <br />pressed against it.  I could feel his hands slide between <br />my legs.  I spread them farther.  I looked out the glass <br />of the shower, and couldn’t believe what I was seeing <br />diary.  There standing in the bathroom naked was Karen.  <br />She was smiling at us, watching, naked, caressing her <br />breasts, playing with herself, moaning. She smiled at me, <br />not saying anything. <br />It was the first of many hot and steamy showers with John <br />and Karen!!!</div></td></tr></tbody></table>