Don’t read if you’re under age… or don’t care to
read about fantasies of sex with someone outside of
one’s marriage.

I’ll start off by saying that my wife and I have been
married for 16 years and sex was becoming a bit stale
and uneventful. I enjoy fantasizing and suggested a
fantasy involving her and two men but her reaction was,
“You couldn’t love me if you really wanted that…” It
became a ‘special occasion only’ fantasy that she
wasn’t too crazy about.

My wife is 34 years old, 5’4″ tall, green eyes and an
average build with chestnut brown hair. I find her very
attractive but she has always been critical of herself.

So, it happened that on a Friday night in November as
I was deep into preparing a gourmet meal of roasted
cheese sandwiches (avec les pickles) Kevin dropped by
unannounced (we’re not social creatures – this a normal
Friday night for us…). Kevin is a good friend of mine
and one of our few, probably because we share the same
sense of humor.

In particular, he could always get Rebecca to laugh and
so we gathered around the fire in the living room with
our sandwiches. (In much the same fashion as our
ancient ancestors thousands of years ago must have
done, after a lengthy hunting trip seeking the elusive
cheese sandwich…)

“Where’s the uniform, Becka?” Kevin asked Rebecca who
was wearing a cotton skirt and white button-up blouse.
“I’m not working tonight,” (Rebecca is a nurse) she
said, looking at both of us with a smile and some sign
that a joke was to follow. “It’s just that Dave told
me about you knocking Mrs. Kelmare to the ground and
I naturally assumed she would require medical

Becka almost choked on her sandwich as she re-ran the
event over in her mind quickly. She had come up behind
their neighbor to help her with her door and acciden-
tally tripped her up. It was simple mishaps like that
Becka found funny and it took an incredible amount of
self-control to continue assisting Mrs. Kelmare without
collapsing in one laughing heap. Rebecca regained her
composure to reply to Kevin’s question.

“She’s doing well, all things considered, thanks.” she
said, kicking his shin sharply. He yelped in mock pain.

The conversation drifted to work and Christmas plans.
I went to the kitchen for after-meal drinks and re-
turned with white wine all round (which surprised me as
Rebecca doesn’t normally drink). I came back
to find both of them attempting to recall two of the
remaining Reindeer in Santa’s team that they hadn’t

We got backgammon out and Becka and Kevin started a
game that involved aggressive and cut-throat tactics
which was the norm for those two. Rebecca was on her
third glass of wine and getting pretty smashed when
she knocked half of Kevin’s markers off the board.
She was in hysterics and we both grabbed her and
brought her to the floor as Kevin tickled her feet
and I held her arms down.

“Stop iiiittt!” she laughed and Kevin finally stopped.
She was lying down, her long hair disheveled, Kevin
kneeling between her outstretched legs and me still
holding her arms.

Kevin ran his hands slowly up her ankles to her knees.

“What are you doing?” she asked, in a ‘you naughty boy’
tone of voice. He pushed his hands further along with
a wicked grin on his face and started pushing her skirt
up. She struggled against my grip on her arms but I
held her firmly. Kevin brought her skirt up so that her
black lacy panties were visible and he placed his hand
on her mound, squeezing her through the lace.

“No, Kevin – I’m not kidding…” she protested (half-
heartedly, it seemed to me) but Kevin was quick. As
she wriggled, he pulled her panties to the side and
brought his mouth down running his tongue along the
length of her clit. Then just as quickly he placed his
whole mouth on her pussy and sucked and licked it

While this was going on, Becka was looking at me in
mild panic and then her eyes half-closed in pleasure
as Kevin’s tongue began to work on her. She exhaled
nervously and her arms stopped struggling and I let
go. She didn’t know what to do with her hands and
rested them tentatively at her side on the rug as
Kevin’s hands slid up her top to her buttons.

“Ooh …” she started but I helped with the buttons
and soon her blouse was open with her black bra in
plain view. I could feel myself getting very hard now.
I lifted up her bra and her breasts spilled out to
Kevin’s hungry hands.

I’ve always been proud of Rebecca’s body but her
breasts are amazing. Large ivory mounds whose nipples
were springing up and hardening to both our hands. I
came around to her side and licked them quickly as
she put her head back, closing her eyes.

Kevin was back at her pussy licking and touching her
clit with one hand and with the other outstretched to
fondle one of her breasts. Her hips were started to
push back at his mouth and one of her hands was now
pressing the back of Kevin’s head, holding it firmly
against her cunt. She was moaning and starting to

Becka jumped when Kevin started sliding two fingers
into her but then she started rocking quickly onto
them. Kevin stopped, sat up and pulled Rebecca’s
panties down and off her lovely legs. He then brought
his mouth back down onto Rebecca’s wet pussy.

“I can’t believe,” she panted” …this is happening…
to me,” she moaned and came as she grabbed Kevin’s
head and pulled it to her pussy. She panted and slowly
relaxed but Kevin wasn’t finished. He came to his
knees, undid his jeans, pulled them down and pulled
his cock out of his underwear. He was rock hard.

“Oh, no…” she said as he pulled himself up to her
wet lips, but Kevin slid his cock into her in one
smooth movement. Rebecca closed her eyes in submission,
then she grabbed his bare ass and held on tight.

“Oh, fuck!” Kevin said as he pounded it in to Rebecca
(she loves it hard and fast). It wasn’t long before he
had his hands under her ass and he was saying, “I’m
coming!” I was sucking her tits harder now and at the
same time getting my pants off as quickly as I could.

Kevin slipped out of her pussy with a slurp and moved
back as I climbed between her legs.

“Ohh Dave, not yet…” but I entered her and started
slamming her pussy. It was so wet! I came almost
instantly. Kevin was ready again. She grabbed my hips
and held me close as I started to come. I grabbed her
big tits and collapsed on her, whispering, “That was
fantastic!” in her ear. She smiled. I moved aside and
Kevin took her face in his hands and kissed her slowly,
pussy juice still on his face. She returned his kisses
then he moved down to her tits, resting his cock on her

We played like this for another hour before we were
all too tired to continue on. I thought that this
would be a one-time thing. I have to admit that I was
worried that Becka would be upset with Kevin and me
once she came down from our sexual high.

But you know what? She liked it and we’ve become quite
the swinger couple since then.

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Don’t read if you’re under age
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Don’t read if you’re under age

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