The Fake Dick (MMF, wife)
by Anon NixPixer


I’d like to tell you about my lovely wife and the
wonderful relationship we have together. I married
Jeanne (the name I’ll use for her here) when she was 18.
We had both just graduated from high school and hadn’t
had any sexual experiences outside of the ones we had
with each other.

Now, let me explain a little about Jeanne’s appearance.
She is 6’1″ tall and weighs a solid 155 lbs. There isn’t
an ounce of fat on her large figure. She has beautiful,
long brown hair, bright green eyes, and a curvaceous 44-
26-38 shape. Her breasts are large and firm at a DD cup.

Now, for the surprise! I have a slight build of 5’8″ and
I weigh the same as my wife. It has always been awkward
when Jeanne and I dance. She wears flats and I wear
boots with 2″ heels. Even so, she is still taller than
me, but that never bothered either of us. We have been
in love with each other since we dated in high school.

The main reason I’m writing this is to describe how our
sexual relationship has developed since we married.
Jeanne has very strong sexual desires and loves to get
screwed nearly every night. I am more than happy to
accommodate her but it really takes a lot of work on my
part to satisfy her.

She has a very large pussy. When she is bent over, the
split between the lips of her cunt measures a good 7
inches in length. I can hold her twat in my hand and
there’s still plenty of meat left over. Jeanne doesn’t
shave her pussy and she has a copious amount of soft
brown pubic hair covering her mound.

Now I don’t have a large cock. I don’t think I even
measure up to average. My member is 5 inches long when
fully erect and is about an inch in diameter. That’s
where the problem comes in.

You see, Jeanne never once complained about my love
making, but every time we fuck I have to masturbate her
clit while I slosh around the outer regions of her cunt
with my small dick. She can only climax if I stimulate
her twat with furious rubbing of her clit. I’ve even
tried anal intercourse but I could barely get the head
of my prick in her asshole passed her large firm ass

Well, one night after screwing my wife from behind while
I rubbed her clit to orgasm, I decided I would do
something to enrich the experience for Jeanne. I told my
wife that the next night I was going to bring her a
surprise and that she should be waiting for me dressed
in one of her sexiest negligees. She gave me a strange
look but then smiled and said that it better be good. I
told her I thought she would really enjoy it.

At work, the next day, I waited until lunch and
approached Joe, one of my coworkers. I asked him if he
would be willing to do me a big favor. Joe listened as I
explained what I had in mind. I asked him if he would
like to fuck my wife.

Well, Joe about choked on the sandwich he was eating and
asked me what in the hell I was talking about. I told
him that I have seen the way he looks at Jeanne when she
visits me at work and I said that I didn’t mind other
men looking at my lovely wife. I said that I feel great
every time a man eyes her as if she were naked.

After a few more minutes of talk I convinced Joe that my
intentions were purely out of love for Jeanne and that I
had no other motive for asking him if he would like to
fuck her. I explained to Joe about the less than
adequate size of my dick and the overabundant size of my
wife’s cunt.

Joe then became eager to accommodate me in my request,
but I warned him that Jeanne knew nothing of what I was
planning and that he wasn’t to reveal to her who he was
while he screwed her. I told him I would arrange it so
she didn’t know who was giving it to her also.

Joe followed me home to our apartment and followed me up
to our front door. I told him to wait outside in the
hall until I could get Jeanne into the bedroom. I could
tell Joe was growing more excited as his erection tented
the front of his pants.

I picked Joe for this adventure because I’ve seen his
cock several times while taking a leak in the men’s
room. His dick is huge! It is longer and bigger around
when it’s soft than my hard-on ever will be.

Anyway, I opened my front door and walked in, closing
the door behind me. My wife was sitting on the couch
wearing a sexy, blue teddy with a pair of matching lace
panties. I could see her huge tits under the see-through
material and my dick became immediately hard. I said I
couldn’t wait to give her my surprise but she would have
to wait in the bedroom for me.

As Jeanne rose from the couch, she bent at the waist
letting her luscious jugs dangle for an instant. I love
the way they hang from her when she bends forward! As
she walked to our bedroom, she wiggled her big ass and
looked over her shoulder at me, giving me a big smile. I
told her I would be right there and waited for her to
disappear from view.

I quickly went to the front door and let Joe in. I
motioned for him to watch my wife and I for a few
minutes and then I would instruct him what to do next.
As I entered the bedroom I closed the door behind me
except for a crack large enough for Joe to peer through.

Jeanne was lying on the bed, on her side, and was slowly
rubbing the large sweep of her naked thigh. I removed my
clothes and lay down beside her. I lifted her heavy
right tit and began squeezing it through the nylon
fabric of her teddy.

She closed her eyes and purred as I kissed her full red
lips. I felt her fingers completely circle my hard-on
and she began to jack me off. I slid my hand up under
her garment and fondled her hot boobs. I told my wife I
wanted to bury my face in her big muff and she moaned. I
directed her to get out of bed and lay across the
ottoman that was in front of the easy chair. Jeanne
released my dick and got up from where we were lying.

My lovely wife walked to the ottoman and pulled her
negligee over and off her head as she walked. Her back
was to the door and I knew Joe was getting an eyeful.
Jeanne was now naked except for the blue lace panties
and her cunt hair was poking out from beneath the legs
of them.

She got down on her knees and lay across the leather
ottoman. Her jugs were hanging with the stiff nipples
pointing at the floor. I moved up behind my wife and
slowly pulled the panties over her big ass and down her
long legs until they stopped at the floor.

I then moved her legs apart slightly and spread her ass
cheeks with both hands. I moved to the side of my wife’s
exposed ass so Joe could get a clear view from his
vantage point at the door. I moved back behind the
awesome cunt and stuck my nose right in the middle of
it. Jeanne let out a moan as I began reaming the inside
of her pussy lips with my tongue. She was moving her ass
around on my face and covering it with her hot juices.

She was begging me to fuck her. She said she couldn’t
wait any longer. I straightened up and wiped my face on
the chair cushion next to me. I told my wife that I was
going to get the surprise I had promised her. I said
that part of the surprise required for her to be
blindfolded. She was so hot by then that she just moaned
out saying, “Anything… anything!!”

I grabbed the night blinder she sometimes uses to go to
sleep while I’m reading. I slipped it over her head and
eye’s and said I would be right back. Jeanne was panting
now and muttering, “Hurry. hurry up!!”

I ran to the door to get Joe and told him that I wanted
him to come into the room when he heard the music come
on loud. He was shaking with anticipation and began
pulling his clothes off.

I ran back into the room and told my wife that I would
give her what she wanted in one second but I wanted to
turn on some music. I turned the clock radio on and
turned the volume up high. I didn’t want Jeanne to here
Joe come in or possibly his noises while he serviced

Jeanne was waving her ass around in the air as the radio
blasted. Joe entered the room with his cock in his hand.
My God! It was the most monstrous cock I had ever seen.
Even in those porno flicks! It looked as though it was
at least 12″ long and as big around as Joe’s wrist. It
seemed that he could probably have used two hands to
manage that awesome meat better.

Joe came up behind my wife’s ass and knelt down. I was
busily running two fingers in and out of Jeanne’s slimy
twat and she was grinding her ass against my hand. I
pulled my fingers out of the big gooey cunt and wiped my
palm across it, scooping up a big glob of the hot

Then, without saying a word, wiped the slippery stuff
onto the shaft of Joe’s cock. He looked at me and I
moved close to his ear and told him to stick his cock
into Jeanne’s cunt. Joe inched closer to the slick twat
and I opened the lips of it with my fingers.

The giant dick moved into my wife a couple of inches and
she froze in the middle of rotating her hot ass. She
yelled over the music, saying, “What the hell are you
putting in me?” I yelled back, “This is the surprise!
It’s. it’s. Oh! Its one of those huge dildos they sell
in the adult shop! How do you like it so far?”
My blindfolded wife smiled and said, “OH! YES! Put more
of that thing in! UNH!” Joe inched in about a third of
his foot long meat and started gritting his teeth.
Jeanne was moaning, “Yes! Yes! More. more of it!”

Joe slid his knees closer to my wife’s ass and drove
another four inches into her cunt.

Jeanne had 8″ of Joe’s crank in her and she was pushing
back and screaming, “Oh! GOD! That thing is fantastic!
It feels so real! OH! SHIT! Give me more. MORE!!” Joe
was now chewing on his lower lip and grunting with every

He leaned to me and said, “I just can’t take anymore of

I’ve got to start fucking or I’ll loose my mind!”
I told him to hold on for a few more seconds. I yelled
to Jeanne, “Would you like me to fuck this thing in and
out of that big cunt of yours baby?”

She screamed back to me, “Oh! Yes! Yes! Fuck me with
that fake dick! Fuck my cunt with it!”

I nodded to Joe and he grabbed his ass cheeks as he
forced the remaining third of his bat-like dick into my
tortured wife. Jeanne started roaring when Joe began his
pumping thrusts in and out of her. He was tossing his
head from side to side as he’d pull a full ten inches
out of the drooling twat and then drill it fully back

I could tell by the intermittent squeals that were
emitting from my wife’s mouth that she was having one
orgasm after another. Her whole torso was bouncing up
and down on the ottoman she was lying across. Her huge
tits were swinging wildly and slapping against the
leather beneath her.

My own cock was throbbing in painful spasms and I yelled
to Jeanne, “I’m going to put my dick it that tight,
brown asshole of yours baby!” I straddled her ass and
began easing my 5″ dick into my wife’s hot bunghole.

She wasn’t saying anything, anymore. She was hanging her
head and rolling it from side to side. Joe’s pace of
powerful thrusting into Jeanne’s cunt picked up. I was
fucking her ass like crazy.

My wife’s ass began contracting as she went through
another orgasm and I began spraying her colon with a
tremendous ejaculation of cum. I was careful to pull my
spent dick out of Jeanne’s ass without putting my hands
on her. As far as she knew, I was still fucking a huge
dildo in and out of her pussy.

Joe looked to me and said he was going to cum. I didn’t
know how I could explain away a hot load of cum shooting
out of a fake dick, but I just shrugged my shoulders and
nodded “OK” to Joe.

He grit his teeth and pulled the entire 12″ shaft out of
Jeanne’s twat (I could see the head of it). Then in one
mighty shove, Joe rammed the monster meat back into my
wife. Jeanne straightened her back and threw her head
back as she let out one long, continuous scream.

Joe roared out a groan that I was sure my wife could
here and I saw his balls twitching with each contraction
of his ejaculation. He pulled his cock from the well-
fucked cunt and continued to empty his sperm onto my
wife’s soggy twat. Jeanne collapsed across the ottoman
and I motioned for Joe to leave before she could compose

I left the room to thank Joe for his excellent
performance and he made me promise that I would ask only
him if I ever needed help again. I said that I didn’t
think there were too many men out there with his
qualifications and said good-bye.

When I returned to the bedroom, Jeanne was removing her
blindfold and rolled over onto the floor, on her back.
She had her legs bent with her knees in the air and she
was smearing the goop running out of her cunt all over
her swollen pussy.

She looked at me and said, “Who in the hell just got
through fucking me? It was so fantastic!”

I said, “YOU KNEW?”

My wife was still smiling and said, “There’s no way any
fake dick could have felt like the cock that was giving
it to me! I could feel the throbbing veins along the
shaft!” She sighed, “I felt the balls slap my cunt as
that wonderful pole rammed into me! And I must have had
a pint of that guy’s (whoever it was) cum injected into
me when he came! Now, who’s cock was that?”

I finally realized I couldn’t carry the act on anymore
and told Jeanne that it was Joe from work.

As my lovely wife began rubbing Joe’s cum into her pussy
again, she looked to me and said, “Well let’s not tell
Joe that I know it wasn’t a fake dick crammed into me
and we can do it again!”

I replied with, “Anything you say, dear, but remember
next time you may think it’s Joe, but who knows, maybe
I’ll find another ‘fake’ cock to fuck you silly!”

We both laughed and proceeded to suck and fuck each
other all over again.


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