As we drove home… I was freezing. The cum on my body wasn’t warm anymore and offered no protection from the cold. Unbeknownst to me, like my husband, I was thinking of what Robert had in store for me and him. I knew I had acted like a cheap, brazen, slut and whore and was so embarrassed and humiliated that I was sure my marriage was over, regardless of what professions of love and assurances my husband, Joe, made. I was sure I had Fucked myself into a divorce.

When we arrived home to our empty house, I just went into the bedroom and took a shower, not caring that I was naked as I walked up the front steps and waited for my husband to open the door for me. At that point in time I could care less who saw me naked, although no one did. After showering I went to bed and my hubby didn’t even try to Fuck me as I expected. This was added proof I figured, of the end of my happy home life. At that time I cried myself to sleep with my Joe lying there next to me awake listening to me cry.

That morning when I awoke it was almost noon and the house was empty. My hubby was at work and I was at sea with my emotions and feelings. To be perfectly honest, I had really enjoyed the Fucking I had been given. I had never expected sex could be so good! My pussy was sore and I limped when I walked. I had never had it more than once in my married life and here I had been screwed in all of my holes several times each. Loving every one of them too I might add! But part of me recoiled at what I had done and was mortified to think that in a while I was going to have to look my hubby in the face. I thought how can I do this? I had been unfaithful to him and Robert had Cuckolded him. My husband was a CUCKOLD! I fell down and cried again at the thought. 15 years of marriage and I had Cuckolded him.

Then the phone rang and it was Robert. I wanted to hang up on him but something wouldn’t let me. He just phoned to remind me of our “date” on Saturday and told me not to be late. I told him I would be there as I had promised. Knowing as I said it, I was certainly sounding the death knell of my marriage. I felt cheap and dirty and went up to take another bath. I took two more that afternoon before Joe came home. When I heard his car in the drive and my heart leaped into my throat. Here it was… the show down. High Noon at 1717 Country Club Drive.

Joe walked in with a wry smile on his face when he looked at me and just said, “Hi, honey what’s for dinner?”

He gave me a kiss on the cheek and acted like nothing was wrong, but there was a look in his eyes that he couldn’t hide. I wilted inside. I wanted to die, just curl up and die! He didn’t say anything about last night, but when he saw the new ring on my finger I knew he was thinking about it. And I knew it wasn’t good. Eventually, I worked up the courage and told him I wanted to discuss last night. He said he didn’t want to yet. He just wanted to read the paper and then listen to the news on the TV. I said I did and he ignored me. I got mad and ripped the paper from his hands throwing it around the room and screamed at him I did want to talk about it, “RIGHT FUCKING NOW!” That got his attention and he said ok, lets talk.

I asked him if he loved me, looking for reassurance. He smiled what I knew to be a sincere smile when he said he did. I asked him what he thought of what happened last night. He told me that it was the most exciting thing he ever witnessed and that he loved very minute of it. This I knew to be a lie from the look in his eyes. But I didn’t challenge it.

He said, “Honey you gave me what I had been fantasizing about for 10 years. I love you for it and I am so very very proud of you for… for doing what was so much against your principles and morals. If I ever had any doubts of your love for me, which I never had, last night would have destroyed them forever.”

Then he dropped the other shoe.

“I am grateful for what you gave me and now that I have had my fantasy fulfilled we can now return to our normal lives. I don’t want you to see Robert anymore!”

I thanked him for his love and gratitude, but I protested that I had to go out with Robert on Saturday. I promised him. I told Joe I had promised Robert when we were standing by his car just before he left that I would meet him on Saturday. Joe objected that it was unnecessary to honor a promise like that. I said I have to go and I played upon his sense of honor telling him that the promise I had given Robert was upon my wedding vows. That got to him.

I saw fear in his eyes and surrender in the droop of his shoulders. All the while I was telling Joe why I had to meet Robert, I was telling myself I was crazy just Fucking crazy to do it and I was asking myself why I was going to. Knowing that it was seriously jeopardizing my now quite fragile marriage, even with Joe’s talk of returning to normalcy. I realized I knew why I was GOING to see Robert. I loved his Excellent Black Cock Fucking me silly!

The rest of the evening was strained and we tried valiantly not to show the tension between us.

But the kids knew something was wrong.

Friday, and Joe was off to work as usual. After sending the kids off to school I was home alone. I was grateful I didn’t have to go to work yesterday or today. There was no way I could hide from anyone the fact that Robert and I had… had done it. There is just something that signals everyone when a man and a woman have Fucked each other. Especially if the relationship is new, like ours was. Our relationship? I wondered what it would be.

I was as sure there would be one as I was of my own name. Apparently Robert was too because he called me at home shortly after 8am. His call was short and to the point. He reminded me of our date the next night, told me where to be and when to be there and what he to wear (I already knew, the same thing as on my 15th Anniversary). He also told me things he wanted me to do today and tomorrow before I met him. I just answered him in monosyllabic yesses and noes.

Then he asked, “You do want to see me again don’t you Deanna?

(Mary Deanna is my given name but I go by Deanna to most everyone. Only my husband and my mother call me Mary Deanna.)

I told him coldly, “No. I don’t want to see you again.”

“But you will won’t you Deanna,” he queried?

Meekly I said, “Yes.”

“And why is that Deanna? Why are you going to meet me if you don’t want to? I have never threatened you to make you meet me have I?

“No,” I replied. “Then why are you going to meet me?”

For several minutes I was silent, not wanting to tell him what I am sure he already knew.

“I’m waiting Deanna,” he said.

“I want your Black Cock. I need your Black Cock,” I finally blurted out. Embarrassed by what I had just said and consumed with fires of guilt raging in me for what I had just said, what I had done with him on my Anniversary and what I wanted to do with him right now. What made it worse was knowing full well that if I saw him on Saturday, the likelihood of my marriage lasting to see Sunday was slim to none.

“I will see you at 7PM, sharp. That is if you really want what I have to give you? Don’t be late!” I was sick to my stomach. I ran into the bath and vomited violently. With my face hanging in the stool and vomit in my mouth I thought, “Deanna girl, you’re a Fucking mess!”

Friday night was still strained but not so bad as Thursday had been. At least the children weren’t there to see us and feel the tension. Our two oldest had gone to the Friday night football game and our baby, only 10, had gone to the movie with her best friend. Joe and I were alone.

“Mary Deanna, I want to talk to you,” Joe said.

I looked up from the book I was trying to read in which I had only made two paragraphs in the last hour.

“Yes, Darling” I answered? Trying to sound as normal as possible.

“Did Robert call you today?”

How the hell did he know that? I thought? I told him had. The discussion then centered on my husband again thanking me for what I had done for him, but it was over and he didn’t want me to go with Robert on Saturday. It was the same argument we had had on Thursday and I ended it the same way, by playing on his ironclad sense of honor. His final words rung in my ears as he walked out of the room, “Mary Deanna, I am begging you. Don’t go!”

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Homecoming – Sex Story
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Homecoming – Sex Story

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