The bell rang, ending another day for Justin. The 16 year old junior hustled out of class and made her way through the crowded hallway. For most of the students of St. Mary’s Private School, it was time to either figure out where the party was for the weekend, or to head towards the party. For Justin, she was the party, and it was hard work. It had been six months since her parents threw her out. Her older sister had been the gifted one, getting all the attention from the parents. Justin had always just been tolerated. Justin didn’t hold that against her sister. Her sister had always been supportive and helpful. Things went downhill quick after Mandy left for college. The parents criticized everything Justin had done, and finally, things boiled over. Justin was a survivor, she had to be. She made sure to stay enrolled in Private School and worked harder to get good grades. She convinced the school (it wasn’t hard) that her parents had fallen on hard times and now lived in an apartment. Justin took on the burden of paying her own tuition, and rent. It wouldn’t have been possible without a resemblance to her older sister and the state identification card she stole from her sister. With the card, she had been able to rent an apartment, and get a job. Her apartment was a mile from school. Outside the school doors, Justin did a couple of stretches, then took off at a jog. On Fridays she wore a T shirt under her blouse and shorts under her skirt. The blouse and skirt had been tucked in her bag before she began her jog. It took 11 minutes, but she was home. She quickly stashed her bag, freshened up, then picked up her other bag. She was at the bus stop a few minutes early for the 4:05 bus. On the bus she put on her face, only a bit of foundation and just a hint of eyeliner. It was a distraction as the bus made the half hour trip to the bar. Justin jumped off the bus, almost ready for work. She dashed through the doors of The Pussycat Lounge, signed in at the desk, then made her way to the dressing room. She took the lock out of the bag and hung it on the hasp of one of the lockers. She undressed completely nude, then checked her pussy in a mirror. She took out a razor. Using lotion, she made a last minute shave, leaving her pussy baby smooth. She slipped on a pair of black panties from the bag. She had purchased the bag from a dancer getting married, and leaving the work behind. She took out a matching bra, put it on, locked the remaining items in the locker, and headed out onto the floor. A quick walk around found a guy in a business suit who liked her. Justin talked with him about his work at a local petroleum firm while sizing him up. He stood nearly a foot taller than her at five ten, was very well groomed, had a wedding ring, and either was who he said he was or he was a vice officer. After twenty minutes, he did want a dance. Justin led him back to a VIP room, sat him in a chair, took off her bra, and started her dance. She straddled him, leaning in to let him see her nipples up close before sliding down his body, making sure her head dragged along his crotch. She could feel his dick hard against the fabric. She gave his dick a playful squeeze before she stood, turned, and backed into him. She ground her ass against his crotch, making sure to squeeze his dick with her ass cheeks. He squeezed her B cup tits, and played with her tiny nipples with his fingers. She leaned her head against his shoulders, ran her hands down his arms, then paused a moment before turning so that she was sideways in his lap. She leaned in so that one of her nipples came into contact with his lips. Just then, the song ended, and she asked if he wanted another dance. He said yes, and she did another dance, very similar to the first, only she let him kiss her nipples. On the third song, she let him suck on each nipple for a moment. Then he wanted a break. She put on her bra and they talked for a moment. He asked for a blowjob. She told him no. He made several offers, each more than the last, but she continued to say no. He agreed on one more dance and was good for only eighty bucks. The last she saw of him, he was heading off with another stripper. Still eighty bucks was a good way to start the day. She bought a coke, then was on stage two songs later. From the DJ, she had picked "Turbo Lover" by Judas Priest and "Maggie May" by Rod Stewart. On the first song, she threw herself into the song moving with every beat. Guys didn’t come up to tip during the first song, she knew that. They always waited for the second song so that they could see her tits. That’s why she threw herself into the song. It was a way to shake it in an eye catching way, instead of just rolling around the stage like the other dancers. As the strains of Maggy May started, guys came right up. She had ditched her bra at the edge of the stage. Each guy, for his dollar, would get an up close look at her ass and a closeup of her tits, before she would demurely take their dollar. She also received two offers to dance. She had to prioritize them. The first guy who asked was wearing a nice shirt and pants, looking mid twenties. The second guy was a Mexican with worn denim, bad teeth, and a beer smell to his breath. She picked the Mexican guy first. Just as she thought, he was only good for one dance. He just wanted to squeeze her tits and kiss her nipples. She took his twenty and looked for the other guy. The other said his name was Brent. He looked like he was just starting out in the corporate world. He too had a wedding ring. He talked of working at a legal firm. That was a red light to her. He might be vice, but then again he could be a paralegal. Either way, he couldn’t be trusted. He got three dances, but she kept his hands away from her tits and she let him squeeze her buns once. Justin then had another hour before she had any other offers. Just as she did, the DJ told her to get ready. She picked her songs and talked to the guy for a few minutes. This time, she picked "Unforgiven" by Metallica, and "Almost Paradise" from the Footloose soundtrack. This time on stage she got eight bucks, and two offers. She had three clients lined up. It was time to get busy. The first guy who asked got the regular dance. He appeared distracted and was in a hurry. She took his twenty, and moved on to the second guy. She had to size him up on the way to the VIP room. He was an old guy. He squeezed her tits a couple of times, grabbed her buns, several times ran his fingers along the outside of her panties, but didn’t try to enter. He was good for a hundred bucks before he either got bored, or had his fill. Justin then went looking for the third guy. He was talking to another dancer, so she went hunting. She found a guy who said he was a painter. He didn’t have a ring, but his clothes, rough hands, and beard made him appear to be who he said he was. He was good for one hundred before Justin was called back on stage. He was also modest about touching her, looking at one point like he was about to burst into tears. For this trip on stage, Justin picked "Seperate Ways" and "Open Arms" from Journey. She earned eight bucks on stage, but got no offers. It was a little after 11. She noticed a short round guy walk in the door. He surveyed the room, then picked a spot he liked. She gave him several minutes before she approached him. His eyes lit up when he saw her. He looked like a lonely guy, and from the way he jabbered on, he was. There was something about him she liked, she wasn’t sure what it was. When he paid for his drink, she noticed he had a wad. She also noticed he had a work pass from a company she knew. She asked him right away for a dance. The first song, he got the regular dance, but on the second song he lingered on her nipples while he squeezed her buns. When she turned sideways, he thrust his hands in her panties. She gave him a quck feel before she backed way. She bent over in front of him. He ran his fingers along the outside of her panties, feeling her pussy lips underneath. She felt him try to get a finger inside, but she turned again. She climbed up in his lap, placed her pussy right in his face, hooked her thumb in her panties, then gave him a look at her pussy lips. He stuck a tongue out, but she pulled away from him as she covered her pussy. She straddled his lap. He went right away went for her pussy again. This time, she held still as he gained entry. She leaned in. Whispering, she asked "You like that?" He nodded. For the next two songs he kept his finger in her as she just rocked back and forth, letting him suck on her nipple. She was getting excited. "Oh baby, I want to put my dick in you" he said. She backed off, figuring his total now at one hundred. "Let me see the money" she said. He paid her the hundred, then told her he had three hundred more. She did some quick math. She had made four fifty tonight, but after tipping out, she’d have four oh five. "Two hundred, in advance, now, and not here" she told him. "Where?" he asked. "You can’t leave here with me, that would be too obvious" she said, "meet me down the street at the bus stop". "When?" he asked. "It will take me a little bit to check out" she answered, "you have to wait". "How can I trust you?" he asked. She showed him her pussy. He started to hand her the two hundred, but she remembered that they sometimes counted her money. She told him to keep the money until they met at the bus stop. She left the VIP room and headed for the DJ booth. "I’m checking out" she told the DJ. She produced her money and paid the forty five dollars. She noticed he watched her carefully. She went to the dressing room and changed into her regular clothes. She walked out of the club, saying "Good Night" to the receptionist and doorman. She walked towards the bus stop, knowing that it was just beyond sight of the parking lot. She kept a hand on a canister of mace, ready in case some guy jumped out. Usually, she hitched a ride with another dancer, hailed a cab, or sometimes took a late bus. That’s why she knew it wasn’t untypical for her to catch a bus, in case the doorman was paying too much attention. The customer met her at the bus stop. He was driving a recent Chevy Impala. Right away, she took the two hundred, then she gave him directions to a hotel a block from where she lived. She waited in the car while he paid for the room. Then, he drove to the room, smiling widely. He ushered her into the room, kissing her once they entered the room. Usually, she didn’t kiss customers, but usually she didn’t sleep with them either. She started to take off her top. "Wait" he said, "I want to undress you". "OK" she warily agreed. He was actually good at it. He carefully took off her shirt, then lovingly took off her bra, caressing her rib cage and squeezing her tits. She put her hands on his, leaning back into him. She led his hands to her shorts. He undid the button on her shorts and undid her zipper. He slipped his hands into the waistband of her panties sliding both garments down her legs. She kicked her sneakers off. She turned to face him. "Your turn" she said. She undressed him, grabbing his bare dick several times before she sat on the edge of the bed. She reached in her purse, taking out a condom. She saw a disappointed look on his face. "No glove, no love" she cooed. She put the condom on, then took his dick in her mouth. She grabbed his ass and thrust him into her mouth several times, then she scooted back on the bed until her back was to the bed board. She motioned him forward with her finger. He crawled on the bed, then lowered his head between her legs. She wasn’t expecting this, and she didn’t expect him to be good at it either. Soon, her head was swimming. She found herself cupping her tits as her breathing increased. She felt a jolt of electricity shoot throiough her as he stuck his finger in her. She started bucking her hips to meet his finger thrusts. She felt an orgasm coming. She screamed as she grabbed her clit. "Oh baby" she cooed, turning slightly. She repostioned herself, then said "go on". He was eating her out again. She was rocketing towards another orgasm. Her head was swimming, and she found herself bucking her hips. She was doing a little scream with every pant of breath. "Oh-oh-oh- OH OH OH OH" she said before screaming as another orgasm hit. "FUCK" she said, grabbing the top of his head. "You are good, oh baby, go on" she panted. He went right back to work on her pussy. She had never had sex this good. The two other guys that paid just stuck their dick in her and pumped. The guy from school had played with her pussy, then sloppily fucked her as he took her virginity. She had done it on a dare and didn’t like it. The two guys that paid had money and manners. They just weren’t good in bed. This guy, on the other hand was making her head swim and her pussy very happy. She was cresting her third orgasm when he suddenly sucked hard on her clit and circled it with his tongue. She felt something explode in her head. She screamed, back flopped several times and ended up on the floor where she convulsed on the floor while spasms ripped through her body. Climbing halfway up on the bed, she asked, "Where did you learn that?" "The Phillipines" he answered, trying not to giggle. She gave him a flirtatatious look, then climbed back on the bed, spreading her legs again. He went back to work on her pussy again. Justin couldn’t believe she was getting paid for this. She was going to have to do something for him. For starters, she had lost track of time, and time wasn’t important here. If he wanted to fuck her all night, she’d let him. She was well on her way to a fourth orgasm when he finally entered her. She saw the red condom enter her as his dick spread her tight teen pussy. She grabbed his head, planting her tongue in his mouth before she ran her fingers through his hair and started caressing his shoulders. Another orgasm was rising and hit. "Wait baby wait" she said, making him pause as the orgasm passed through her body. He finally came as her next orgasm hit. He rolled off her and took the spent condom off. He dropped the condom in the waste basket and reached for his underwear. "Where you going?" she asked. "Aren’t we done?" he asked. "Not if you don’t want to. Did you pay for the room all night?" she pointed out. "Yeah", he answered. "Then we have all night, now come here" she ordered. He crawled back to her and kissed her. "Don’t I need a condom?" he asked. "Not if you don’t want to" she said with a smile. ****************************************************************************************************************************************** The sun was coming up when they finally grew tired enough to stop. A knock at the door woke them up. Justin looked at her watch., it was a little after nine in the morning. "What time is checkout?" she asked. "I don’t know" he answered. The knock came again, with a feminine voice saying "Housekeeping". "Come later" he yelled. She got up and began looking for her clothes. "Can you afford the room tonight?" she asked. "Well, yeah, but I can’t pay you too". "If you pick me up at the bus stop tonight" she said, "You won’t have to pay me. You give me an amazing night again, and next time we can do it at your place, so clean it up, ok?" She leaned in and gave him a kiss. "See you tonight at midnight?" she asked. He nodded. Justin had to hustle home. She need a nap, shower, and to get ready for work, which she knew started about three. Saturday was going to be a heavy day, but this time, she knew an amazing night lay ahead.