Keeping The Family Together

A widower father of an incestuous family gets a girl-
friend and stops fucking his 15-year-old daughter. His
daughter realizes that she must devise a plan to bring
her dad’s girlfriend into her family’s circle of incest
in order to resume her incestuous relationship with her

Father: Dave 35
Father’s girlfriend: Candice 31
Son: John 16
Daughter: Mary 15

Chapter One:

Dave came downstairs at 8:00 o’clock on Sunday morning
and headed to the kitchen to make himself a pot of coffee
to wake up. After he set up the brewer and poured the
water he went to get the newspaper off the front porch
and he returned to the kitchen and stood at the counter
and began reading while smelling the fresh aroma of the
brewing coffee.

The modern town home kitchen and living room were
separated by the counter he was at. It was a fine sunny
Summer day he thought to himself as he glanced up from
his paper and looked into the living room viewing its
orderly furniture layout.

Upstairs his 15 year old daughter Mary had just come out
of the bathroom wearing a thin blue see-through negligee
top that came down to just the bottom of her ass cheeks.
As she walked down the hall to the stairs she was stopped
by her 16 year old brother John.

As he looked at his sister he couldn’t help shifting his
eyes from her eyes down to her nipples that slightly
extended from her nicely shaped 34C tits pressing against
her negligee. She was a pretty 5′-3″ blond with blue eyes
and a small Shapely body.

“Where are you going?”

Mary stopped and focused directly at the crotch bulge in
his exercise shorts then up to his six-pack abs then up
to his eyes and said, “Downstairs.”

John said nothing and moved on toward the bathroom to
take his morning piss. She loved his tan 16-year-old 5′-
11″ blonde haired blue-eyed body and felt a twinge
between her legs as she waited for him to turn into the
bathroom. She then began going down the stairs and could
hear her brother’s piss stream until she got to the
bottom of the stairs and in the living room.

John hadn’t closed the bathroom door while he pissed for
the past 3 years-nor had she or Dad. That was shortly
after their Mom passed away which left them in their
dad’s care.

She walked to the couch untied the front string of her
negligee exposing her mid-teen tits and sat down. Then
she rested her head back, put a hand on each knee, and
spread her legs open then closed them continuously while
she looked at her father in the kitchen.

Mary new he would look up from his paper and see her
beautiful fuck hole if she played butterfly to get his
attention. Her pussy was a piece of art. Shaved, leaving
hair only at the top of her pubic mound exposing the
outer lips with an inside perfectly hooded clitoris. Dave
acknowledged her presence with a nod and went back to his

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to go over to her for a
good incestuous love session with her letting him load
her up with his parental seed of life as he had been
doing since she was 12 along with her brother, but it was
Candice he wanted and Mary knew it.

Dave began a new job three months ago as a fiber optic
salesman. A convention for fiber optics had come to town
three weeks ago and that’s where he and Candice met. She
was the purchaser for a local cable company that
installed fiber optic communication systems. She and Dave
hit it off immediately. They had dinner together that
evening with Dave telling her he was a widower of three
years, father to a beautiful blonde 15 year old, and a
stallion like 16-year-old son.

Candice felt so comfortable with Dave that she shared
with him her life story. Her parent’s died in a car wreck
when she was 15 which caused her to move in with her
grandparents on her Dad’s side who were in their early

There she stayed until high school graduation and then
moved into a girl’s dorm while she attended college. Life
had been good to Candice while at her grandparents. She
has two cousins who were living there when she moved in.
Tom 15 and Sandra 12. They were brother and sister. Their
mother had never married and disappeared one day never
returning when Sandra and Tom were infants.

After college Candice moved in with Tom and his wife
Wilma. Tom and Wilma now have a son William 12 and a
daughter Cindy 10. Candice commented that they are one
happy family of five. Her other cousin Sandra is married
to a guy named Sam and they have two kids. Tina 10 and
Jason 8.

Candice told Dave she had dated but hadn’t had any
children nor married because her dates weren’t or
couldn’t be a partner for life. By the end of the night
Dave knew Candice was the woman he wanted to have as his

The coffee was ready and Dave poured himself a cup. As he
closed his eyes and started smelling the fresh coffee’s
steam from his cup. He began to remember the first time
he and his children slept together. It was the night of
the day his deceased wife was put to final rest.

As he lay in bed he was unable to sleep. His daughter
came into his room telling him she missed “Mommy.” Her
brother John wasn’t able to sleep either and he too
entered his dad’s room. Dave said for them to climb into
bed with him and that everything would be OK. He lowered
the covers and the kids got onto the bed with Mary on his
left and John on his right. Dave put an arm around each
child and held them close. Mary said she would pull up
the covers for them and Dave said, “OK honey.”

As he released his arm from her, Mary tried to sit up but
couldn’t because she was wearing a full-length nightgown.
She then pushed her torso upward and hiked up the gown to
her waist exposing her hairless preteen pussy and ass,
which her dad and brother stared at. She then lowered her
butt back to the bed, sat up, grabbed hold of the covers,
and pulled them up over their bodies.

Dave said, “Thanks Mary,” and put his left arm around her

Mary didn’t pull her nightgown back down to cover her ass
and pussy so she would be able to move around under the
bed covers.

Dave’s hands clasped his kid’s asses as he attempted to
sleep. It wasn’t possible because Mary was sleeping where
his wife had slept and her ass felt as soft as his wife’s
had. Dave knew the reason why Mary wasn’t wearing
underwear below her nightgown. It was because since potty
training she was unable to get her panties down soon
enough after raising her gown so she could sit on the
toilet and take a piss. Her slowness would cause her to
piss in her pants and it was her mother’s idea to drop
panty wearing while she had a nightgown on.

Dave began getting an erection in his underwear and it
was making the covers rise. Mary saw the rising covers
and John could too because a small nightstand light was
still on low beam. She investigated with reaching for her
dad’s crotch and squeezed his dick. This caused Dave to
release the kid’s asses and make his cock fully erect.
Mary let go of his dick, pushed the covers down, and sat
up to see what had been in her hand.

John sat up too and stared at his father’s crotch. Dave
couldn’t take it any longer with his cock pressing
against his briefs so he sat up, pushed his underwear
down, off each leg, and tossed them onto the floor at the
end of the bed. He then lay back down with his arms
folded behind his head resting against the pillow. John
and Mary stared in awe at the eight-inch full erection.
Mary reached out and wrapped her right hand around it.

John continued to stare at the sight and Mary began to
pull up and push down on the shaft. She was fascinated
with the foreskin how it covered the cock head when she
pulled up on his dick and uncovered the head when she
pushed down on it. The continued jacking was beginning to
push lubricating pre-cum out of the hole at the tip of
his cock.

Mary stopped her hand motion and with her left index
finger touched the clear sticky jizz. Then she reached
down and rubbed it off onto her left inner thigh. She
pumped his cock a few more times and noticed more of the
liquid coming out. Mary had never seen her dad’s cock
erect before nor had she seen pre-cum.

With her right hand still grasping his cock firmly she
bent forward and tasted the liquid. Then, with a quick
lick it was all lapped up. She looked at her dad and
said, “It tastes good. What is it?”

Dave said, “It’s pre-mature cum used to lubricate his
thing when fucking.”

She asked if she could do it some more and he said,
“Yes.” Then John removed his underwear and tossed them to
the floor on his side of the bed, fell back down flat
with his hands to his sides with his head on a pillow.

He was four inches long and hard as a rock. His puberty
had started with a few light brown hairs growing at the
base of his cock on the right and left side. His 13 year
old dick was producing pre-cum. Dave reached down and
with his right hand and began to masturbate his son.

Mary was so impressed with the two cocks in full erection
before her that she had to reach between her legs with
her left hand and have a feel. She too was damp between
the legs. Then Dave released his son’s cock, sat up, bent
down, grabbed Mary, and turned her into a 69 position.

He put both hands on her legs and pulled her pussy up to
his mouth. Then he reached around her right leg with his
right hand and began feeling for John’s cock. Mary could
see her brother’s dick and jizz clearly.

Turning herself to the right she grabbed her dad’s penis
with her left hand and held it while she sucked on John’s
dick for a taste of his liquid jizz. Then she put Dave’s
hand on her brother’s sex sword so it could be
masturbated by their incestuous father.

Mary then pushed her ass back as far as she could into
her 69 partner’s face as she began to suck and pump her
dad’s love meat. She began to alternate sucking her
father and brother’s cock for jizz while she gave Dave
the jacking-off of his life. Mary’s pussy began to ooze
faster pre-teen cunt juice.

She felt her dad’s left hand on her left ass cheek
pulling it to the left to expose more of her virginal
hole so he could begin lapping and sucking her drippy
pussy. This caused her to begin moaning and soon be
having her first orgasm in life. Suddenly, Dave sped up
his licking and ground his face back and forth in her ass
crack so she could cum which she did and it was so
intense that she stopped cock jacking, began shuttering,
and screamed out, “Daddy…it feels so good…I’m
cumming…Oh my God…Suck it…There it is… Is…
Is… Is… Ohhhh.”

Then she collapsed. All sexual activity ceased while
little 12-year-old Mary’s cunt dripped juice onto her
dad’s face causing him to begin lapping at her fuck hole.
This caused her to awaken and when she opened her eyes
she could see her father’s hand start to masturbate her
brother’s still 4-inch hard-on.

“Daddy,” she said as she looked over her right shoulder,
“I want to make you come too.” Dave said, “You will honey
but first let’s help your brother get an orgasm.”

Mary crawled off her dad and he told her to get on her
knees and elbows, crawl up to John’s cock between his
legs and he would crawl up between his legs too so they
could both suck his four inch dick. Then he would finger
fuck her at the same time. This would ready John and her
for their first orgasmic fuck.

Dave barely got off the bed as Mary pulled off her
nightgown and jumped into the position her dad told her
about. Dave got back on the bed, in between John’s legs
and held his four-inch hard cock with his left hand so
Mary could suck it. Then she took her mouth off it and
her dad showed her how to really suck a cock good. He
held it at the base with his left hand, licked it up and
down, then put the head of it in his mouth, and began
sucking it while he jacked the shaft up and down.

Mary said, “Finger fuck me.” Dave stopped sucking and let
go of his 13 year old son’s boner, reached with his right
hand and put it on Mary’s ass. She grabbed John’s cock
with her right hand, pumped the shaft a few times, licked
the pre-cum that was coming out of the piss hole, shoved
the head into her mouth, and began to suck it while she
pumped the shaft up and down just like her father showed

Dave ran his middle finger down the crack of her tight
ass and found her wet, bald 12-year-old pussy. He wasn’t
sure if it was still wet from her orgasm or if she was
turned-on. Either way it didn’t matter. He ran his finger
up and down the clit. She reached down with her left hand
between her legs grabbed Dave’s finger and shoved it into
her pussy, which caused her to groan and leap forward.
Dad had done it: Passed the hymen and opened her up. No
blood! She was well lubricated. He gently flicked his
finger back and forth a few times feeling her “G” spot
and she let go of his hand and put her hand back on her
brother’s dick.

Dave began to slowly and consistently pull his finger out
a little and push it back in. She started to work John’s
cock again and at the same time fuck her self back and
forth onto her dad’s finger. She was starting to grunt
and John was starting to push his buttocks up and down
off the bed. Mary was also becoming extremely juicy and
Dave said, “You two are ready. Mary, get on your back in
the middle of the bed and just lay there.”

Dave pulled his finger out of her, checked it for blood,
which there was none. She let go of John’s cock and
quickly got flat on her back. Dave put a pillow under her
head and positioned her bald pussy to the right height
for fucking with putting a pillow under her little 12-
year-old ass.

Dave told John to get on his knees between his sister’s
open legs and wait. As soon as he was there waiting, Dave
bent forward and began to suck his son’s puberty penis.
It stiffened to a hard four inches again. Dave began
jacking it while he bent further down and licked his 12-
year-old daughter’s pre-teen bald pussy. She was still
plenty wet.

Dave said, “Drop to all fours John and put a hand on each
side of her.” He dropped and his four-inch hard-on was
resting against her bald pubic mound. Dave said, “John,
push yourself up and back a little bit so I can get to
your cock.” He did, Dave reached behind him, under his
ass, and grabbed his hard-on. Then he said, “Mary, I’m
going to rub John’s cock up and down your pussy a little
bit to get it well lubricated. You tell me when it is at
your outside pee hole, Ok?”

She replied, ” OK Daddy.”

Dave moved John’s dick up then down slowly and suddenly
she said, “Stop!”

Dave said, “Ok John, push your dick in slowly until it
stops going in or until Mary tells you to stop.” John
said, “Ok, Dad.”

He began to push his virgin four-inch dick into his
sister’s virgin pussy and Dave let go of his grip on the
boy’s dick. Dave looked at his 12-year-old daughter while
she was getting fucked not only for the first time in her
life, but also for the first time by her 13 year old

John pushed until his pubic mound hit his sister’s and he
stopped. Dave asked Mary, “How does it feel?” She smiled
delightfully and replied, “His cock feels good in me,
Daddy.” Then Dave asked John the same question and he
said, “Her pussy is warm and it’s making my dick feel
good and tingly all over, Dad.” Dave said, “Ok, you two,
that’s how fucking is supposed to feel. Now, John start
pulling your dick out a little bit and then push it back
in. Mary, John’s going to start fucking you and you tell
us if it hurts, Ok?”

Mary replied, “Ok, I’m ready.” Little did she know how
soon she and John were ready to orgasm together.

John began fucking his 12 year old little sister with
pulling his dick out a little bit and then shoving it
back in. Dave said, ” John open your mouth and let Mary
put her tongue in it while she kisses you. Suck it when
she does and don’t stop fucking her.”

John lowered his mouth to hers. She reached up, grabbed
his head, and stuffed her tongue into his mouth. He began
to suck her tongue like a favorite favored lollipop and
the two of them began to moan as John pumped his dick in
and out of her.

Dave then said. “Mary, lift your legs up and wrap them
around his back.” When she did then neither needed any
further instructions. She began to match him stroke for
stroke and he sped up the fucking pace. Soon she was
saying, “Harder John, fuck me harder,” Which caused him
to pump faster until she began to shake ,orgasm, and
scream, “Oh my God… It feels so good… My pussy…
Fuck me John…Fuck meee.”

Then John began to spasm and feel himself climbing up and
up and saying to her, “Your pussy…Mary…I’m fucking
your pussy…Oh, God.” His nuts tightened and his cock
began to squirt load after load of impregnating
incestuous cum into her, which she gladly received.

Then it was over and he laid on her with his cock rammed
into her as far as it would go as they hugged and kissed.
“Then Mary looked up at Dave and said, It’s your turn

Indeed it was! He had watched something he had never seen
before– a 12-year-old girl getting fucked by her 13-
year-old brother and they were his kids! He was so turned
on by seeing it that he had almost cum while ferociously
masturbating himself.

Dave helped John get off his little sister then he
immediately mounted her. With his 8-inch cock in his hand
he said to Mary, “Put Daddy’s cock in you honey.” She
reached down between her legs, took his dick from his
hand, rubbed it up and down her clit a few times causing
him to jump a little bit and then she held it at her fuck
hole entrance. Mary gave it a pull and Dave knew that was
his signal to push his raging hard prick into her.

He drove it in two inches deep and then withdrew it an
inch and stopped. He thought, “Holy shit! I’m fucking my

Her pussy was oozing so much of her cum juice and her
brother’s incestuous sperm that his cock would be able to
penetrate her all the way to her pussy’s end which was
six inches deep, without any pain to her.

Mary reached up, grabbed his head, and as she began to
raise her head up to his for a passionate French kiss she
lustfully said, “Fuck me Daddy. Shove your cock all the
way into me. I love you.” He immediately shoved his cock
into her as far as it would go while she wrapped her legs
around his back and French kissed him.

Dave rolled onto his back holding her and they
immediately began to fuck each other’s brains out while
still French kissing. He pumped his cock into her like
there was no tomorrow and she sucked his tongue hard
causing them to begin climaxing. She had her arms around
his head and began to scream, “I’m cumming… Daddy I’m
cumming… I’m cumminggg.” This set off his orgasm and he
began to erupt hot load after hot load of incestuous
fatherly sperm into her as he cried out, “I love…
Mary… I love you.

It was over. She was on top of her dad with his cock
buried six inches up her and hugging him with never
wanting to let go. Suddenly, John said, “Dad… Mary…I
love you.” Then all three hugged each other. Mary got off
her dad and when she got to the floor and stood up, all
her dad and brother’s cum with hers ran out of her cunt
and down her legs in the form of cream pies. Dave looked
at her and with seeing the mess said, “Your going on the
pill, Mary.”

Suddenly Dave heard John, his son, hit the last squeaky
step of the staircase. He opened his eyes and saw Mary
straight ahead.

Continued in part 2…

The author does not condone child abuse, this story is
meant as an erotic fantasy not “real life.” Anyone acting
out such scenarios in “real life” can look forward to
many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a
fellow convict in their local prison.

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