CHAPTER 18: Amber’s Story

Amber sat back on the couch like she was glad to be the
center of attention. I decided I liked the way she
looked, with her chubby little-girl’s body and her
glowing smile.

She told us that Ms. Bell was the housekeeper who came
to work in their house about two years ago. She was a
college girl who went to school at night and worked for
Amber and Liz’s mom during the day. She cleaned the
house, did the laundry, took care of Amber and Liz after
school, and fixed snacks for them.

Anyway, Amber told us that, right from the first, Ms.
Bell liked to play with the girls’ pussies. Whenever
they were alone in the house, Ms. Bell would have one or
both of the girls take off their pants and lie back on
the bed with their legs spread. She would rub them and
kiss them there, while she rubbed her hand between her
own legs.

“We knew it wasn’t really right for her to be doing
that, but it felt real good,” Amber said, “so we didn’t
want to tell on her.”

Amber said Ms. Bell also showed them her own hairy pussy
and her big tits. She would sometime have one of the
girls suck her nipples while the other one pushed a
broom-handle up her cunt. Amber said the housekeeper had
real dark hair and nipples that were so dark they were
almost purple. Amber said she liked to make Ms. Bell’s
nipples stand up so they were almost like dark little

The housekeeper explained to the girls about cumming and
told them it was the greatest feeling in the world. She
also told them that they would grow up faster if they
had lots of sex with other girls. She told them a lot of
bad stuff about boys, but Liz and Amber didn’t
understand it.

As time went on, Liz began to get her orgasms and she
asked the housekeeper to suck her little quim all the
time. When Ms. Bell wasn’t around, Liz got Amber to lick
her pussy and make her cum. Liz wanted Amber to feel it
too. She showed Amber the place to rub, and got Ms. Bell
to spend extra time licking Amber’s six-year-old pussy.
After about a year, Amber began to get her jollies too.

Just before she left, Ms. Bell started sticking her
finger in Liz’s pussy, and after Ms. Bell left, Amber
had been putting all kinds of things in her sister’s
cunt while she licked her sister’s clit.

Since the housekeeper left, Liz had introduced several
of her girlfriends to cunt-licking in “sleep-over”
parties. Amber said she liked to lick other girls, but
not the ones with hair, because it always got in her
mouth and she had to spit it out.

As she finished her little tale, Amber’s hands descended
to her lap, where one hand parted the fat, hairless lips
and the other resumed its circular massage at the top of
her crack.

“Now,” she said, “I want to see you put your thing into
Lizzie’s hole.

Under the stimulation of these sexy stories and the
sight of the three young cunts, my prong had returned to
quivering rigidity.

Liz was apparently anxious to please her sister, because
she hopped right up from the couch and squatted down
over my knees. I scooted forward to put my hips at the
edge of the chair and Liz lowered herself so my cock
slipped slowly into her hot hole. As she moved up and
down and my dick slid in and out, I grabbed her boobs
and flipped her nipples with my thumbs.

Looking over to the couch, I could see that Carrie was
going after Amber’s little cunt again, that Amber was
quivering all over with Carrie’s cunt-licking, and that
Carrie had her middle finger buried in her own narrow

As Liz speeded up her pumping tempo, she began to shake
all over. I moistened my fingers and started twisting
and pulling her orange-red nipples. As I worked on them,
each engorged nipple protruded more and more stiffly
from the hemispheres of her hard breasts.

To my surprise, Liz bent down to kiss me, putting her
tongue deep in my throat. Although I thought of kissing
as something you did with your girlfriend and fucking as
something you did with anybody, the feel of her tongue
in my mouth added to my pleasure. I reached around
behind Liz to rub a finger around her butthole.

As I felt my climax approach, I slipped my fingertip
inside her asshole. As Liz pumped even harder, I filled
her gash with what felt like gallons of jism, as she
apparently got her jollies at the same time. Liz
collapsed on me with shudders of pleasure quaking
through her entire body.

As my slimy dick softened and dropped out of Liz’s
sopping hole, I glanced over at the two little girls on
the couch. Eight-year-old Amber was lying back against
the cushions with an after-come smile on her face and
the sheen of saliva all over the bright red furrow
between her splayed thighs. Insatiable Carrie had her
back to me as she doubled over and pounded two fingers
into her cunt as she finished her own jack-off session.
Liz stood up and reached for the towel to dry me again.

By now, I was pretty tired and I also noticed the time
on my watch. Because my parents were due home in less
than an hour, I said goodbye to these three sexy girls,
jumped out the window, snuck back through the park and

Continued in part 19…

It’s okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
strangers. But it isn’t okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex
with strangers! You only have one body per lifetime, so
take good care of it.

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