I didn’t return home until Sunday night. I was dreading Monday and work, having to face Robert there after the events of the past few days. I prayed I could conceal from everyone there our new relationship. A forlorn hope I was to come to learn, but I still had it. At least work wouldn’t be the freezer my home was when I returned Sunday at midnight. Joe was asleep in our bed and I went in he woke up looked at me and then rolled over and didn’t say a word. I knew then my marriage was as dead as my Great Aunt Grace who died in 1953. I cried as I gathered up my nightgown and robe and went to bed on the couch.

In the morning, I was up long before the kids, and had breakfast on when Joe came down. He asked me why I didn’t come home Sunday morning like I said I would?

I looked at him and just told him flatly, “I wanted to Fuck some more.”

He stared at me for a minute, me not knowing what was running through his mind behind those tortured eyes. Then he simply nodded and left for work. As he left I asked him what he told the children when I wasn’t home Sunday for church (we always go to mass at 8am)? He said I told them you were staying with friends. It was my turn to nod and he was gone. I wondered if I would be allowed in the house when I returned from work? The kids came down and were happy to see me saying, “We missed you, mom where did you go?” I just told them I had visited with some friends and steered the talk to school and such. I had no desire for them to further question my weekend activities. I kissed and hugged them all and sent them off to school, feeling relief but wondering if I would ever see them again? I gathered up my things and left the house with mixed feelings. Was all of this worth what was happening to my marriage? Was Robert’s Black Cock and the Fucking he gave me with it, worth all of this? The wetness I felt between my legs told me It may not be worth it, but it was definitely something I needed!

I parked my car in my usual place and sat there, not going in. I was as nervous as a whore in church on Easter morning! My stomach was churning. But I didn’t have butterflies flitting around in there. Nary a one! They were all hiding from the B-52’s whizzing around! I walked over to the employee’s door, stood there with my hand on the knob. Do I want to go in? I didn’t! I spun on my heels and started to walk away, thinking I will quit and never see Robert again.

Then reality caught hold. My marriage is over, Joe is going to kick my cheating slut ass out, today I’ll bet. I will have to support myself so I NEED this job. I returned to the door, steeled myself for the eventual confrontation and entered. I placed my stuff in my desk, hung my coat on the rack and started working. My friend Sharon, who as later events would prove was my VERY BEST FRIEND, asked me if I was ok, as I seemed upset. I didn’t lie as I said my stomach was not well. An understatement!

For the next two hours I worked with my head on a swivel, looking frantically for Robert. I wanted to see him before he saw me! Robert is a claims adjuster and doesn’t work in my office but comes through frequently. I took a break and met Sharon in the coffee room. We were sitting and I was chatting nervously, when Robert came up behind me and said, “Hello Sharon, Mrs. Benton.”

I jumped in my seat, surprised by his voice. I turned and mumbled something, and as I did Robert walked by and laid his hand on my shoulder, giving a slight, and hopefully un-noticed by Sharon, squeeze.

He walked on saying, “Nice to see you ladies, Sharon, Mrs. Benton”

Sharon looked at me with an incredulous look on her face.

“Deanna Benton! You and Robert?”

I turned a hot red as my face gave me away. I lowered my
eyes and nodded. She reached out and touched my hand. She
said we have to talk girl and said meet me for lunch. I
nodded silently and was grateful for her obvious
affection. At that time several others entered and made
private talk impossible. I returned to my work and worked
busily till noon, gathered my things and met Sharon at
her car. She drove as I was in no condition to.

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Monday At Work – sex story
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Monday At Work – sex story

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