We went to a restaurant that had secluded tables and she
just said, “Spit it out girl!”

I didn’t know how to begin. Sharon said, “I know its
hard. I KNOW what you are going through. Let me help

I stared at her, with the implication of what she had
just said going through my mind.

“You. You and Robert, too,” I stammered?

She nodded yes and said, “Robert has been Fucking me for
two years. I was his first conquest after he started
working here. Now, tell me how it happened.”

I let it all gush out telling her how my husband had
fantasized about me Fucking another man and then learning
his real fantasy was me Fucking a Black man, and what I
did to set it up. She found it interesting to hear me
tell of it. Making me give all the details I related the

Two weeks before my anniversary Robert again hit on me,
asking me to go out to dinner with him. I started to
refuse him, but Joe’s fantasy flashed to mind and I
thought Robert would do it. I know it. I told him ok,
when? He said how about tonight, giving me a quizzical
look, wondering why after two years and many refusals I
was agreeing so readily? I told him I would tell my hubby
I was going out with some girlfriends and would be late.
After he walked off with a smile on his face I wondered
why I did that? But, I then picked up the phone and
called Joe at work and told him the lie.

I met Robert in the parking lot by my car. He said he had
always admired my car and said he’d drive. Taking my keys
we got in and he drove off sedately, the wind blowing in
our hair. He told me he was pleased I had agreed to have
dinner with him but he didn’t know why, just now, when I
had refused him for so long. I found myself, unable to
say why, but just stared at this tall very good looking
Black man. Robert is about 6′ 4″, and about 210 pounds.
His shoulders are broad and he is abut ten years younger
than I. Close cropped hair, a bushy mustache, impeccably
dressed, and politely mannered.

“You want something. Don’t you?” he said.

His eyes bored into my soul. I was embarrassed. If eyes
are windows to the soul then mine must have been like
sliding glass doors. How did he know? Was he omniscient?

I looked down then, worked up my courage and told him, “I
want… I want… I want you t-to. I want you to Fuck me.
There I said it!” I blurted out in a rush.

He looked at me with those black eyes.

“Perfect,” he smiled. “But what would cause a very prim
and proper Southern lady such as yourself, to want to
have a lowly Nigger like me fuck her” he queried?

I was embarrassed, I turned red, mortified was more the
word. I told him he wasn’t a nigger. He interrupted me
and said that is unimportant. I want to know why Mrs.
Benton, you want me to fuck you?”

I noticed we were driving around town, apparently not
going anywhere particular. I also saw people staring at
us. I told him I had my reasons and if he wasn’t
interested to get out and I’d go home. He indicated he
was interested alright. That was why he had been hitting
on me. He wanted to fuck me alright. Very much so. He
turned on to the old highway and went to an old motel out
of town and stopped at the end unit.

He walked to the door and looked at me still sitting in
the car. I told him I didn’t want him to do it tonight,
but on the 7th. Saying we would talk it over inside, he
opened the door and entered the room leaving the door
open. I sat there for a minute or two thinking is this
right, is this what I want to do, do I love my husband?

I closed the door behind me and saw him sitting in a
chair. The only chair in the room. I looked around at the
interior of the room, a room I was to become very
familiar with. Nothing special. It was clean, weird
patterned drapes on the window, brown carpet, queen sized
bed, bath with door, TV, nice new TV, wet bar.

Robert motioned for me to sit on the bed and told me,
“Now, why, Mrs. Benton, do you want me to Fuck you? Be
truthful. Its always best for everyone involved,” he

I was impressed by his casual and very restrained manner.
I had half expected to have to fight him off once I came
inside. I stood there wondering what the was going to
think and told him of Joe’s fantasy. He nodded and said
it was a common one among white men, wanting to see Black
men Fuck their wives as they watch. He asked me if I
thought Joe wanted to suck his cock either before or
afterwards, another common thread.

I said I had no clue of that, Joe was clearly not gay or
even Bi. He asked me exactly what I wanted from him and I
told him: Fuck me in all of my holes for Joe to watch.
Use me as his sexual plaything and give me the thorough
fucking I know Joe wants me to have. Robert asked if I
wanted it videotaped or photographed. I told him I hadn’t
even thought of that. He said he had, and Joe would want
it. He said it will take some choreography to set up the
action… kinda like a script. We’d need to rehearse

I said, “WHOA there! If you think I am going to fuck you
in advance of my anniversary we’d better quit now.”

Robert intoned, “What you want will require advance
planning and set up. We will have to practice the camera
angles and a lot of other stuff. From what you told me
you have never had your ass fucked and you do not like to
suck cock. The first is easy to fix… the second… now
to suck cock takes skill and the only way you get that is
by sucking one. I think I can teach you enough in about
five sessions to get by on the “BIG DAY!”

Listening to him speak I realized he was right and I
would have to go along with it like it or not. I said ok
and what exactly do I have to do? But I made it very very
clear I did not want, nor would I go along with any
penetration of my vagina or anus before my husband
witnessed it. Robert agreed, but with one proviso. Dildos
don’t count!

And he also said, “One other thing, Mrs. Benton. I never
use condoms.”

I considered his statement and simply said, “No condoms.”

“Why are you doing this,” he inquired? “I know this is
repulsive to you. I can see it in your eyes and on your

I stood there some long minutes and finally replied, “I
love him.”

It was answer Robert understood.

“Take off your clothes Mrs. Benton,” he ordered. We need
to get moving on this, we only have two weeks and you
need special tutoring.”

My mouth gaped open, when I heard him say take off your
clothes, as casually as if he was ordering a glass of tea
at a restaurant. He saw the look on my face and knew what
was on my mind.

“Mrs. Benton, I want you to understand one thing. I am
not ever going to FORCE you to do ANYTHING you really do
not want to do. What you do with me you do because you
really WANT to do it. Its as simple as that. Now, Mrs.
Benton, sooner or later you will have to let me see you
Naked. The sooner you do, the easier it will be to
prepare for the rest of what you want me to do,” he

I thought on the logic of his statement and had to agree,
but I was not prepared to do it right now. My mind

“You want to make your hubby’s fantasy come true don’t
you?” he inquired.

I nodded yes.

“To do that you’ll have to take off your clothes. If you
want to fulfill that fantasy then, take off your
clothes,” he explained again.

I was convinced by his logic and my body reacted… I
could feel a tingling deep in my insides, as a thought
formed in my mind. In a few minutes at the latest, I will
be standing naked before only the second man who had seen
me sans clothes. I unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it
from my skirt. I started to kick off my shoes but didn’t.
I reached around and unzipped my skirt and let it fall to
the floor. I was undressing quickly, not trying to be
sexy. Just efficient.

I figured I had about 30 seconds of courage left in me
and If it was going to get done, then I had better do it
now. I tugged my slip off over my head, after removing my
blouse. I stood there in my bra and panties… white if
you need to know… my pumps and thigh high nylons, the
kind with elastic at the top that stay up without a
garter belt. I saw his approving gaze and knew I had to
go for the gusto or chicken out right here. I turned
around and undid my bra… it unhooked from the front and
let it fall from my shoulders. Then I heard him murmur,
“Nice ass.”

Taking a big gulp of air and really screwing up my
courage, I turned around to face him. It took all of my
remaining courage not to make one of those silly
“September Morn” poses trying to hide my nakedness by
covering by breasts and pubic mound. I stood there before
him as he was seated in the chair five feet away. Totally
Naked. Staring him in the eyes.

His nostrils flared as he gazed at my naked body for what
seemed like years, but was only a few seconds.

“Very nice Mrs. Benton. VERY nice indeed,” he commented
with a smile spreading across his face. “You have lovely
breasts… WE, you and I, must refer to them as TITS. And
just look at that hirsute pussy… combined with a great
pair of legs and a hot ass… my oh my! Lovely… yes,
yes, just fucking lovely you are Mrs. Benton. I am
certainly going to enjoy fucking you!”

I was embarrassed, mortified, I cringed inside every time
he used a vulgarism to refer to my body. Joe referred to
my breasts as tits and even my pubic mound as my bush and
my vagina as pussy. But he was my husband of nearly 15
years. He had the right to be a little crude. But this
man… none. But, as I stood there exposed to his lustful
glare and heard him speak his crude and descriptive
language, a tingling that had begun earlier was now a
fire. A small one but nonetheless, a fire in my loins.

“You look very good in red Mrs. Benton,” he said

I wondered what he meant. I was feeling hot… very hot
and did not know why.

“You are blushing all over, Mrs. Benton. I find that
attractive in a white woman, and you are quite a woman.
Your husband is very lucky to be able to bed you anytime
he wishes. But he doesn’t, does he? Bed you anytime he
wants? You only let him fuck you when you want it. Don’t
you? Well, by the time I am finished, you will be wanting
it… a lot.”

How can this man know my secrets?

“You are really going to have to get used to me seeing
you naked. So why don’t you just walk around and describe
what you see in here while I undress. I had started to do
as he said… funny how he says something and I do it. I
whirled around in fear and backed to a wall.

He saw my reaction to his statement, and reassuringly
said, “Remember Mrs. Benton, you will never be forced to
do anything you really do not want to do. I am only going
to help you learn what it is you want to do.”

He finished undressing and my eyes were drawn to his
penis. I didn’t want to look but I had to, I couldn’t
help not looking. It was not hard but it was still
bigger, significantly bigger than my husband Joe’s. He
knew where my eyes were riveted and held himself up in
his hand for me to see.

“This is a Cock Mrs. Benton. My cock, with which you will
become very well acquainted and if I am not mistaken,
will come to want more than anything in the world.” He
smiled wickedly, as he spoke. “Look at it. Isn’t it
beautiful? All Black and semi-ready. Wouldn’t you love to
hold it to stroke it, to feel its as it comes to life?”

I had to agree, it was everything and more of what he
said. My fire was growing rapidly. I could feel the heat
between my thighs grow. I did want to touch it… feel
his cock grow, and harden as he thought about what he
wanted to do with it. To Me!


Sharon Learns It All – sex story
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Sharon Learns It All – sex story

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