My pretty wife, Susie, was raped by three black men and a dog. It was humiliating and disgusting, and we wanted nothing but to forget it and keep the knowledge from our community. We knew that we’d be ostracized if our neighbors ever found out. What we didn’t know was that Lonny; a 14-year-old neighbor kid had seen the whole thing. And now Lonny wants Susie for his pleasure or he’s threatening to tell everyone what happened.

Susie had not been herself since Lonny had started blackmailing us into letting him fuck her whenever the whim hit him. I knew that if anyone ever found out she had been raped by three black men, and especially a dog we would be ruined. This was a small town and word travels fast in a small town. Lonny was only fourteen years old but he was cunning. He had now taken pictures of Susie giving him a blowjob and threatened to turn them over to the police if we didn’t cooperate with his every desire.

I knew that if the police saw those pictures of her they would arrest her for having sex with a minor. All I could do was let him continue to have his way with my little woman. It was Saturday morning and Susie was in the kitchen doing dishes. I was reading the morning paper when the doorbell rang. Looking out I saw Lonny standing there with another young boy about the same age. I hesitated before answering, but knowing that he knew we were home I had no choice.

I opened the door and asked him what he needed, Lonny just walked pass me and told his friend to come on. I was furious as I stood there at the door and they headed to the kitchen. Susie was still in her shorty PJ’s and when she saw the other boy, reached for her housecoat. Lonny caught her by the arm and said,” You won’t be needing that.” And rubbed her on the butt.

“This is Ken a good friend of mine,” he said, as he took her by the hand and pulled her over to the table. I stood there not knowing what to expect next, as he told her he wanted her to give Ken and him a blowjob. Susie looked at me and I could see she was about to cry. “Lonny, you bastard, you can’t come in here and do this anymore,” I said.

But he pulled the pictures out of his pocket and threw them on the table, saying, “Here’s you a copy do you want someone else to get one.” I shook my head, and walked back to the den and sat down. I couldn’t stand this much more and had to do something, but didn’t know exactly what to do. I sat there and watched as Lonny pulled Susie toward the bedroom, holding her by the hand, telling Ken, “I told you she would suck us off.”

Susie was looking at me as they passed; she had tears in her eyes. I could here them laughing and talking about what they were going to do to her, as I got up and went outside. Sitting down in a lounger, the only thing I could think of was the fact that this young boy had Susie and I over a barrel and we could do nothing about it. It was all my fault, if only I had kept my fantasies to myself, this would never have happened.

I heard laughing and talking at the front of the house. I walked around in time to see Lonny open the door for a group of six more boys. Lonny saw me and told me to come on in and watch the action. I looked at him with disgust but knew I had to do as he said, he liked to make me watch as he fucked my wife, and did so quite often. I entered the den to see Susie sitting on the couch naked holding her arms over her beautiful breast when they walked in. I guess Lonny and Ken had already gotten their blowjob and were finished with her.

Lonny told the boys to sit down and give him the money. The bastard was selling my wife to these brats, I thought! One of the boys was hesitant about giving him a twenty- dollar bill saying the show might not be worth it. I realized that it wasn’t going to be a gangbang but someone was going to be putting on a show for these boys to watch. Lonny assured the kid that the show would be worth the money as he snatched it from his hand and collected from the rest of the kids.

Lonny came over to me and reached out his hand. As if I wasn’t humiliated enough he was going to make me pay to watch what ever he had in mind. All I had was a ten- dollar bill, which he took and said I would have to work to pay the rest. Not knowing what to say I just sat there watching as Lonny told Susie to lay across the coffee table facing me. She slowly got up and lay the upper part of her body across the table, leaving her ass hanging off the end. Lonny walked over and spread her legs wide, leaving her shaved pussy exposed for their view.

All the boys moved in for a closer look. Susie covered her head with her arms as the boys started inspecting her pussy, spreading her lips with their fingers, probing my wife’s cunt like she was theirs. Lonny told Ken to get the star of the show and bring him in. Ken was gone only for a moment and returned with the large stray dog that had raped my wife before. I jumped to my feet but was again warned by Lonny to shut up. Susie started screaming, as the hound was turned loose. Ken stuffed her mouth with a dishtowel to shut her up, and held her arms down on the table.

The dog remembered his bitch and ran directly to her butt sticking his nose in her pussy starting to lick. The group started yelling, urging him on as they moved in close. Lonny pulled the hound back and walked over to me and said, “If you’ll make Susie shut up and do this without screaming it will be over, I’ll give you all the pictures and not come back. No one will ever know except us.” I walked over to her, and asked her did she hear what he had said she looked at me and nodded her head. I pulled the gag from her mouth and Ken released her arms. The dog’s dick was already half hard and one of the boys said, “I’ll bet ten she can’t take all that dick.” Lonny immediately covered the bet saying she would not only take it all but she would take his knot as well. Susie was scared, knowing that the dog had taken her once before but it was after the three blacks had loosened her pussy with their large cocks. Lonny instructed her to raise her ass for the dog. Susie looking at me slowly raised her butt.

The boys cheered as the mutt was released again and went right back to work with his tongue. You could see him stretching the bare lips of her pussy as he licked. Susie now had her eyes closed as he raised up on his hind legs and mounted her from behind. I watched as Ken took the dog’s cock and rubbed it around in Susie’s cunt. Her pussy had not been stretched as it had been before and the dog’s dick wouldn’t go in no matter how hard Ken pushed. Lonny told me to earn my other ten dollars and help Ken. I couldn’t believe my ears, he wanted me to help this dog fuck my wife. Knowing I had to do as he said to end this ordeal. I went around behind Susie and saw that the dog was just too large for her to take. Going to the bathroom I got a jar of K-Y jelly and went around to her ass. One of the boys grabbed it from my hand and said, “Let me do it.” And started to rub the jelly between the lips of her cunt, sticking his slippery finger up her ass one time making her jump. Susie, not being able to help herself was getting aroused by his fingers. He had worked most of his hand in her cunt. She was starting to moan as he started to work on her clit, rubbing it around between his fingers, tweaking it making her wiggle.

I could see goose bumps on her butt as he worked. Lonny said,” That’s enough,” and turned the dog loose again. His dick was dragging on the floor as he mounted her for the second time. I watched as Ken again took pushed the head into Susie’s wet slippery cunt, as I held the lips of her pussy open with my two fingers. The hound thrust the head of his dick into her. Then with a little help from Ken buried his whole 10-inch cock in my wife’s cunt with one thrust. Susie grunted as he started to fuck. Fast and furious he plowed into her, pushing the table along the floor as he fucked. Lonny told me to hold her in place. I walked around and knelt down and held Susie’s arms. Looking the dog in the eye as he fucked her was the ultimate disgrace. Susie could not help herself and was becoming aroused with Ken rolling her clit around with his slippery fingers and by the fucking she was getting by the dog. She started to moan. The group had all moved to her rear and watched as the hounds large balls slapped at my little wife’s ass. Holding Susie’s hands, I told her it would be over in a minute, to just hold on. She was squeezing my hand as the dogs knot started to grow.

I knew Lonny was going to make her take the knot, because of the bet. I could tell that the hound was trying to tie with her but his knot being about the size of a softball would not go in. Lonny told them to spread her ass. Two of the boys grabbed her by each cheek of her ass and spread her wide. With a final push the knot slipped in. Susie jerked when it made its entry. The dog had took my woman and she was his. The stray’s ear’s standing straight up, and his tongue hanging from his mouth stood there over her squirting his load into her. Susie would jump with each spurt of hot liquid he shot into her, and started to have an orgasm. Her whole body was shaking with Ken still tweaking her clit and the massive dog dick buried in her cunt. The boy’s started hooting as the dog raised his leg and went butt to butt with her. They were patting him on the head and telling him what a good dog he was. Susie opened her eyes and looked at me. I told her it was all right as I released her hands and left her at the dogs mercy. I looked at Lonny and said, “Its over now.” “Not till he’s finished,” he replied. The dog started pulling at Susie’s cunt trying to get loose but he was stuck and stuck well. Susie backed off the table as he pulled. She had her ass high in the air and her head covered by her arms as she waited for him to release her.

The boy who made the bet walked over to Lonny handing him another ten and said I didn’t think she could take it. They stood there watching as the stray drug Susie around in the den his dick still buried in her. All she could do was follow him on her hands and knees. Lonny told the boy’s for another ten dollars they could get a blowjob. I started to protest but he told me she was his until the dog was finished, and from the looks of it he was going to be tied for some time. I sat there in the chair and watched as Susie was forced to suck each and every one of the boy’s on her hands and knees with the dog’s dick still in her. Only after the last kid blew his load in her mouth did the dog release her, his dick coming out with a pop.

Susie fell to the floor and rolled over on her back when the dog’s dick came loose. Laying there with her legs spread wide the hound turned around and started licking her cunt. Lonny and the boy’s were laughing and talking about how Susie was able to take the dog’s knot as they stood over her watching the mutt lick her clean. When the hound finished he went over to the corner and lay down licking his dick still looking at Susie. I told Lonny this is the end of it; you got what you wanted now get out and don’t come back. The boys still laughing and talking about what they had just seen walked out the door. One of them looked back at Susie and said,” You know, I think she like’s the dog.” Susie got up and went to the shower. I sat there looking at the dog still sitting in the corner. Lonny threw the pictures on the table and said I’ll do as I said, but I don’t know about the rest of the boy’s as he left. Susie came back freshly showered, looking as if nothing had happened. The dog went over to her and started to sniff her pussy. She looked at me and said, ” I’m going to keep him honey she said. I told her that he would try to fuck her again but she said she didn’t think so.

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The Saga of Susie
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The Saga of Susie

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