The Teacher’s Lounge (MMF, nc, preg, wife)
by Anymouse (

Today I found out that I am pregnant and not by my
husband. Let met tell you the story as it happened.
My name is Keri; I am 5 ft 7 in, Auburn hair, 36b-23-
37, 33 year old white female. I have been happily
married to my husband for 12 years and have 2 children.
I had never been with another man, except for him.

I went back to work teaching a few years ago and most
of the other male teachers are in their late 40’s or
fat or both. There has been one teacher, Gil, that in
the past few years had been flirting heavily with me.
I kind of liked the attention. He is also in his early
thirties, medium built, flat stomach, nice ass but
married. He kept asking me to join him for lunch or if
we both worked a little late to grab a quick bit with
him, which I occasionally did.

The flirting continued and I found myself getting
aroused and really damp whenever he walked by. My best
friend told me I should live a little and give it a
try. I thought that I should at least try someone
different just for comparison and a change of pace.

The opportunity presented itself the night we had to
work the junior-senior prom. He got me aside in the
closet and we kissed the first time. The electricity
that ran all through my body was amazing. I am
extremely horny when I am ovulating and it was that
time of my cycle.

He hands carefully worked its way around my body,
unbuttoning my skirt suit jacket and sliding up my
shirt, finding my breasts. My nipples ached painfully
and he slid his hand under my bra. My knees got weak,
as I took his hand off my breasts and down between my
legs. I thought I must be dripping with excitement as
he slipped a finger into me. I finally had him stop
and told him this was crazy!

He kept whispering that he wanted me really bad and had
for a long time. I told him we couldn’t unless he had
a condom, that it was that fertile time of the month.
After my last child was born, my husband agreed to get
a himself fixed, so birth control was not needed. He
said he had one in his desk that he got off a student a
few months ago and asked if I could meet him in the
teacher’s lounge.

I thought about how dirty it must be to get laid on the
couch in the teacher’s lounge. I agreed. I re-
adjusted my outfit and left to head down the hall.

It was locked when I got there, but Gil soon arrived
with the key and the condom. We walked in and he took
me in his arms and began to caress me. Soon my outfit
began to fall to the side. He undid my bra and bent
down to suck on my nipples. I almost passed out. I
went down to my knees and undid his pants and belt,
like I have done for my husband so many times before.
This time it was not his cock that I pulled out but a

I began to run my tongue around the head and shaft.
Finally I took it into my mouth and began to suck on
it. He moaned with delight as I continued. After a
while, I got up and he carried me over to the couch.
He pushed up my skirt and removed my pantyhose and
finally my panties. He kneeled on the couch on one
knee and tore open the condom. He slipped it on and
moved between my legs. I felt his cock between my open
lips and very gently slipped it into me.

It felt fantastic, my head with spinning. After he got
it all the way in, he began to make love to me. I
wrapped my legs around his back, allowing him to go
deeper. It felt like hours, but soon he was close to
climax. He came and I soon joined him.

We laid together for a few minutes, before he got up to
get dressed. He was dressed first and I took my time
to find all my clothes. He kissed me goodbye and left.
I had walked over to pick up my bra when I heard the
door open. I thought it was Gil, but instead it was
Mr. Simkins (An older, white teacher, balding, pot

I quickly covered my breasts and asked him to leave!
He told me he couldn’t do that. I stared at him and
asked him what he meant by that?

He sneered at me and said that he knew what had just
happened the lounge tonight and that if I didn’t want
it spread all over the school or mentioned to our
spouses I should do as he wanted.

With much misgivings I asked what he wanted? He said
he wanted a little bit of what I’d just given Gil. I
was revolted; he was a nasty old man who constantly
looked at the young girls in the school.

He walked over to me and pulled at my shirt I had
covering my breasts. I realized that I’d brought this
on myself and if I didn’t want to lose my job and my
marriage I had better go along with the shit. I gulped
as he began to undo his belt.

His pants fell to the floor and he told me to get
started. I didn’t want to, but felt I had no choice, so
I went to my knees for a second time that night. His
cock smelled nasty and looked nasty. He was
uncircumcised and was very hairy. I tried to forget
what I was doing and began to slowly place my mouth on
stinking cock– when he forced my mouth onto it. He
grabbed my hair and moved me back and forth on his
cock. I was absolutely disgusted by this and almost
threw up.

After a while, he yanked me up by the hair and asked me
if I was a real redhead? He told me to pull up my
skirt. I did as he commanded and he smiled. “Damn,
you are a real red head, I always wondered!”

He took off his shoes and kicked off his pants. I
asked him what he was doing?

He said, “Now little lady, you’re in for another

Frightened, I told him no way I was not going to let
him fuck me. That it just wasn’t worth that.

He gave me a nasty look and said, “OK, say no. I’ll
tell your husband you offered to fuck me to keep what
happened here tonight quiet. There’s enough truth in
that statement that he’ll believe me.”

I was in a jam, what should I do? He ordered me lay
down on the couch. I reluctantly went over to the couch
laid down and spread my legs for him. Miserably, I
asked him if he had a rubber. He leered at me and said
no. Then without waiting any longer he got between my
legs and began to push his cock into me.

I begged him to pull out before he came. I told him I
was not on birth control and I could get pregnant. He
said if he pulled out, I would have to swallow it. I
agreed gratefully. I just lay there and let him fuck
me; he kept saying how much he liked my pussy and that
I was a nice change from his fat old wife.

I tried to ignore him and shut my eyes. His thrusts
became jerkier and I felt he might be ready to cum. I
felt his cock jerk inside me, I reminded him of his
promise to pull out, I begged him to pull out.

He groaned in my ear, “No fucking way baby, this pussy
of yours is just too fine not to enjoy till the end.”

I tried to push him off of me, but he grabbed my hair
and forced my head to the couch. His other hand went
over my mouth. He began to slam his cock really hard
into me. Finally, he buried his cock deeply into me
and held it there.

I could tell that he was filling me up with his nasty
sperm. He was sweating and grunting as he pumped the
last few drops into me. Finally he got off and released
me. He thanked me for the fuck and hoped he hadn’t
hurt me too much.

He was soon gone leaving me there, legs spread, his cum
dripping out of my pussy.

I tried to clean up the best I could. I even tried an
old wives tale and found a coke and shook it up and
douched myself out. I got dressed and went home and
took several long showers.

Now I’m carrying the bastard’s child and I don’t know
what to tell my husband.

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The Teacher’s Lounge
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The Teacher’s Lounge

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