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A white couple decides to meet their on-line black mistress at a hotel for a real life experience. It doesn’t turn out nearly as they expected it would. (FFM, exh, nc, inc, intr, v, dom)

Anne learned about her mother desire to be submissive
by reading her dairy underneath her mattress. Her own
mother wanted to be another’s bitch slave. All these
years, she had never known. She was even mentioned in
several parts of her dominating her as well as neighbor
woman who lived nearby.

Both were now divorce and Anne always suspected there
were more to it then just sisterly friendship since her
mother Kate and Louise was always going off together.
She lay in bed masturbating her pussy at the thought.
She was in her senior year and her mother wouldn’t even
let her date boys. Let along stay out late. All the
times she had been spanked or grounded came to mind.

Payback time, bitch. She thought masturbating her cunt
till she came.

She heard her mother down in the kitchen below and
decided it was time. She removed all her clothes and
walked down. Her pussy was still wet with cum. As she
entered the kitchen, Kate was over the sink washing the
remaining breakfast dishes she had put off. She had her
usual robe thrown on and had just got home from work
and changed. Anne was glad it was Friday. She had all
weekend. She quickly took a seat before her mother
turned around and spread her legs wide.

“Anne you shouldn’t sneak up on… Go up to your room
right now lady and put some clothes on.” Kate yelled
turning around and staring at her daughter nakedness in
front of her.

“I found your dairy mother and I think its time you
live it for real life.” Anne yelled back. “Get that
ugly robe off and get down on all fours like the bitch
you want to be.”

Anne watched the fire in her mother eyes and then how
it started to turn to surprise and indecision. She had
been caught and knew it. She was still trying to figure
out what to say.

“I said to get your butt over here on all fours so I
can spank your big fat ass now.” Anne screamed before
she could make any excuses. “If I have to get up it
will be twice as many.”

Anne watched her mother face turn red. She just stood
there totally confused looking at her pussy through her
spread legs. Slowly, she began to take the robe letting
it drop to the floor below. She was naked underneath as
Anne had guess with her large boobs drooping down and
her hairy bush exposed. She dropped down to the floor
on her hands and knees and started crawling over to her
with face lowered. Anne pussy was getting wet enjoying
the view of her mother submission.

“Now get your fat ass over my lap for a spanking.” She

Anne waited as Kate got up and bent over her lap like
she had done plenty of times in the past. The only
exception was she was always dressed and her mother big
ass was displayed in its entire splendor for her
imagination. She glanced down at the large ass mounds
and the brown puckered opening between them knowing
what she was going to do next.

She brought her hand down hard across both her

Smack. Smack. Smack.

Her mother ass was starting to wiggle in her lap as she
watched her legs trashing wildly down below. She could
feel the wetness of her pussy on her thighs as she
continued to slap her ass.

Smack. Smack.

“From now on, I rule this house and you will serve me
just like in your fantasies.” She said from above as
she watched her mother’s ass cheeks clench from the
impact. “You are going to live out all your fantasies
and any thing else I demand. You are going to be my
slave mother.”

Smack, smack, smack.

Anne enjoyed the sight of her mother ass clenching with
each swat as she delivered more and more to her big
behind. She was now squirming on her lap to avoid being
swatted on the same place. Her cunt was leaking all
over her thighs and Anne knew she was trying to get off
on her.

“Are you going to be a good slave bitch?” Anne asked
applying the slaps in succession on her big mounds.

“Yes mistress,” Kate replied. “Please don’t spank me
any more. I’ll be good slut and do whatever you want.

Anne knew she was now in total control. Her mother cunt
was squirming all over her thighs and her feet were
shuffling up and down below. Her mother was actually
getting off on this as she applied several more to her
already redden ass.

“Get on your knees and lick my cunt.” She demanded. “I
got horny just reading your bitch diary. Hurry up.”

Kate started to protest but quickly hushed as she got
off Anne lap and dropped to her knees in front of her.
She lowered her face to her daughter cunt and then
started lapping as Anne reached down grabbing her hair
and started guiding it to where she wanted.

Anne leaned back enjoying her mother’s tonguing of her
clit. Her new rule of the house was going to be so much
fun as she pushed her face deeper in her cunt. Her
tongue was driving her wild in lust as she climax on
her face. She rubbed her clit some more on her nose
till she finally pushed her face away.

She looked at the submissive look of her mother red
face kneeling in front of her on the floor.

“What have you and that bitch Louise been doing all
these years behind my back?” She demanded staring her
down. “And it better be the truth or you’re right back
over my lap again.”

“We have been playing,” her mother replied looking down
in shame.

“Playing what bitch.” Anne demanded.

“She likes to be my mistress and use me as her slave,”
Kate replied. “Please Anne don’t ask me to…

Anne slapped her hard across the face.

“You are going to tell me what I want or it’s back over
my lap little girl.” Anne yelled at her.

“She spanks me and makes me beg to service her pussy
and ass mistress.” Anne said softly. “Sometimes she
makes me entertain her playing with my dildo and butt
plug or trying on your clothes. Please mistress, this
slut is sorry.”

Anne slapped her again on the face.

“The whole time you have been yelling at me you been
licking the old bitch ass.” Anne yelled down. “You
pervert. I bet her daughter don’t even know. Does she?”

“No mistress.” Kate cried.

“Well from now on, I’m your only mistress.” Anne
replied looking down at her mother who was trying to
avoid looking up at her. “Get your fat ass up and go
shove the plug and dildo in your nasty holes. Then you
are to go to my bedroom and get my one-piece bathing
suit and put it on. Do you understand, you wimp?”

“Yes mistress. Your bathing suit is too…”

Anne slapped her again.

“Move it slut and you better crawl. And while you up
there get my panties off the floor and stuff your sick
mouth with them.” Anne yelled down. “You have to earn
the right to walk in this house.”

Anne watched her mother starting to crawl out the
kitchen. Her red ass was wiggling as she hustled along.
There was a wet trail following behind her. She got up
and picked up the phone and dialed Louise up. This was
going to be the second part of her plan.


Anne immediately recognized the voice on the phone as
her neighbor Louise.

“Listen slut and I’m only going to say this once.” Anne
yelled in the phone mic. “You days of dominating my
mother is over. She is now my slut and your ass belongs
to me also. So say please mistress can I be your slut

“Anne, is this Anne. Listen I don’t know what your
mother may have…”

“Hush bitch.” Anne yelled. “I know all about your games
and have read mother’s diary which is full of entries
of you and her. If you don’t want the rest of the
neighbor hearing about it or your daughter, I suggest
you do as you are told. I couldn’t care less. I can go
live with my aunt. Do you understand me you fat cow.”

There was a long silence on the phone then a voice

“Yes mistress.”

“Good slut.” Anne replied grinning. “Now slut what did
I ask you to say earlier?”

There was another pause and then.

“Please mistress can I be your slut toy.”

“Of course you may please me.” Anne told her clenching
her thighs close together to get some fiction on her
wet pussy. “Now I want my fat cow to get naked and
shove her hairbrush up her nasty little asshole and
then walk over her now.”

“Please mistress, the neighbors might…”

“Did I say you could talk?” Anne yelled in the phone.
“Go out your backdoor and walk around to the back of my
house. If you hurry, Mrs. Johnson may still be asleep
and want see you. Hurry up and say moo, moo.”

“Moo, moo.”

Anne hung up the phone enjoying the tingling in her
clit as she rubbed it slowly. She didn’t want to cum
again yet. It was already quite sore from her earlier
climax and her mother’s tongue. She heard some grunting
sounds in the living room and got up to take a look.
Entering the room, she saw her mother moaning trying to

Her bathing suit was so tight on her that her tits were
flat on her chest and the only crease in the suit was
the two budges coming out her ass and between her legs.
Her thighs were pressed out as Anne noted that the suit
was sealed tight around them. The elastic had to be
stretched out to the limit. Her mouth was swollen and
Anne knew she had scammed her panties in her mouth.

She walked over enjoying the pitiful sight.

“Is my mommie puppy getting excited in her daughter
bathing suit? She asked standing beside her.

Kate was shaking her head no.


Anne had brought her hand down hard on the butt plug in
back as her mother nearly leap in the air in shock and

“I asked if my mommie puppy excited. She repeated.

Kate was shaking her head yes quickly in response.

“Crawl your lazy ass in the kitchen.” Anne told her.
“Your slut is on her way over here at this moment and
you are going to watch every minute as I take her ass
down a notch or two.”

Kate started crawling towards the kitchen as Anne
trailed along behind jabbing her ass or cunt with her
foot as she struggled along. Inside, she made her crawl
over to a corner of the room and get up on her knees.
There was several knocks on the backdoor getting
quicker and quicker as she took her time making sure
her mother was properly positioned before going to the
door and opening it wide.

There was Louise standing there buck naked holding
something up her ass.

“Please you have to let me come in.” She was crying. “I
think Mrs. Johnson is awake and looking out the window.
Please mistress.”

“Wag your cow jugs and say moo moo.” Anne demanded, “or
I’ll keep the screen door locked and let you just stand

Anne smiled as Louise started shaking her tits while
keeping the brush in her ass. She was mooing again and
again as she took her time unlocking the door as Louise
practically ran in the doorway. Her first glance was of
Kate just crouched down on her knees in the corner
staring at her with her mouth full. She turned around
and glanced at Anne for only a moment before Anne hand
came full force across the side of her face.

“Get you slut ass on the floor now and start fucking
your asshole.” Anne yelled at her. “I want my mother to
see what a slut ass she has been licking for the last

Anne watched as Louise dropped down and started pushing
the brush up and out her asshole. She could tell she
was getting excited despite trying not to show it. She
took a seat back on the chair.

“Over my lap slut.” She demanded.

Louise started getting up and draped herself over Anne
smaller lap. Anne pulled the brush out of her asshole
as she gasped in surprise and the sharp pain of its
exit. As it dawn on her where it was going to be used,
she felt the brush come down hard on her right ass

“Ohhhhhhh,” She screamed.

Anne brought it down again and again as she squirmed
wildly on her lap.

“Some now on your ass is going to be good for nothing
except spanking and shoving what I want in it. Do you
understand?” Anne yelled bringing the brush down in
succession on both cheeks.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh, yes mistress. No more mistress.” Louise
was yelling. “Anything you want. Please no more. I
can’t take it.”

“See mom.” Anne yelled out. “All this time you been
kissing this ass, all it needed was a good walloping.
Where does the brush go next slut.”

“Back in my ass.” Louise cried gasping for air.

Anne took her time positioning the brush at the
entrance of Louise asshole and then gave it a quick
push inside. Louise practically jumped off her lap in
pain trying to grab her ass in back. Anne roughly
pushed her off her lap as she landed on the floor
rubbing her sore ass.

Anne jab her with her foot several times as she just
laid there whining on the floor.

“I got this itch to have my asshole licked.” Anne said
down to her. “Who do you think is the ass licker in
this house.

Anne looked down at the surprise and dreaded look on
Louise face as she smiled down at her.

“I’m the new ass licker.” Louise whispered as her face
started turning red.

Anne stood up and walked over to her mother who was
still on her knees with panties in mouth watching the
whole thing. She could see the wetness between her legs
and cum on the side of her thighs as she got right up
to her face and turned to the side so that her ass was
sideways to her view.

“Come here slut cow.” She yelled out at Louise. “I want
mommie to see how to properly clean a woman asshole.”

Louise got up and started crawling over. There was
tears in her eyes as she crawled behind Anne who had
her ass spread wide open as she approached and glanced
only once at Kate in shame. She pressed her face in
between the buttocks and started working her tongue
around the puckered hole.

“I’m sure mother can do better than that.” Anne told
her. “Say moo and get that tongue deep inside. I think
I’m going to like having an ass tongue slut in my

Anne heard Louise moo sound and then felt her tongue
working its way inside. She relaxed her ass as she felt
the tongue going deeper inside and then wiggling in her
butt hole. Her cunt was already dripping on the floor
but she knew it was still too sore to be worship at
present as she stayed bent over enjoying the tongue
fucking in her asshole. Finally, she got tired of the
position and pushed Louis face back with her ass and
stood up.

“Sluts crawl in the living room now.” She demanded.

She watched as Louise started crawling out the kitchen
followed closely by her mother. Her mother was totally
absorbed in staring at Louise butt as they crawled so
Anne gave her a hard kick in her ass driving the dildo
plug deep as she yelped.

“Don’t you enjoy looking at that old cow ass.” She
yelled. “Some now on it’s just my ass you crave.

Kate was shaking her head yes as they crawled on in the
room. She let them get to the center before taking a
seat on the couch and laying down.

“This room is a mess.” She yelled at them. “Get your
asses up and clean it. You have an hour.”

Anne turned on the TV and found a show to watch. She
glanced around watching the women going around dusting
tables and picking up floor items. Neither was walking
normally. They didn’t even look at each other as they
labored to get the area as clean as they could. She
picked up several pieces of candy and started throwing
the wrapper around the room on the floor as each would
scurried over trying to pick it up.

They were done well ahead of time but kept cleaning
anything they could as Anne would tease them rubbing
her clit or spreading an ass cheek every so often as
they passed by. She finished the show which she didn’t
really care about anyway and demanded they come and
stand in front of her. Both were fairly out of breath
as they arrived. She could see cum running down their
thighs and knew they needed some kind of relief which
she wasn’t going to let them have.

“Slut Louise.” She demanded. “Please remove slut mommie
bathing suit. I think she has lost circulation from
being so fat.”

Louise turned around and start to remove the top straps
from her mother suit when Ann stopped her.

“No, no silly cow.” She told her. “With your mouth.
That’s what’s it good for isn’t it.”

Anne watched in humor as Louise tried to pull the
straps off her mother’s shoulders and then her tits.
The suit was so tight, her mother breasts were all red
as it finally slipped off and Louise started working it
down her cunt. She could tell by Louise face her mother
cunt must be all smelly by now with her cum as she
finally got it down below her thighs and to her feet as
her mother stepped out of it. She had red rings on her
thighs and arms.

“Mommie slut do you still think Louise has a nice pussy
and ass to lick on?” She asked.

Kate was shaking her head sideways indicating no.

“Why don’t you show Louise pussy it had been very bad.”
Anne told her. “Grab her pussy hair and lead her around
the room.”

Anne watched as she reached down grabbing a handful of
Louise pussy hair and started pulling her around the
room by it. Louise was clenching to her to relieve the
pressure on her cunt and begging Anne for relief. Kate
wasn’t going to help one bit pulling and walking as
fast as she could with the dongs still inserted. Louise
big butt was wiggling in back with the hairbrush
swinging from side to side. Anne let them make a couple
of passes around the room before calling them back

“Both of you get on your knees in front of me.” Anne

Both women dropped down to their knees with a breath of
relief coming from Louise as her pussy hairs were
finally being released. Kate still had several in her
hand she must have pulled out.

“Hold your fat jugs out for punishment for playing
behind my back.” Anne demanded.

Both women reached up and grabbing their boobs from
below pushed them up and outwards.

Anne took her time grabbing the TV remote in her hand.
She reached back and slammed it hard on Louise tit as
she yelp out in pain.

“Say hit my other fat tit mistress.” Anne demanded.

“Please mistress hit my other fat tit.” Louise screamed
with Anne immediately did.

“Say it again for each hit.” Anne repeated enjoying the
pain on Louise face.

“Please hit my other fat tit.” Louise yelled as it came
down again and again.

As her tits had become fully red and she was squirming
on the floor in pain, Anne turned her attention back to

“Since you can’t talk with my panties in your mouth,”
Anne yelled at her. “Take them out and shove them in
the cow’s cunt.”

Louise was shaking her head no to Kate as Kate quickly
spit the panties out and reached down between Louise
legs and started stuffing them into her cunt. Louise
was still soaking wet as her mother took her time
shoving them in all the way up her cunt.

“You know what to do.” Anne yelled.

Kate immediately reached for her tits and presented
them to Anne for punishment. There was lust in her eyes
as she had just witness Louise punishment and begged
for the first. Anne started slapping her tits till they
were as red as Louise except her mother was enjoying
it. She would clench her mouth in pain but quickly she
would ask for the next.

Anne finally leaned back enjoying the sight of the two
women boobs all red in front of her. They were still
holding them up fearing to let go as she leaned back
over tweaking their nips as they gasped. She was
enjoying her domination of the two older women.

She got up from the couch and took up putting her ass
back in Louise face and grabbing her mother hair shoved
her face in her cunt. She rubbed her tits enjoying the
tonguing in her holes as each was being tongue fucked.
She was just about to cum when she heard a knock on the
front door.

“Get behind the couch sluts.” She demanded. We’ll
continue this later.

Grabbing a pair of her mother jogging shorts and top
that had previously been thrown on the side of the
couch, she quickly put them on and walked over and
opened the door to see Louise daughter Kimberly just
standing there.

“I heard the door shut and thought mother may have come
over here as usual.” Kimberly asked.

“Yes she is but their busy for the moment.” Anne
replied enjoying the moment. “Come have a seat on the
couch. I’m sure they won’t be long.”

Kimberly came on in and walked over to the couch and
took a seat. Anne was smiling enjoying what must be
going through Louise mind bend over behind the couch
with her mother all exposed daring not to breathe. She
took her time walking over taking a seat by Kimberly.
Kimberly was only a year younger than her and they had
known each other for years. On more than one occasion
they had experimented in sex with each other not that
their mothers would have ever guess.

Anne leaned over and kissed Kimberly on the mouth as
Kim returned the kiss surprised.

“What was that about?” Kimberly asked curious.

“Oh I had just been getting hot thinking about my
mother being my slave.” Anne replied. “It would be so
much fun spanking her big fat ass and shoving my cunt
in her mouth.”

Anne was now rubbing Kimberly tits as Kimberly laid
there enjoying the feeling as Anne started kissing her
on the mouth again.

“Don’t you enjoy the thought of dominating your
mother.” Anne asked between kisses.

“Gosh yeah.” Kimberly replied returning her kisses.
“I’m already hot with the thought. I would love to
shove my foot deep in her big ass. Why don’t we go to
your bedroom before they come back in. It’s been a
while and my pussy is wet.”

“I’m sure they will be awhile.” Anne replied. “Get
undressed and we’ll do it here on the couch.”

Kimberly quickly got up and started removing all her
clothes as Anne did the same. They slid up to each
other massaging each other tits as Anne pushed Kimberly
down on her back on the couch. She straddled her face
and lowered her cunt to her mouth as she pushed her own
face down in her cunt. Both girls were so excited they
were quickly licking their pussies rocking the couch as
they quickly came.

Anne slowly got up and turned around kissing Kimberly.

“What were you thinking about while you were licking my
cunt?” She asked her as they kept pecking each other

“I was fantasizing that it was my mother between my
legs licking my cunt while I was slapping her big ass
with a paddle.” Kimberly replied. “Gosh. I must have
came twice thinking about it.”

“Stay here.” Anne said.

Anne got up and walking to her mother room found the
paddle she had used on her ass several times in the
past. She walked back in as Kimberly just stared at

“You’re not going to use that on me are you?” Kimberly

“Oh course not silly.” Anne replied and walked over
behind the couch.

Kimberly heard a large popping noise and jumping over
looked over the couch back to see Anne standing over
her mother still bent over with her butt sticking up in
the air.

“You heard your daughter.” Anne yelled at her. “Get
your fat ass over there and tend to her needs.”

Anne reached over giving the paddle to Kimberly who was
staring in surprise.

“She has been a very naughty slut as you can tell by
the brush in her ass and my panties in her cunt.” She
told Kimberly. “I’m sure you can find better uses for
them later.”

Kimberly watched as her mother weeping started crawling
around the back of the couch. She slapped her palm with
the paddle several times smiling enjoying the sight.

“We’ll be up in the bedroom if you need me.” Anne told
her grabbing Kate by the hair and leading her crawling
towards the stairway. She could hear the paddle coming
slapping something behind her. “Take your time.”

Just a fantasy, how was yours?

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