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Waiting by PetShelly (petshellyiso@hotmail.com)

A father trains his young daughter to be his toy. (Mf, ped, inc)

I was waiting. Again. He usually came late, if he came
at all. When the house was dark. When my mother was

The door to my room would ease open quietly and there
he’d be. “And how is my naughty, little bitch?” he
would usually ask as he walked into my room.

My room was far away from my parents. I often wondered
if he had planned it that way when they chose the
house. Did he pick a layout where his daughter’s room
would be isolated because he knew he would be visiting
her there and he wouldn’t want his wife to hear? Just
when did the plan start? When did he begin thinking
about using his little girl as a fuck toy? When did he
decide that he was going to train her to fulfill his
fantasies, to make her his little cocksucker?

Where does grooming end and seduction begin? Where was
the line and when was it crossed? Was it crossed during
the baths that Daddy gave me, the long lap cuddles, the
lingering spankings that were always followed by pats
and kisses?

I’d say the line had been crossed by the time Daddy
taught me how big girls kissed. He nibbled my lips,
licked them till they opened, slipped his tongue inside
of me to teach me the world’s oldest duel. It had been
crossed by the day Daddy gave me a spanking and, in
between smacks of his palm, mentioned that some people
found pleasure in pain and he wondered if I was the
kind of girl that felt good when she felt bad. The line
was far in the past when he opened my legs and checked
to see if I was wet, if I was enjoying my punishment.

Daddy decided that I was to have a unique education and
he was to be my teacher. I learned how to suck his cock
the way he liked, when he liked, and to never tell him
‘No’. I don’t remember it ever occurring to me to tell
him ‘No’. He taught me to find pleasure in pain. I
learned to be a combination baby girl-pint-sized Bitch
Goddess. A combination of waiting servant and demanding

I was available whenever he wanted me. Usually he came
to me at night. He came almost every night but he would
also use me in the mornings. He loved to send me off to
school smelling of him. I’d dress in my private school
uniform (“Only the best for my baby!”, though I
suspected he chose the school by how appealing he found
the plaid-skirted uniform) and, while my Mother warmed
up the car or packed my lunch, he would bend me over a
chair or set me on a counter and fuck me hard until I
was bruised and full of his cum. Those times usually
didn’t take very long. I guess the thought of how
reckless he was being was enough to make him cum

Sometimes we would only be in a room alone for a few
minutes, could be discovered any second, but I’d see
his hands go to his zipper, he’d pull out his cock and
I’d go take him into my mouth without a word being
said. It wasn’t only at home that this would happen. It
happened at stores when Daddy selected my wardrobe,
restaurants during Daddy/daughter dinners, and men’s
rooms where he hoped someone would come in and see him
with his cock in his daughter’s mouth.

Daddy decorated my bedroom for me. He chose furniture
that would suit his purposes; a frilly canopied bed, a
chaise, and a dressing table were some of his favorite
pieces. Everything in the room had been used to give
him pleasure.

I have come to crave his visits. I lie in my bed,
waiting for him, hoping that what he sees when he opens
the door will be irresistible to him, will shock and
thrill him, and make him want me more than ever.

Tonight, when he opened my door, I was lying on my back
in a baby doll nightgown, my hair in beribboned braids,
my knees in the air, spread wide, with my hairless cunt
facing the door. And in my cunt was one of the many
dildos he has brought me. Pushed deep inside of me.
Filling me up.

“How is my naughty, little bitch? Oh…my bitch is full.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Have you missed your Daddy?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He sits on the edge of my bed and runs his hand down
the inside of my thigh till he reaches the base of the
fake cock sticking out of me. Looking into my eyes, he
wraps his hand around the base and starts fucking me
with the cock, slowly and deliberately at first,
picking up speed and force until he’s pounding it into
my pussy with his fist slamming into my clit each time
he rams it in.

“Is this what you want? Does my little slut need to get

“Yes, Daddy. Please, Daddy.”

“Take it, baby. Take the cock. Let me see you cum.”

As I cum harder and harder, Daddy shrugs off his robe
and kneels on the bed. He seats the cock deep inside of
me and wraps one hand around my throat as the other
rubs his cock over my lips.

“Open up, bitch”

I do and he slides into my mouth and down my throat,
feeling it from the inside and out as he fucks my
throat hard. He dumps his cum down my throat and
collapses on the bed beside me.

“Come sit on my face, baby. I want to taste you.” He
says as he pulls me up to straddle his face, pulling
out the fake cock so it won’t block his way.

It’s going to be a long night. And, on the other side
of the house, my Mother sleeps.

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