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But of course, it couldn’t be, Melissa told herself as she put the shower head back and shut off the water. It was just a leftover thing from watching that movie. There was no way she could be turning into a lesbo. “I’m straight, for crying out loud,” she said to no one as she toweled her body dry. (Fg, ped, inc, mast, oral, 1st-lesbian-expr)

Twelve year old Melissa Hunt studied the TV schedule
while her mom flipped channels. There didn’t appear to
be anything on, though. Lizzie McGuire (Melissa’s
favorite show) had just ended, and now there was just
dumb cop shows and doctor shows and reality shows.
There were movies, too, on cable, but none of them
sounded interesting. Melissa was just about ready to
throw the schedule down and go into her room to play on
the computer when Mom said, “Let’s watch this.”

Melissa looked up and saw a strange and unexpected
scene: a girl in a bunny costume, singing in a

“What is it?” she asked, wrinkling her nose.

“It’s called, Better Than Chocolate,” Mom replied,
still holding the remote out in front of her like a
divining rod. “It’s a love story.”

“Oh. Okay.”

Melissa loved love stories. But as she snuggled up to
her mom and watched the movie, she realized that this
wasn’t like any love story she’d ever seen before. For
one thing, there weren’t any cute guys in it except for
the one girl’s brother, and for another thing, it was
the two main girls who were in love. They were lesbos.
They kept kissing and hugging each other, and flirting
with each other, and they even took a shower together,
and painted each other’s bodies naked. Why would her
mom want to watch something like this? And let her
watch it too?

Not that Melissa thought it was bad or anything. In
fact, she thought it was kinda cool. The girls were
pretty, and they sure seemed to be in love with each
other, and it was so unfair that people would hate them
just because they were both girls. By the time the
movie was over and the girls’ love had triumphed,
Melissa had decided that there wasn’t anything at all
wrong with girls who wanted to be lesbos.

“How about some ice cream?” Mom asked.

“Sure!” Melissa replied with a big grin; she loved ice
cream even more than love stories.

“Come on, then.”

Melissa followed her mom into the kitchen. She got the
bowls, the spoons and the ice cream scoop while Mom got
the ice cream from the fridge. Chocolate, her favorite.
They sat across from each other at the table and Mom
started scooping big globs of double fudge into the

“So, tell me,” Mom said as she worked, “what did you
think of the movie?”

“Well,” Melissa replied, “the title of the movie was

“Wrong? Why?”

“Because there’s nothing better than chocolate.”

Mom laughed a little and said, “Oh, I don’t know about
that. There are a lot of very yummy things in this

“Nothing as yummy as this,” Melissa said, then put a
whole spoonful of ice cream in her mouth. She already
had some of it smeared all over her lips.

“Besides the title,” Mom went on, “what did you think
of it? Did you like it?”

Melissa shrugged, swallowed her ice cream, and said,
“Yeah it was cool.” She wanted to say more, but wasn’t
exactly sure what she should say.

“I thought it was very romantic,” Mom offered. “I like
love stories with happy endings, don’t you?”

“Yeah. Sad endings suck.”

Mom chuckled, then asked, “What did you think of the
girls? Did you think they were pretty?”

“The girl with the red curly hair was. The other girl
was too, but she wasn’t nearly as pretty as the red
haired girl. She was beautiful.”

“I think so too,” Mom said. She spooned some of her ice
cream, swallowed, then asked, “What about the fact that
they were both girls? Did that bother you at all?”

Melissa shrugged again and said, “No, it was cool.” She
was telling the truth, but at the same time she
realized she felt a little uncomfortable. She thought
it was kinda weird that she would be talking with her
mom about lesbos.

“It didn’t bother me, either,” Mom said. “I think if
two people love each other, it shouldn’t matter whether
they’re a boy and a girl, or whether they’re two girls,
or whatever. If they love each other, then it should be
okay for them to be together.”

“Yeah, it should,” Melissa said. “But a lot of people
don’t like gay people. They think they’re sick or
whatever. This girl I know at school, Ronda Gabaldon,
she says gay people are evil and will burn in Hell when
they die.”

“That’s bullshit,” Mom said, which surprised Melissa;
her mom didn’t usually talk like that. Plus, she seemed
more mad than she should have been.

Melissa swallowed another glob of ice cream, then said,
“Ronda Gabaldon’s stupid.”

At ten o’clock Melissa went in to take her nightly
shower. She got the water going, made sure it wasn’t
too hot, then quickly stripped off her clothes and got
in. She grabbed the soap and began soaping herself
down, starting with her shoulders and her arms, then
her chest and stomach, then her butt, legs and feet.
She made sure she got everything clean, then worked
some shampoo into her long blonde hair. She kneaded it
into a huge lather, scrubbed and massaged, until she
was confident that her hair too was clean, then took
the shower head down and rinsed all the shampoo out.

Once she was done with that she turned the heat down a
little bit, so that it was more warm than hot, then
adjusted the shower head from spray to pulsate. She
leaned against the shower wall and began directing the
water over her small pointed boobs. She closed her eyes
and smiled slightly at the immediate pleasure that
coursed through her. She used her free hand to caress
her boobs as the water gently beat on her skin, her
fingertips gliding over them, squeezing and pulling,
tapering over her hardening nipples.

As she touched herself she thought about Jason Miller.
He was a ninth grader, two years ahead of her, and he
was the cutest boy in Melissa’s whole middle school.
He’d sat and talked with her at lunch a few days ago,
and after school he’d even walked her home. Ever since
then Melissa had been thinking about him, imagining
what it would be like to kiss him. She thought about
that now, too, except in addition to kissing, she
imagined Jason touching her the same way she was
touching herself.

It had quickly become her favorite sex fantasy for when
she was in the shower (or sometimes in bed, if she was
sure her mom was asleep), but for some reason she was
finding it sort of difficult to focus on. Her picture
of him didn’t seem as sharp or intense as it usually
was, and the resultant feelings in her body weren’t as
exciting. And then he just kind of drifted away
altogether, replaced by an image of those two girls
from the lesbo movie.

They were in the shower too, like they had been in the
movie, naked and wet and kissing each other
passionately, their glistening boobs pressed together
as they embraced. The red haired girl’s hands came up
between them and she began caressing the blonde girl’s
boobs and playing with her nipples (a scene they hadn’t
shown in the movie), and then she dipped her head and
started kissing and sucking them. Melissa was a little
startled by this vision, but only because she’d never
really thought about girls like this before. She kinda
liked the idea of the girls together, though, in love
and doing loving sexy things to each other.

She decided to keep thinking about it as she sprayed
warm pulsating water over her boobs, only now instead
of the blonde girl from the movie, she was the one in
the shower with the red haired girl. Melissa liked that
even better. She imagined herself running her fingers
through the red haired girl’s curly hair as the red
haired girl kissed and sucked her boobs and touched her
between her legs. Melissa mimicked those touches with
her own hand, alternating between her boobs and her
pussy. Then she imagined the red haired girl getting
down on her knees and kissing her down there, and as
she imagined that she moved the pulsating shower head
so that the water hit directly on her pussy.

Within seconds she felt her orgasm pour through her,
causing her to gasp and shudder with the force of it,
then another one came, and another one. Melissa was
surprised, almost shocked; she’d never had that many
orgasms all at once before, nor were they ever so
intense, even when she was thinking about Jason. It was
almost like the idea of making out with a girl was
better than the idea of making out with a boy.

But of course, it couldn’t be, Melissa told herself as
she put the shower head back and shut off the water. It
was just a leftover thing from watching that movie.
There was no way she could be turning into a lesbo.

“I’m straight, for crying out loud,” she said to no one
as she toweled her body dry.

Melissa and her mom went to bed at midnight. They only
had one bedroom, and one bed, because Mom had to work
at a job that didn’t pay her much money. It had always
been this way, but Melissa didn’t mind. In fact, she
had always enjoyed sharing a bed with her mom; it made
her feel safe, and she was comforted by the presence of
another person sleeping next to her. Plus, if she
wasn’t too tired, Mom liked to stay awake and talk for
a little while. Melissa liked talking in bed at night.

Mom wasn’t too tired tonight, but she didn’t want to
talk about the stuff she normally talked about, like
Melissa’s schoolwork or the shopping they had to do the
next day. Instead, Mom wanted to talk some more about
the movie they’d watched. Or, actually, the girls in
the movie.

“So, you thought the red haired girl was prettier?” Mom

“Yeah,” Melissa replied cautiously.

They were laying side by side, Melissa on her back and
Mom facing her, really close, with her arm draped over
Melissa’s stomach.

“Did you like watching them together? Kissing and
touching each other? Making love to each other?”

“Yeah,” Melissa said again, suddenly feeling
embarrassed because of what she’d thought about in the
shower. Feeling a little excited too, which also
embarrassed her. “They didn’t show that much, though. I
mean, they were naked and kissing and all that, but
they didn’t show any really lesbo stuff.”

“Yeah, I know,” Mom said, sounding a little
disappointed. “It’s too bad. I would have liked seeing
them having sex.” She slipped her hand under Melissa’s
peejay top and began to lightly rub her stomach. “Would
you have liked it if they’d shown that kind of thing?”

“I dunno. I guess I wouldn’t have minded it.” Melissa
was very aware of how her mom was touching her. She
knew that it wasn’t exactly how a mom was supposed to
touch her daughter, but Mom had always given her nice
caresses like this, and besides, it felt good, so she
didn’t say anything.

“I would have liked it,” Mom went on. “The two of them
kissing each other’s breasts. Sucking each other’s
nipples. Licking each other’s pussy.”

Melissa was startled by her mom’s language; she’d never
heard her talk like that before. The words didn’t
really sound right, coming out of her mom’s mouth, but
at the same time Melissa had the sense that they
belonged there. That Mom had said those words, probably
to other people, and that she was comfortable saying
them. Maybe even turned on by saying them.

Melissa had to admit to herself that they turned her on
too. She thought again about the fantasy she’d had in
the shower, the part where the red haired girl had
kissed her and touched her, except now she replaced the
red haired girl with her mom. She could see Mom behind
her closed eyes, wet and soapy as she took Melissa’s
small pointed boobs in her hands, and just as she was
thinking this, as if Mom could read her mind, Melissa
felt her mom’s hand move from her stomach up to her

Her palm slid almost casually over Melissa’s right
boob, then began to lightly squeeze and fondle it. At
the same time Mom leaned closer to her and kissed her
gently on the cheek. Melissa turned her head and looked
at her and Mom kissed her again, this time on the lips.
Mom’s lips were cool and soft, and Melissa
spontaneously returned her kiss. They kissed again,
then a third time, and Melissa realized that they
weren’t just doing something impulsive and momentary;
they were making out. Like lesbos.

A small voice inside Melissa’s head said, You shouldn’t
be doing this, she’s your mom and she’s a girl, but
another part of her, a silent and yet very strong part,
seemed to take control of her. Her body acted on its
own, her mouth returning her mom’s kisses, opening
eagerly and taking her mom’s tongue in, and her hands
roaming over her mom’s back and shoulders, then down
over her ribs to her boobs.

Melissa caressed Mom the same way Mom was caressing
her, lovingly sliding her hands over Mom’s much larger
boobs, gently squeezing and pulling on them. She felt
Mom’s nipples in her palms and she found herself
wishing she could kiss them and suck on them.

Suddenly Mom pulled her mouth away from Melissa’s and,
in a husky voice, said, “God, you are so beautiful.”
Melissa didn’t know whether she should say Thank you or
You’re beautiful too or But Mom I’m not a lesbo, but
then in a second it didn’t matter, because Mom was
kissing her face and her neck, and unbuttoning
Melissa’s peejay top.

Then in another few seconds she was kissing Melissa’s
boobs, and then she was licking them, swirling her
tongue in little circles around Melissa’s nipples, and
Melissa couldn’t have said anything anyway. She felt
her nipples getting hard, and a warm fuzzy cloud was
growing in her stomach.

Mom licked and nibbled on Melissa’s nipples, and at the
same time her hand moved down into Melissa’s peejays,
then into her panties. Mom began to rub her there as
she continued to kiss and lick and suck on her boobs
and Melissa responded with gasps and moans, moving her
hips and arching her back, wanting it to get better
even as she told herself that she shouldn’t be liking
this so much.

After another minute or so Mom started to kiss
Melissa’s stomach, licking her bellybutton and making
her giggle. Then suddenly she sat up and took hold of
the waistband of Melissa’s peejay bottoms. Melissa
watched as her mom pulled them down her thin legs, over
her ankles and feet, then did the same thing with her
panties. Melissa was naked now except for her peejay
top, which was open and showing everything. She knew
she should feel embarrassed, but all she could really
feel right now was sort of nervous, and a little
excited too.

Mom put her hands under the backs of Melissa’s knees
and moved her legs apart, then held them there as she
gazed down at Melissa’s fully exposed pussy.

“Oh, so gorgeous,” she said. She dropped her head down
between Melissa’s legs and pressed her lips against her
pussy. She kissed her there, then began to slowly lick
her, tracing a line with her tongue along the soft
folds. Melissa got up on her elbows and watched as her
mom pushed her nose into Melissa’s meager amount of
pubic hair, her tongue slithering all over her pussy
and even poking inside of her.

She couldn’t believe this was actually happening, her
mom was having lesbo sex with her, but what Melissa
found even more difficult to believe was that she was
kind of enjoying it. Yeah, it felt strange, and tickled
a little, but it felt nice too; the warm fuzzy cloud in
her stomach was getting bigger and warmer, and soon it
became so full and warm inside of her that she couldn’t
help but cry out.

Mom continued to make lesbo love to Melissa, pushing
her tongue into her pussy, and sliding it all up and
down her lips, and around and around her clit, until
finally Melissa began to come, the waves of pleasure
shooting out in all directions from her pussy into her
chest and arms and legs.

Melissa’s body was still trembling and tingling, and
she was still trying to catch her breath when Mom sat
up on the bed. She smiled down at Melissa as she slowly
pulled her nightgown up over her head, then tossed it
onto the floor. Melissa’s eyes automatically traveled
over her mom’s body, and she thought, Wow, it’s so

Mom dropped back down and began kissing and licking her
way up Melissa’s body; her pussy and her stomach, her
boobs, her neck and face, and then finally a long
french kiss on the mouth. Melissa’s legs were still
spread wide and Mom was laying between them, and as Mom
moved up even further Melissa could feel her mom’s
pussy pressing against her.

She could feel Mom’s pubic hair and pussy lips sliding
over her own, much less hairy, pussy. And now Mom’s big
boobs were hovering above Melissa’s face as she said,
“Go ahead, darling. Suck Mommy’s tits.” And then she
lowered herself so that her boobs were right on
Melissa’s face, one of them even touching her lips.

Melissa still felt like she couldn’t control what she
was doing as she opened her mouth and started to lick
little circles around Mom’s nipple. Then she took it in
her mouth and began to gently suck it. At the same time
Mom took hold of one of Melissa’s hands and pulled it
down between them until she was touching Mom’s pussy.

Melissa’s fingers moved through her mom’s pubic hair
and over the lips, which were surprisingly warm and
moist. She rubbed up and down, slowly at first, then
more and more quickly, as she continued to suck on
Mom’s nipples, one then the other. Mom sighed and
moaned and kissed the top of Melissa’s head as she
began to move her hips, pushing her pussy against
Melissa’s fingertips.

“Oh yes!” Mom said in a low sensuous voice. “Oh yeah,
that’s good. My good little baby. Suck Mommy’s nipples,
my sweet little baby. Yes, yes….”

Melissa did her best to suck her mom’s bouncing boobs
while at the same time rubbing Mom’s pussy. Mom moaned
and sighed some more as she moved her pussy over her
daughter’s fingers faster and faster, until finally she
cried out and her body shuddered with orgasm.

Afterward, she collapsed on top of Melissa for a few
minutes, just holding her close and breathing heavily.
Eventually, Mom moved off of Melissa and lay next to
her on her back. She pulled Melissa close again, hugged
her and kissed her forehead, and said, “You were
wonderful, sweetheart.”

Melissa was finally able to find her voice and she
said, “Mom? Did we just have lesbo sex?”

Mom laughed lightly and said, “Well, we’re two women,
and we just made love. That doesn’t necessarily mean
we’re lesbians, though. It’s something you’ll have to
decide for yourself, darling. But I’ll tell you, I
really liked it. And I hope you did, too.”

“Yeah,” Melissa replied. “I did.”

Melissa fell asleep in her mom’s arms, but when she
woke up the next morning she was laying near the edge
of the bed and Mom was on her own side. Melissa,
feeling strangely refreshed, sat up in bed and looked
down at her mom, who was sleeping on her back
peacefully. She studied her mom’s beautiful face, her
lovely golden hair, so much like Melissa’s own. Then
she carefully pulled the blankets down and looked at
her mom’s naked body, her large boobs and her flat
belly, her slim hips and the dark golden bush of pubic
hair on her pussy.

Melissa recalled everything that had happened the night
before, the movie the ice cream and the kissing and
lovemaking with her mom, and the questions and
reservations she’d had as well. Then, without really
thinking about it, she reached down and began to caress
Mom’s boobs, first one then the other. Then she leaned
over and kissed them. Then she took one large pink
nipple into her young mouth and began to suck on it,
thinking to herself that there wasn’t anything wrong
with lesbos after all. And that making love with
another girl, especially her mom, really was better
than chocolate. Way better.


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