Weekend Visit

by Shadow Kiss (shadow_kiss_944@hotmail.com)

A depressed mother visits her college bound son at school for the weekend and he finds ways to lift her spirits. (MF, inc)

Christine reluctantly picked up the ringing phone. She
was feeling incredibly depressed. She didn’t know if it
was some kind of mid-life crisis or empty nest
syndrome. All she knew was that she felt worthless. Her
voice cracked as she answered the phone, “Hello?”

“Mom?” Came a familiar voice over the speaker.

“Michael!” Christine suddenly perked up as she
recognized her son. “I’m so glad you called. How have
you been? How’s the college life treating you?”

“It’s going good,” Michael answered. “It’s a little
harder than I thought but nothing I can’t handle. Are
you all right? You sound like you’ve been crying.”

“It’s… It’s nothing,” she lied. “Are you getting all
you’re homework done?”

“Mom, come on. I can tell when you’re upset,” he said.

Christine sighed, “It’s no big deal, Michael. I just…
I guess I’m just a little lonely. With you being away
and you’re father always off on some business trip…”

“I’m sorry Mom,” Michael said. “I miss you too, and I
know Dad doesn’t like being away from you.”

“Well you’d never know it from my end,” Christine said.
The bitterness was apparent in her voice.

Michael was silent for a moment. Then he chimed in,
“Hey Mom, I got an idea. My roommate is leaving for the
weekend. Why don’t you come down here Friday and stay
over the weekend? It’ll be like a little vacation.”

“Oh Michael, I don’t want to inconvenience you,” she
said. “Don’t feel guilty just because I’m having a bad
day. It’s not your fault.”

“It wouldn’t be an inconvenience Mom,” he said with
conviction. “I really do miss you and I don’t have any
plans. I need the company.”

“All right Michael,” she relented. “I’ll come visit if
you really want me to.”

“I do Mom,” Michael assured her. “I really do.”

Michael greeted his mother as she got out of her car.
He gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.
Christine returned his embrace with fervor. She had
truly missed her son and his greeting brought a warm
glow to her heart. Michael broke away from his mother
and looked at her face. They were wearing identical

“Its so good to see you again, sweetheart,” Christine

“Its good to see you too,” Michael responded. He looked
his mom up and down, “Wow, you really look great Mom.
Have you lost weight?”

“No silly,” Christine was blushing at her son’s
compliment. She really had lost a few pounds. Her
husband Bob hadn’t noticed. In fact Bob didn’t seem to
notice her at all these days. Having a handsome young
man compliment her physique filled Christine with
pride, even if it was her own son.

Michael’s compliment had been genuine. In fact he had
always thought his mother had a great body. She had
long sexy legs, a firm round ass and a wonderful set of
huge tits. A fantastic body combined with a beautiful
face, medium skin and luxurious bronze-colored hair
made Christine the object of many men’s fantasies.
Michael was one of these men. He’d been masturbating to
his mother’s image since he hit puberty.

Christine was unaware of her son’s feelings, but the
look he was giving her was stirring feelings of her
own. She hadn’t realized how much of a man her son had
become. He was ruggedly handsome like his father and
had a sculpted athletic body. He somehow seemed more
mature than when he had left home. For the first time
Christine was confronted by her son’s manhood.

There was a sudden awkward silence as they regarded
each other. Both of them were feeling stirrings of
forbidden lust. Neither of them would have admitted it
right then. The incest taboo was too strongly ingrained
to be defeated that easily. So in true Freudian fashion
they suppressed their feelings and continued their
normal familial interactions.

Michael led Christine to his small apartment that he
shared with his roommate Jeff. Christine had never met
Jeff, but she had heard nice things about him. Once she
got into the apartment she wasn’t that sure about what
she had heard. The walls were covered with pictures of
naked women.

“My God, Michael,” she said in bewilderment. “I hope
these belong to your roommate.”

Michael was embarrassed, “Sorry Mom, I got the bedroom
so Jeff uses the living room which means he has control
of the décor. I would have taken them down, but I
didn’t get a chance to ask Jeff whether it would be
okay. Don’t worry, you’ll be sleeping in my room.”

Christine looked around at the meager furnishings.
There was one couch, a table and a television set. She
frowned as she noticed something conspicuously absent.
“Where are you going to sleep Michael? I don’t see a

Michael pointed to the couch. “That’s where Jeff sleeps
when he’s here. He says it’s okay.”

“Michael, I told you I didn’t want to come here if it
was going to inconvenience you. I think kicking you out
of your own bed is an inconvenience.” Christine was
genuinely upset.

“Oh Mom, it’s not an inconvenience. I swear I have no
problem sleeping on the couch. Besides I would sleep on
a bed of nails to have the pleasure of your company.”
Michael grinned. It was infectious.

“All right,” Christine said with a chuckle. “If you
really want me around that badly I’ll stay.”

Michael helped Christine unpack her bags. Once she was
settled in the started talking. They had all the
meaningless conversations between a mother and son.
When they ran out of topics, they started playing
cards. That soon got boring so they ended up sitting on
the couch and watching TV in silence.

Michael was really frustrated. He had wanted to show
his mom a good time. He felt like he was disappointing
her by showing her how boring his life was. Then an
idea hit him. “Hey Mom, do you want to go out tonight?”

Christine was intrigued, “What do you mean go out?”

“I mean out to a club. There’s this really great one
called The Blaze just a few miles from her. I’d love to
take you.” Michael was really excited.

“Oh honey, I don’t know,” Christine said. “My clubbing
days are long past me. Besides would you really want to
be seen at a club with your mother?”

“Ah come on Mom,” Michael prodded her. “It’ll be fun.
If your worried about my reputation, well, we don’t
have to tell anyone you’re my mother. You can just go
as my date.”

“Do you normally date forty-year-old women?” Christine
asked with a touch of humor.

“No,” Michael stated as he sat down next to his mother
and put her arm around her shoulder. “But I do date
beautiful women, and you certainly qualify.”

Christine looked away from her son. She was blushing as
she said, “Michael you don’t have to butter me up. I’ll
go if you really want me too, but nobody’s going to
believe your dating an old lady like me.”

Michael was a little miffed at his mom for being so
negative. “Your not an old lady,” he said with

“I’m twenty years older than you,” she objected.

“Yeah,” Michael said as he cupped his mother’s chin in
his hand and turned her head to look at him. “But you
look less than ten.”

Christine saw the sincerity in her son’s eyes. She
began to feel those stirrings she had abandoned
earlier. Her son’s proximity suddenly seemed more
intimate. Her heart was beating faster. She swallowed
and said, “Okay, I’ll go with you.”

Christine felt embarrassed as she waited in line
outside The Blaze. Despite what Michael had told her,
she still felt like an old woman next to all these
twenty-somethings. She also felt awkwardly overdressed.
All the girls in line were wearing mini-skirts and
halter-tops or variations of them. Christine, on the
other hand, was wearing a tight black dress that showed
off her cleavage.

Michael was having a hard time keeping his eyes above
his mother’s neck when they spoke. Unlike Christine,
Michael thought that she blended in perfectly with the
crowd. Sure her dress was a little more formal than the
norm, but that only made her stand out. He felt honored
that his mother would get all dressed up to go on a
date with him. Even if it was only pretend.

When they got up to the door the bouncer held up his
hand to stop them. “ID’s please,” he said in a bored

Michael readily handed him his driver’s license. The
bouncer took a cursory glance at it and handed it back
to him. Then he held his hand out expectantly toward
Christine. Christine was a little shocked. “You really
need to see my license?” she asked.

The bouncer sighed, “Everybody whose twenty-five or
younger gets carded. That’s the rule.”

Christine blushed and smiled widely. She searched her
bag for her license and then handed it over to the
large man. The smile was still plastered on her face as
the bouncer looked it over and said, “This isn’t your
mother’s ID is it?”

She emitted a lilting giggle as she told him, “No it’s
definitely mine.” The bouncer frowned but let her
through. Christine was elated. That bouncer had
seriously mistaken her for a twenty-five-year-old. She
leaned over and hugged her son in gratitude for taking
her out. She was getting more ego boosts today then in
her entire adult life.

“Hey Mike,” a voice shouted above the din. It was a
tall college boy who had been standing by the bar. He
was clutching a beer in one hand and waving with the
other, “Mikey, Mikey over here.”

Michael led his mother over to the man who was built
like a linebacker. “Hi Mitch,” Michael said. “This is
my…Christine. Christine this Mitch.”

Mitch looked Christine over. A lascivious grin spread
across his face as he offered Christine his hand.
Christine took it out of politeness but blushed at the
obvious expression on his face. “Really nice to meet
you, Christine,” Mitch said with a slight husk in his
voice. “I haven’t seen you around before. Do you live
off campus?”

“Um, no,” said Christine, a little bewildered by the
question. “Actually I’m from Michael’s hometown. I’m
just visiting for the weekend.”

“Too bad,” said Mitch. “I’d love to show you around
sometime. Maybe you could tear yourself away from Mikey
here long enough for me to show you around. I know all
the hot spots.” Mitch wasn’t even trying to conceal the
fact that he was staring down Christine’s dress.

“Actually Mitch,” Michael interjected, “we’re going to
be pretty busy all weekend. Maybe some other time.”
Michael led his mother away as quickly as possible.
“I’m sorry Mom,” he said when they were out of earshot.
“Mitch can be a real pig sometimes.”

“He certainly can,” Christine said feigning
indignation. In actuality she felt elated by Mitch’s
behavior. Being the object of such raw unfiltered lust
made her feel sexy. It had been a long time since
someone made her feel that way. For the first time in
years Christine felt young. Her carefree exuberant
nature was being released from its long hibernation.

The rest of the night was a blur for Christine. It was
filled with laughter, dancing and drinking. Michael
introduced her as his date to everyone he knew.
Christine was playing along so well she almost forgot
the truth. When she danced with Michael she rubbed her
body against his and touched him in some very intimate

Michael was encouraged by his mother’s behavior and
responded in kind. Soon they were walking around with
their arms around each other’s waist. People were
telling Michael how lucky he was and Christine was
getting dirty looks from all the girls who were jealous
of her looks. Christine was euphoric. As they danced
the last dance of the evening Christine reached up and
kissed her son on the lips.

That brought Christine and Michael to their senses.
They were suddenly aware that they were mother and son.
They realized that they had taken the game too far. It
was time to back off and settle into familiar roles.
Neither of them spoke, but they both knew the night was

The car ride to Michael’s apartment was achingly
silent. They both had a thousand things they wanted to
say, but neither could muster the courage. Christine
felt that she had violated her son. She had taken
advantage of his generosity and kindness. Michael felt
that he had pushed his mother into her actions. He
presumed that she felt some obligation towards him for
treating her like a girlfriend instead of a mother.

They reached home without a word and quickly separated.
Christine took a shower while Michael prepared the
couch for sleep. The hot water sobered Christine up
some, but she was still tipsy. When she got out of the
shower she found Michael sitting on the couch and
watching TV. She debated fro an instant whether to
speak to her son or not. She decided that they needed
to have a conversation as soon as possible. In her
haste she forgot that she was wearing only a towel.

Michael had noticed his mother the instant she opened
the bathroom door. He affected not to notice her in
hopes that they could sweep this incident under the
rug. When he saw Christine coming towards him he was
both horrified and titillated. The sight of his
mother’s damp semi-nude body would have aroused a dead
man. Michael shifted position to conceal his boner.

Christine sat down on the couch next to her son.
“Michael, we have to talk.”

Michael shut off the television and put the remote on
the table. He looked at his mother and tried very hard
not to let his eyes wander over her magnificent body.
He folded his hands in his lap to conceal the hard-on
that seemed to be growing by the second. He felt it was
going to burst through his jeans.

“Michael,” Christine began, “what happened tonight
was… well, it shouldn’t have happened. I didn’t mean
for things to get so carried away. I just… you made
me feel so good, about myself. I didn’t know what I was
doing. With all the compliments and the alcohol my head
was swimming. I love you so much and you made me feel
so good. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Michael’s head jerked back as if he’d been slapped,
“Hurt me?” Michael looked at his mother and realized
she was serious. “Mom, you didn’t hurt me. In fact, I
thought it was the other way around. I thought you
kissed me because you felt obligated. Like maybe I had
goaded you into it when you really didn’t want to.”

“How would you have goaded me into it?” Christine asked
with genuine surprise.

“I don’t know,” Michael shook his head in frustration.
“I thought I made you feel obligated… to act in a
certain way. I insisted that we pretend not to be
mother and son and I introduced you around like you
were my girlfriend. I thought maybe you kissed me to
keep up appearances.”

Christine laughed, “Oh Michael, that had nothing to do
with it. I kissed you because of how you made me feel.
You made me feel sexy and young again. I got so caught
up in the emotion that I just reacted without thinking.
I know it’s hard to understand, but I’ve just been
feeling like an old bag lately. It felt so good to be
treated like I was beautiful.”

“But you are beautiful Mom,” Michael objected. “You’re
gorgeous. The most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen at

Christine shook her head, “You’re just saying that.”

Michael held his mother’s face in his hands and looked
into her eyes. “I’m not just saying that.” His voice
dropped to a whisper, “You’re gorgeous… and sexy…
and… perfect.”

Michael’s eyes darkened with lust. Without warning he
leaned down and kissed Christine on the lips. Christine
was too shocked to react. She sat there limply. She put
her hands on Michael’s wrists with the intention of
pulling him away. But as the passionate kiss continued
unabated, Christine gave into her baser nature. She
responded in kind to her son’s lustful lip-lock.

The kiss seemed to last for eternity. They finally
broke apart and looked at each other. Animal lust was
reflected in both their eyes. Michael looked down at
his mother’s body. Christine’s towel had fallen off
while they made out. The sight of his mother’s naked
body, still glistening with moisture, caused Michael to
become instantly erect.

His hands moved from Christine’s face down her neck and
shoulders and came to a rest on her massive breasts.
Michael held them and traced the dark pink aureoles
with his fingertips. Her nipples grew stiff and he
tweaked between his thumbs and forefingers. Michael’s
mouth dove for his mother’s breast as if pulled by a
magnet. He suckled her left breast while massaging her

Christine threw her arms around Michael’s neck and drew
him closer. “Oh yes,” she moaned. “Ohhh, it’s so good.
Uh, oh, mm baby. Make me feel good.”

Michael switched breasts and renewed his oral assault.
With his free hand he rubbed Christine’s thighs, slowly
spreading them. Christine leaned back and closed her
eyes. She focused on the gentle suckling and fondling
her son was providing. Her brain was still addled with
booze and her normal inhibitions were long gone. She
knew she was going to fuck Michael.

Michael played with his mother’s nipples. He used his
lips, tongue and teeth to tease and manipulate the. His
steel hard cock was pressed painfully against the
material of his jeans. He reached down to unzip his
crotch and release his monster. Christine gasped at the
sight of her son’s immense manhood. She’d never seen a
penis as large as Michael’s.

Christine reached out and grasped her son’s mighty
cock. Her fingers couldn’t get around it. Michael
continued to play with her breasts as Christine stroked
his cock. She put her other hand on it and began to
jack him off. Christine pumped her son’s cock with both
fists. She could feel his pre-cum dripping onto her

Michael groaned, “Oh God Mom, you got to stop!”

Christine paused in mid-stroke, “Why? Don’t you like

“Of course I do,” Michael said, desperately trying to
keep his balls from expelling their load. “That’s why
you have to stop… don’t want to come too soon.”

Christine flashed an impish grin and renewed her hand
job. Her hands worked furiously along her son’s swollen
prick. Michael moaned in ecstasy. His whole body
quivered with pleasure. He felt his balls tighten and
yelled, “I’m CUMMING!!”

Jets of semen spewed forth from Michael’s cock. They
blasted against Christine’s stomach and breasts. Spurt
after spurt landed on her torso until she was covered
in a white gooey mess. Michael’s cock finished
ejaculating. It grew soft, but didn’t go down
completely. Michael looked down at his mother who was
now covered in his spunk. “That was naughty,” he said
as he cleaned her up with the towel. “Now I have to be

Michael gripped his mother’s butt-cheeks and pulled her
down until she was lying on the couch. He took hold of
her thighs and spread her legs. He got down on his
knees and put his face above her pussy. Christine’s
bush still had droplets of water clinging to it.
Michael kissed her cunt lips and lapped them up.
Christine gasped as his tongue drew along her slit.

Michael worked his tongue into his mother’s honey-hole.
He worked his tongue back and forth, up and down; side
to side and in a circle. Christine was in heaven. Her
hands were on her breasts and she arched her back with
every jolt of pleasure. She could feel the tingle in
her pussy that meant she was close. Michael’s tongue
found her clit and he began to tease it. It was too
much for Christine. She came with a shrill to wake the
dead. Her thighs clamped Michael’s head and her back
rose off the couch.

When it was over Christine collapsed in a heap. She
panted for breath and tweaked her nipples to keep the
sensation going just a little longer. Michael was also
panting. His mother had damn near suffocated him when
she climaxed. It was worth it, though, to see her
expression of pure joy. Michael’s cock had grown hard
again. He positioned himself above his mother.

Michael took his cock in hand and pressed the head
against Christine’s pussy entrance. Christine looked
down at her son’s cock and then into his eyes. They
both knew this is what the other wanted. Michael pushed
his cockhead into Christine’s cunt. She moaned and put
her hands on his shoulders. After a few seconds Michael
pushed another inch inside his mother. He repeated this
twice more. “Oh don’t tease baby,” Christine pleaded.
“Put it in me. Fuck me!”

Michael obliged his mother and rammed his cock to the
root in her cunt. They both moaned as they enjoyed this
moment of joining. Christine was filled more than she
had ever been before and Michael found his mother’s
twat surprisingly tight. Michael began to bang away at
his mother’s love-channel. His hips gyrated as his cock
pumped in and out.

Christine fucked her son back. She drove her hips
upward to meet every thrust. She gripped his shoulders
and held on for dear life. “Oh my GOD!” she screamed.
“Goddamn it, Fuck ME! Fuck me! Oh you fuck so good
baby. You’re so good to me.”

Michael pounded away at his mother. The action was
causing squishing noises to emerge from their conjoined
genitals. Coupled with his rhythmic ball slapping and
Christine’s encouragements, they were becoming very
loud. Finally Michael grunted, “I’m close. I’m gonna

“Do it baby! Come in my pussy!” Christine shouted.
Michael drove his cock balls-deep inside his mother.
With a roar he shot his seed deep inside her. Christine
milked her son’s cock. Her pussy squeezed his prick
like a vice. Finally Christine had her own climax. Her
hips rose off the sofa and she squealed with delight.

When it was over Michael collapsed on top of his
mother. They held each other and basked in the
afterglow. Michael kissed and fondled Christine.
Christine ran her hands along her son’s body.
Eventually Michael’s cock stirred to life again. He
stood up and lifted Christine in his arms. He carried
her into his bedroom and laid her down gently.

Michael got on top of her and they made out once more.
They kissed as they ran their fingers through each
other’s hair, now slick with sweat. Then Michael lifted
himself up on one arm. He took hold of his cock and
guided it to the entrance of his mother’s pussy. He
sank easily into her depths. They fucked at a leisurely
pace. Christine had three orgasms before her son spent
his load. They worked themselves under the covers and
fell asleep in each other’s arms.

When Christine woke up the next morning she hoped it
had all been a dream. Her hopes where crushed when she
opened her eyes and found herself staring into her
son’s face. She couldn’t believe what she had done. She
had fucked her own son. She had committed incest with
the child she had birthed.

Christine left the room as quickly and quietly as she
could. She didn’t want to face Michael. She was so
ashamed. How could she have done that? Christine
climbed into the shower and started to scrub herself.
She wanted to wash away her sin. When she looked
between her legs and saw her son’s dried semen she
almost cried.

Michael woke to the sounds of running water. He was
disappointed. He had wanted to start the day with a
good morning fuck from his mom. He got out of bed and
stretched. Oh well, he thought, if I can’t have her in
bed I’ll just have to have her in the shower. Smiling
wickedly Michael made his way to the bathroom.

He crept silently up to the shower curtain. He pulled
it back just enough to spy on his mother. She was busy
soaping up her body and didn’t notice her son peeking
at her. Michael watched as Christine ran her hands over
her soap-covered breasts, down her stomach and between
her thighs. His cock grew steel hard.

Christine turned around to get her hair wet. Michael
took the opportunity to hop in the shower and surprise
his mother. Christine yelped in surprise when she saw
her son. She nearly fell over as she back peddled into
a corner. “What are you doing?!” she demanded.

“Sorry,” Michael said with a sheepish grin. “I didn’t
mean to scare you.” He pressed in close to his mother.
His massive erection was pressed firmly against her
stomach. He leaned down to kiss her, but Christine
pushed him away. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“We can’t do this again, Michael,” Christine said as
she turned away from her son. Without looking at him
she continued, “What we did last night was so very
wrong on so many levels. I should have never let it
happen. I was drunk but that’s no excuse. I’m your
mother and I take full responsibility. We have to put
this incident behind us and forget it ever happened.”

Michael couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had
just lived out the biggest sexual fantasy of his life
and she wanted to pretend it didn’t happen? It was
insulting. He had thought last night was a turning
point in their relationship. It certainly had been for
him. His mother was acting like it had been just some
random one-night stand.

Michael wasn’t willing to let things return to the
status quo. He was going to have his mother whether she
wanted it or not. Without warning he grabbed Christine
by the arms and pulled her towards him. He smashed his
lips against her mouth. The kiss was painful and
aggressive. Then Michael pushed Christine against the
shower wall. “Michael stop! Please don’t do this,”
Christine pleaded.

Michael grabbed her under the arms and lifted her
bodily of the floor. He aimed his cock at her pussy and
rammed it inside her. Christine squealed in pain, fear,
and a little excitement. Michael held her there with
his tool buried to the hilt inside her cunt, which was
rapidly growing moist. He looked into her eyes and
kissed her again. This time he was tender and caring.

Michael twitched his cock inside Christine, sending
shivers of pleasure through her body. “Are you sure,
Mom?” He twitched his cock again. “Do you really think
we should stop?” Another twitch and he said, “Should I
just pull out and leave you alone?”

Christine was now panting. She had begun squeezing her
pussy muscles in response to Michael’s jerking penis.
She gripped her son’s shoulders and returned his kiss.
“Shut up and fuck me you bastard.”

Michael pounded away at his mother. His hips moved
rapidly as his cock worked like a piston. All Christine
could do was hold on and enjoy the ride. Soon her son
brought her to orgasm. She bellowed and gripped his
hips with her legs. Michael responded with his own
climax, shoving his cock all the way to her cervix and
pumping her womb full of sperm.

Afterward the two of them cleaned each other up. They
got out of the shower and got dressed. Christine told
Michael that they had to talk. She led him to the couch
and they both sat down. An awkward silence pervaded the
room for several minutes.

Finally Christine began, “Michael you have to realize
that we can’t keep this up. It’s immoral, not to
mention illegal. If we get caught we’ll end up in jail
or a loony bin.”

“We won’t get caught,” Michael protested. “Nobody here
knows that you’re my mother. Nobody will suspect
anything. I don’t care about morality or laws. I love
you, not just as a mother but also as a lover. I can’t
just turn those feelings off. I know you feel the same

Christine held her son’s hand, “Yes, I do feel the same
way. I wish we could be together,” she began to tear
up, “but it just can’t happen Michael. Nobody can keep
a secret forever. No matter how much we try to hide,
somebody will find out. They won’t let us be together.”

“Don’t cry,” he said as he held her and kissed her
cheeks. “We can be together. I know there are risks.
There are always risks in love, Christine. I’ll do
anything to be with you. I love you too much to let you
go. I’m willing to risk everything, are you?”

Christine looked into her son’s eyes and said without
hesitation, “Yes, I’ll risk anything.” They kissed.
Their tongues played in each other’s mouths. Michael
lifted his mother in his arms. He carried her into the
bedroom. They spent the rest of the day making love.

It was the beginning of a new chapter in the
relationship between Christine and her son. They were
now illicit lovers. Every weekend Christine would drive
down to Michael’s apartment and they would spend the
next two days in bed. On the few occasions when they
went out Michael introduced Christine as his
girlfriend. No one ever suspected the blood connection
between the two.

Christine’s husband was equally clueless about the love
affair between his wife and son. Bob had become an
absentee spouse long ago. Christine suspected he was
having an affair of his own, but she didn’t give a
shit. Bob was now nothing more than a convenient source
of revenue. She had found true love with her son.


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