Wet First by Speakntungs (speakntungs@yahoo.com)

This is my first submitted story. It isn’t totally chronological, but includes some of my first sexual activities. I will post more stories that include fantasy but I’ve been wanting to share this true experience for a while. I have only previously shared this story with my wife. (ped, exh, inc, 1st, mast, oral)

My recollection of dates is not the most keen but I’ll
try to be truthful. I know I masturbated when I was
seven, possibly earlier.

It wasn’t that I hid myself in the bathroom, found my
sisters’ jar of Vaseline, that they used to remove
their make-up, lubed my right hand and tickled and
stroked my cock raw. I didn’t watch thick cum ooze from
my cock’s tip and pool in the top of my firmly held
grip until the persistent clearer fluid, that had been
built up for an hour, pushed the thicker seed over the
edge. Dribbling over my knuckles onto my tightly drawn
balls, my cum did not pool on the prepared towel that
protected the floor and bathroom rug. No, those
sessions wouldn’t happen until much later, when I was
much older; like ten or eleven.

The first time I touched myself is lost to time and my
memory, but I remember plenty of other things so don’t
be sad for me. Let me explain the manner in which I
pleasured myself, for I am unsure if it is a common
method. Now, I am right-handed (which I’ve already told
you) and that seems to have affected my position. I
would lay down on my left side, and only my left (I
couldn’t get it to feel good laying on my right side).

Then, drawing up into a semi-fetal position, I place my
forearm in between my legs and grind into it. It felt
better when I was in my underwear, possibly because of
the friction. For the longest time I could only achieve
orgasm in this way. And I know some would disagree that
young people do not cum until they are older, but when
it feels good, then hits a crescendo, dropping off
sensation and sating the urge to rub anymore, what does
one call it.

Now, allow me to jump forward past other experiences
and tell about the first time I came. I am unsure if I
was eleven or twelve. My brother, half-brother
actually, and I were the same age and shared a bedroom
at this time. Our family was doing well at this point
and we both had twin waterbeds (it was the eighties,
what do you want).

It is another story why we were masturbating in the
same room, but suffice it to say that he was on his bed
and me on mine. Everything was normal, so to speak, and
then my orgasm began to build. It wasn’t the best
orgasm I’d had, but sometimes it wasn’t so much about
size as frequency back then. I felt a very slight
burning sensation inside my dick, not unlike sweaty
skin peeling off leather car seats in the summer. Then,
I noticed that my fruit-o-the-looms were wet in the
front. Not much fluid came out, but there was enough
that it made my underwear translucent and I could see
the peach color of my cock head showing through.

I looked over to my brother who was still stroking his
four inch pecker fast and was about to come himself. I
wanted to show him my cum for many reasons. First, we
had read about sex in books, supplied by our parents
for education, and knew that when you were becoming a
man you started shooting cum, and I wanted to show him
I came before he did (therefore, a man before him).

Second, knowing all about sex and what to expect, does
not preclude freaking out a little when weird things
leak from your body. And, I wanted reassurance
everything was normal from another person I could trust
not to talk. Lastly, still high from endorphins or
lightheaded I don’t know, but I just wanted to show

He came, or rather sighed, stopped stroking, and
unclenched his eyes, for to me cumming had a different
meaning now. I got off my bed and walked the two and a
half feet to his bed. I don’t know why he still covered
his body with a sheet when he masturbated, especially
since our little incident, but then I don’t know why I
still masturbated on my side. I gently pulled the sheet
back. He seemed wary but let me lightly touch his small

I looked at his brown eyes and lowered my head and
licked his shrinking penis. It didn’t get hard again,
but for a few licks and light sucks I felt warmth in my
mouth and soft skin on my tongue. I stopped when he
asked me to. Then he saw that I had “really” cum. He
wanted to see it.

So I let him pull down my underwear to reveal my soft
cock wet with my first cum. He touched a finger to it
and smelled it. He said it was already cold. He didn’t
have to tell me what it smelled like because the room
seemed filled with the scent. He tasted it off his
finger and said it didn’t taste like much, just salty.
I knew that too when I tasted it myself while watching
him finish.

For a moment, he looked beaten, for I had “won” the
contest and although only slightly older, became the
big brother in another sense. Then, I told him he would
be “cumming” soon (in about three weeks as I remember).
That seemed to hearten him a little and he asked if I
could cum again so he could watch it this time and feel
it when it was warm.

How could I not try?

Wet First
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