What Else Could I Do? (MF, inc, rp, v, oral, anal) by Jaz (jaz1701@webtv.net)

Tender love story, with lots of rape, a modicum of reluctance, a pinch of incest and a dash of violence.

2001 was a pretty shitty year for me. It started off
with my husband of 5 years leaving me. I can’t say it was
a complete surprise, I mean I did catch him cheating with
my best friend at Christmas. I swear to god I loved him
when I married him but… neither one of us had been
happy for a long time. He blamed me for getting pregnant.

We were just a couple of kids, I was 20 when told my new
husband that we had another mouth to feed. I was on the
pill, but he swears I must have missed a day. He wanted
me to have an abortion… but I don’t care what people
say, I could not kill my baby. That’s part of a woman’s
right to choose. I chose to keep my baby.

What else could I do, to me it felt like murder. Ron said
he accepted it… but I knew. He hated how fat I got, the
extra expense. I had to quit my job in the 7th month, and
money was pretty tight. My dad helped out a lot. Ron
hated accepting money from him. But we had to. Somehow
that was my fault too. My daughter Beth was born, and for
3 years we tried to make it work. It was just too hard.

The man I used to love slowly became a selfish, mean
bully. He never quite hit me, but he did shove me around,
especially when he drank. He would often get in my face
and scream at me, tell me how dumb I was. Sometimes he’d
say he was sorry later, once he even cried.

“Susan baby, I love you. I need you. Besides I’m all you
got, I’m the father of your child. Just don’t piss me off
and we’ll be ok.”

What else could I do? I mean I did not like it but he had
a point. Afterwards he’d want makeup sex. I don’t know
who came up with that phrase but it can be pretty
miserable. Me and Ron never made up. We just stopped
fighting. He was not sorry for the things he said or
done, and I never really forgave him. I just wanted the
fight to be over. If you’ve never had it happen to you,
it must be hard to understand. I did not want his hands
on me. I did not want to submit to him. I did not want to
kiss him. It made me feel dirty, cheap, like a whore.

He liked to undress me, to strip me naked and spread me
open. It was humiliating. I think that was the whole
fucking point. He’d fondle me, play with my tits, and
squeeze my ass, like I was a loaf of bread, a piece of
meat. I’m not saying he never made me cum, he did, he
always did. For the last year of my marriage I was not a
wife, I was his sex toy. Just before Thanksgiving it came
to a head, and I knew I had to leave. You see, I did not
always give in. Sometimes I resisted.
I tried to that night.

“Ron please, not tonight, I’m tired, just go to sleep.” I
begged him. The look of hatred that was on his face
terrified me, I really did not know what he would do.

“What the fuck did you say to me you dumb bitch? This is
all you are good for. I’m gonna fuck you twice as hard,
twice as long now. It’s your own damn fault. Don’t you
ever defy me, you piece of shit. You shut up and take my
mother fucking cock, is that clear!!” he roared at me.

“Y–yes, I’m sorry. I’ll do it, I’m sorry,” I whimpered
in fear and shock. It had never been this bad.

“Good, 69 me bitch. I want to see how fat your ass has
gotten. Suck me good Susan While I play with your chubby
butt. “

It was so degrading. He mauled my ass, and tickled my
pussy, while I slurped on his fat cock. My thighs were
straddling his chest and I was so exposed to him. He kept
whispering how soft and plump my ass was, how one day
soon he would fuck me there. That’s what my fat ass was
made for. He said a slut like me would enjoy getting her
ass split, and ripped. He kept playing with my pussy,
massaging my ass as he spewed his filthy threats. I could
not help it, I came all over him.

“That’s right you sick little bitch, I knew you’d like
this, I knew you’d want my dick inside of you, heh. What
a nasty slut you are. I wish your precious daddy could
see you now. Think daddy would like you if he knew you
let me stick my finger in your ass? Look at it wiggle
around! Sit still bitch. Not one word. Oh shit you have a
sweet ass. I’m going to fuck you there, I’m gonna enjoy
hurting you. I’ll shut that smart mouth of yours.”

Smack! Whack, Thwap!

“Don’t you dare scream. I own this ass and I’ll spank it
if I want to. Mmmm, so good. That’s it, keep sucking me,
get me nice and hard. You know what’s coming now don’t ya
Susie? Stop, lay down on your back, grab your ankles,
spread em wide… wider damnit. Now say it, ask me to
make love to you.”

Usually I did, but usually it was not this bad.. I could
not stop crying, I was shaking and shivering. I could not
say the words.

“Please… oh god, please,” I mewled. That made him laugh
as he sunk his 8-inch dick into me, slowly, scraping my
insides until he hit bottom. The he grabbed a tit in each
hand and played with me.

“I love you Susan, you are the best fuck I’ve ever had.
Nobody else has ever made me feel so good. Oh that’s it
milk me, milk my fat cock, while I milk your tits.”

I was still nursing. Ron loved making me squirt my milk,
getting it all over us, all over our bed. He was barely
fucking me. He was so deep I could not help contracting,
my pussy, as I tried to expel him. Every once in a while
he’d slam into me brutally, just to let me know he was in
charge. Then, he started playing with my pussy in
earnest. He always did that, when he was ready to cum. He
made me cum, to prove that I liked it. Just once I wished
I could resist… but what could I do? Ron knew how to
make me cum.

“Huh, huh, aghhhm ah god, eeee!”

“Oooh Susie, you’re messing up the sheets, you really
drenched them. I’m glad baby, glad I could make you
happy. Here, taste how sweet you are,” he said as scooped
my cum on his hands, and then smeared it all over my

The sight of me covered in milk and girl cum, pushed him
over the edge. He started slamming into me, hard, jerky
powerful thrusts. He was pounding my pussy, ripping my
cunt, rutting into me as hard as he could. What could I
do? I just had to lay there and let my husband enjoy
raping me. That’s how it felt, but I know it wasn’t
really rape. I had never said no. He was my husband, he
had not hit me, or truly forced me.

He said he loved me, and he made me cum. Twice. But I
wasn’t the point, he did not care if he gave me pleasure
or not. Ron insisted on fucking me with the lights on,
with my eyes open. He’d stare at me with those cold,
cruel eyes as he dripped his spunk inside of me. It made
me feel like I was being raped. He’d grunt and thrust
into me hard. A nasty little sneer on his face as he
fucked me in the missionary position. My 36 c tits
jiggling, flapping as he invariably, inevitably asked me,
“Do you like it baby, do you feel that Susan?” But
something was different that night. I looked up at the
doorway, and saw my 3-year-old daughter. “Da, don hurt my

It nearly broke my heart that she had seen it. She had
seen me naked and spread, and seen her father’s casual
cruelty. But worst of all she saw how weak I was, how I
accepted my humiliation. I did not want her to be like
me. I wanted her to feel safe, and protected and loved. I
knew I had to leave him, get my self-respect back. If
little Beth was getting old enough to understand that
daddy was mean to mommy, then it was time to go. I had
to, but it was not that easy.

My parents lived nearby, and helped out with daycare my
dad ran a successful construction business. He was a bear
of a man. An ex Jock, and 10 years in construction had
layered him in muscle. Six four with thick blonde hair,
trimmed in gray frosting at the temples. He had this deep
belly laugh, and his eyes just kind of sparkled, when he
looked at me, like he was sharing a private joke that
only we were privy to.

My dad always made me feel loved, but it was more than
that. He made me feel special. Dad had known Ron was a
loser, but I had refused to listen and married him. When
we got into financial trouble all he asked me was how
much do you need, and then gave me a thousand more than I
asked for. He wasn’t rich, he just figured I would ask
for less than I really need, due to pride. He was right.

When I told him I was pregnant at 20, he ran across the
room and hugged me gently. Then he picked me up and led
me around the room, laughing, giggling like an idiot. I
wrapped my legs around his waist like a little kid, and
he just kept hugging me.

Compare that to Ron’s reaction and, well I lost it. I
started crying. Daddy sat down and held me for a half
hour. I fell asleep in his arms, listening to his deep
rumbley voice tell me that he loved me, and it would be

“Daddy will make sure everything is ok.”

My parents were freakishly in love. They had been best
friends since childhood, lovers in school, and married at

  1. As much as dad loved me, he loved mom even more. It
    was almost like they were one person sometimes. Dad loved
    the idea of having a grandchild so of course… Mom was
    simply bonkers about being a grandma too. She was a
    school Teacher, and adored kids.

I remember the look on her face when I told her that I
wanted to name my daughter after her. It was no surprise
that they fell hopelessly in love with Beth. Dad
rearranged his work schedule to have afternoons free. He
said that he had missed so much of my baby years working
, that he was glad to get a second chance to do it right.
They were great parents. Kind, loving, funny. I was so
ashamed. It would break their hearts if they knew how
fucked up my life was.

Finally I told mom what Ron had done, that he had raped
me. She told me to leave him, to come home.

“Susan… my god, fuck him!! That mother-fucking piece of
shit! I’ll kill him myself. Nobody does that to my
daughter. Oh baby, I’m so sorry. You deserve better. Come
home with me. Daddy and I will take care of you,” she
said as she sobbed in pain and grief while holding me.

I wanted to, I wanted to just shut down but… well I was
25 years old. It was time to grow up. I had messed up my
life, I wanted to try and fix it. Mom said I could have 2
months. If Ron touched me again, she was telling my dad.
Heh, he snickered. I kept getting this image of Ron
crying, draped over my dad’s lap, with his pants down,
while he got his ass spanked, hee, hee. See how you like
it you he-bitch, man-slut.

I decided to take some more computer classes (Dad paid
for it) and got my Microsoft Certification. I was finally
making a little money, setting it aside, building a nest
egg so I could leave Ron. He beat me to it. After
cheating on me with my best friend, he cleaned out our
joint account, and found my stash of $2,000. Our credit
cards were maxed-out and he left me, and Beth to fend for
ourselves. Happy New Year!

I was a mess, struggling to make ends meet. Upset and
depressed about being such a fool. I really was just as
dumb as Ron said I was. My life could not get any
worse… and then it did.

I got the call around 1am.

“Mmmwhoizzit… whadya want?” I mumbled as I fumbled for
the phone. “Susan, honey it’s dad. I need you to come to
Springdale memorial ‘s ER right away… mom’s been hurt.
Susan your mom has been hurt really bad. Drive safely…
but oh god, I think you’d better hurry.”

I dropped the receiver, threw on an overcoat and ran to
my car. I did not even lock the door or think about my 4
yr. old daughter. Ten minutes later I was looking at a
man I could barely recognize. He looked kinda like my
dad, but this man was too small.

He had obviously been crying and my dad never did that.
This man looked like he had been broken, he was weak. My
dad was tall, handsome with a mischievous glint in his
eye and a quick wit. He gave tight bear hugs and deep
belly laughs. I don’t believe this man had ever laughed,
or if he had, he never would again. He glanced up and saw
me staring at him and slowly he pulled himself together.
I watched as he stood straight, wiped his eyes, and
called upon sheer strength of will to compose himself.

“Hello Susan, let’s take a walk.”

My father took me by the hand and led me outside to the
ambulance bay.

“Dad I want to see mom, what did the doctor say, what
happened?” I asked rapid fire. I knew if I could just see
her, everything would be ok.

“Honey… your mom was in a car accident. She lost a lot
of blood. The person who hit her drove off and just left
her. Oh god, he just left her. She did not receive
treatment right away. Baby… the doctors tried, I, I saw
them, I made sure. They really tried… but she was
already gone.”

No no no no no no no no no no… . The words did not make
sense. I heard him speaking but it was like a deep,
buzzing mumble. I felt hot, I was clammy and, sweaty and
cold. I realized I had no shoes on. I closed my eyes for
a minute, and must have gotten dizzy or something. I
looked up and my dad was calling my name. I was laying on
the ground, shivering. He sat down next to me, in the
parking lot of the hospital where my mother died, and
pulled me into his lap. My dad held me, and rocked me and
kissed my hair for a long, long time.

The next 3 weeks were a blur. You have not lived until
you try and explain death to a four-year-old girl who
loved her grandma very much. I tried to help out as much
as I could. I was basically trying to work, take care of
my kid, and run two households. My dad appeared to be
normal but he wasn’t. He just shut down. He barely spoke,
never cried, and refused to go to the funeral.

“I’m sorry honey but I can’t, I won’t say goodbye to her.
Not now, maybe not ever. I don’t care what people think,
I don’t feel like being on display, listening to their
platitudes, their polite sympathy. She’s mine! I’ll honor
her in my own way, as I see fit. In private. I hope you
can understand.”

I sat in my father’s lap, the way I had when I was a
little girl. I kissed him and laid my head on his broad
chest. He still did not cry, but that was ok. I cried for

That conversation, and my father’s behavior made me a
little afraid for him. He needed me, and Beth. He needed
people, love, companionship. He needed to talk, to be
with the living. I needed him too. I needed help,
financially. Saving $700 a month on rent would be a big
help. I’d use that money to pay off the credit card bills
Ron had piled up. Thank god on the really big cards I was
not an authorized buyer on the account. I guess he was
afraid I would leave him, and stick him with the bill
(hmm wonder why). Moving back home, just made the most
sense. It felt good, right somehow. I noticed that I
stopped calling him Dad.

Moving back home, being around him everyday, having Beth
call him “Grumpa” well it made me feel like his little
girl again, he was my daddy. I was able to take care of
him, I cooked and cleaned and washed for him. It felt
kind of nice, to be there for my daddy, to know that he
needed me. Beth got to live in a real house, with a big
back yard. We showered daddy with love. It felt so good
to live with a kind, decent man. No cursing, or
screaming, or rape. Just love.

After nine months life seemed to return too normal. I was
almost out of debt, Beth was in kindergarten. Daddy sold
his company for a nice profit, and with mom’s Life
insurance, and the money from the drunk who murdered her,
he was able to retire. Dad set up a college fund for Beth
and a small trust fund for me.

Then he added my name to the mortgage, and paid it off. I
was thankful, really I was. But I began to get this odd
vibe from him, like maybe he wasn’t going to be around,
like he was settling his affairs.

Dec 1st it all came to a head. Daddy had been acting odd
all day. He got up early, put on a suit and a tie. It was
7am and I had just gotten out of the shower. I had on a
bra and panties when there was a knock on my bedroom

“Come in sweetie…” I called to my daughter. She often
came in and talked to me while I was getting ready for
work. It was not my daughter.

“Oh my god, err, um excuse me… I thought you said come
in, I’m sorry, oh my god,” my dad stammered as he blushed
and stared at my nearly naked body. He turned his head,
while I threw on a robe.

“Oh dad, you surprised me, sorry about that. I thought it
was Beth. Why are you so dressed up today, you look
really handsome daddy, c’mere let me straighten your

My dad walked over to me slowly. I had to stand on my
toes to reach my 6ft 4 inch father’s neck. He must have
dressed in the dark, his tie was over his collar in some
places. I got very close to him and rested my arms on his
shoulders as I fixed the mess he made. He smelled so
good. Dad always used Bay Rum and Old Spice. I love the
way he smells, wanted him to stay next to me for a little

“Dad I want to thank you for taking me and Beth in. I owe
you so much. I don’t know what I would have done. You’ve
make me so happy. Being close to you again… well it
feels really good. I love you so much,” I said as I
hugged him tight and nestled my body against him.

Then it happened. I felt daddy’s penis move, just a
twitch or two. I mean he did not get completely hard, but
we both felt it.

“Um sweetie, I love you too, and I’m glad you are with
me. I appreciate all you have done. Never forget that I
love you and Beth. Now I’ve got to go. I’ll see you
later.” I barely heard him. My brain was reeling. I made
my daddy hard! That had never happened before. The more I
thought about it, the more it made sense.

Dad had always had mom before, he was getting sex on a
regular basis. Casual contact with his daughter would not
make him hard. But that had changed. Dad had not had sex
in over 9 months. Still, the idea of daddy being a man, a
sexual man with a penis, made me uncomfortable. After
Ron, I did not like sex. He was the only man I’d ever
been with, and I never wanted to have sex again.

It took most of the day for me to realize what the
significance of Dec 1st was. It’s my parent’s wedding
anniversary. I had a hunch, I knew where my dad was,
where he would want to spend the day. I put on a nice
dress, and asked a friend to pick Beth up from school.
Then I joined my father at my mother’s grave.

All these month’s I knew he was sad, but I thought he was
getting better. I was wrong. his grief was still fresh in
him. He had kept the worst of it hidden from me. But it
was still there. In fact it had gotten worse. He was
sitting on a blanket next to my mom’s plot. As I walked
up I could hear him talking to… her.

“I love you baby, I miss you so much. I tried to be
strong, but I’m tired, I need a break. I need my wife
back. I have the right to be happy. I have the right to
be with you. I just want to make sure our girls are ok.
This is your fault. How dare you leave me. Damn you, I
can’t stand it anymore. What else can I do?”

I did not know what to say, I was so scared, and angry, I
just left. My father would not do this to me. He would
not leave me too. I had to find a way to reach him, to
let him know how much I loved him and needed him.
Sometimes words just are not enough. Sometimes you have
to show how much you care. It was late when my father
came home. Beth was taking her bath and we had already
eaten dinner.

“Dad… I’m sorry I forgot, I wasn’t sure if you wanted
to celebrate, um to be reminded of mom… ” My father
gave me a small smile, and a pat on the shoulder.
“It’s ok sweetie, I just wanted to spend a little time
with her. It’s been almost a moth since I visited her
last. I’m not really hungry, I think I’ll just turn in,”
he said as he kissed my cheek and headed t his room.

Beth and I watched a movie, and then we went to bed too.
Shortly after midnight, I went to the bathroom. I passed
my parent’s room, and could hear noises. My father was
crying! I realized then how stupid I had been, how
selfish. I had assumed that he had never cried for my

I was convinced that he had locked it all away. I was
wrong. My father had been in pain, crying himself to
sleep, and I never knew. He was just too proud to cry in
front of me and Beth, but he was hurting. He needed me.
What could I do? I waited until the crying stopped,
counted to 30 and knocked on his door.

“Dad, can I come in?”

“Ah, Sure honey what’s wrong?”

“Daddy, I’m sorry, I can’t sleep. I had a nightmare. Do
you mind if I get in bed with you for a little while,
just until I get sleepy.”

My father seemed very surprised, and a little amused. I
used to love snuggling between my parents when I was a
little girl. Even when I was a teenager, I can remember
laying across the foot of their bed, and reading the
paper with them on a Sunday morning. However, I had never
shared a bed with just daddy.

“Susan… would you rather just talk, maybe make some
sleepy time tea? I was wearing flannel pajamas, and dad
had boxers and a T-shirt. This was not sexual. I just
wanted to comfort him, to hold him. I knew he would never
let me do it any other way.

“Pleaseeee Daddy, just for a little while, please,” I did
not wait for his answer. I scrambled into bed, under the
covers with him. Then I hugged him hard, and laid my head
on his chest. I pulled his arm over my back and relaxed.
I know I was doing this for him, but it felt so good,
when daddy held me. Daddy finally hugged me back, and I
drifted off to sleep in his embrace.

The next morning, daddy was up and about before me. I
found him sipping coffee in the kitchen.

“Morning daddy,” I said as I took his mug and drank
deeply. Daddy laughed and asked if I was satisfied. “No,
not yet said as I sat in his lap. He wrapped his arms
around my waist and we read the paper together.

“Dad, um about last night… did you mind me sleeping
with you. I mean it really helped. I was kind of silly I
guess, but it felt good, ” I stammered, and blushed.

Daddy was quiet for a while, but then said, “You have
nothing to be embarrassed about. You did surprise me, but
I’m you’re dad, even though you are 26, I’ll always be
you’re daddy. To be honest… well, sometimes I get
lone… well sometimes I miss having your, having someone
in bed with me. I slept with her for more than half my
life. Every night… it’s hard. But last night with you,
well it’s the first time I was able to sleep through the
night. Thank you, ” he mumbled and stuttered and

My plan was working perfectly; daddy was remembering that
he had responsibilities, that I still needed him. I
encouraged Beth to be extra affectionate to him as well.
Poor daddy, he had two adoring females, hugging, kissing,
sitting in his lap, demanding his attention for most of
the day. We had a nice meal together, and then Beth asked
him a question out of the blue “Grumpa tell me a story.

“Ok sweetie, how about Cat in the Hat, or the Big Blue

“No Grumpa, tell me a story about Grandma.”

The room got really quiet then, I felt tears in my eyes,
but did not say a word. Dad spoke in a soft voice: “What
do you want to know baby girl.”

“Tell me bout the football game, bout How Much She Loved

I of course knew the story of when my mother proposed to
my father. It was the championship game; my dad was the
starting middle linebacker. The game was close, and it
was late in the 4th quarter. My dad got hit from behind
and was knocked out cold with a concussion. My mom and he
had been friends, and then lovers, but had never talked
about marriage. Mom was in the stands, but when she saw
him lying there on that field as if she was terrified.

She realized that she loved him. She rushed from the
stands, and out onto the field. When dad finally woke up,
he saw my mother’s tear streaked face. She kissed him on
that field, in front of all those people and told him
that she loved him, and wanted to be his wife. They were
18 yrs old, had no money, but my dad said yes. What else
could he do? You see as he looked up from the ground, at
the hysterical woman, he realized how much she loved him
that they were meant to be.

I’d heard the story a hundred times growing up. But as my
father told it to Beth that night I listened again, and
could not help crying for what he had lost. Dad finished
the story, kissed Beth and carried her off to her bed.

Later that night I came to his room. This time I did not
even ask him, I just got in bed with my daddy and
snuggled up next to him. He sighed, and smiled and let
me. I fit perfectly against my daddy. I kissed him and he
hugged me tighter. I smiled to myself as we drifted off
to sleep.

It was dark. Something woke me up. Someone was fondling
my tits. A penis was pressing into my panties. In my
disoriented state I assumed it was Ron. I was about to
scream, when I smelled the bay rum, and old spice. Slowly
I realized where I was, who was fondling me. Daddy had
spooned me in his sleep. It was reflexive, instinct. He
did not mean to do it. His face was nuzzled in my neck
and he was softly snoring. I forced myself to relax. I
could deal with this.

Nothing bad was going to happen, no sex. He was not
really mauling me; he was just holding my breasts,
cupping them hard. We both had layers of clothing between
our privates. Yes he was very hard, and I could feel him
rubbing my pussy with his dick, once I realized it was
daddy, and that he was asleep, I was ok. He was holding
me too tight to slip away, so I finally accepted it and
tried to go back to sleep. It was weird, uncomfortable–
but ok. He was slowly humping me now. He is so strong, so
powerful. At some point I jus gave in and let daddy have

The next morning daddy’s morning hard on was pressing
into my crotch.

One arm was draped across my breasts. That’s how we woke

“Morni…what, Oh my god! Susan, I am sorry, what have I
done?!” Daddy said as he leapt out of bed and left the

For a while my brain kind of shut down. Something bad,
something dirty had just happened. There was a large wet
spot on my panties. It covered most of my butt, where
daddy’s cock had nestled in to me. Here’s the strange
part, my front was wet too. Somehow daddy must have cum
on my pussy and drenched it. My entire crotch and ass was
dripping.. My nipples were hard, and my breasts were very
sensitive from where his hands had played with me in our
sleep. I got out of bed and slowly peeled my clothes off.
I walked to the bathroom and could smell the sex all over
my body. I was pretty upset, shaking a little, and
breathing hard.

My daddy had cum on me, my daddy had thought of me
sexually. He… wanted to fuck me. Oh I know, it was not
really his fault, exactly. In fact he was probably
dreaming of mom when he did it. I don’t know how that
made me feel. I mean that he wasn’t even thinking of me,
that I was standing in for my mom… was odd.

“Oh my god, dad! He’s gotta be feeling guilty, what’s he
going to do?” I panicked, and jumped out of the shower. I
threw some panties on and fastened a robe around my still
wet body, while running downstairs. My father was sitting
n the living room. His eyes were red. He looked pitiful,

“Susan, I need to talk to you. I don’t know how it
happened. I’m sorry, oh baby I’m so sorry. I have
disgraced myself, and abused your trust. “

Now don’t get me wrong, I did not like my daddy’s cum, or
his big thick dick pressing into me. His hands had no
business rolling, squeezing, and kneading my tits. But,
well come on! He was my daddy, and I loved him. It was a
freak accident, I knew it would never happen again. I had
to show daddy that I still loved him, that I still
trusted him. Slowly I walked over to him and kneeled
between his legs and wrapped my arms around his waist.

“Daddy please don’t be sad, I forgive you. I love you.
It’s ok, I understand,” I said as I held him. My robe
gapped open a little and my left nipple pressed into his
stomach. If I leaned back to fix it, he would see. So I
kept myself tight against him. Daddy was so pleased that
I was not angry. He settled to the floor with me and
wrapped me tight in his arms, in his lap. I could tell,
he wasn’t even hard, I checked. There is something about
being in my daddy’s arms that always made me feel safe,
made me feel special. I felt so warm, so absolutely
loved, I dozed off, while daddy snuggled me.

I woke up to the sound of Sat morning cartoons.

“Morning mommy, morning Grumpa” a bright cheery voice
proclaimed. I tried my best not to feel like I’d been
caught doing something wrong. I was half naked, my robe
was completely open, and I was stretched out on my
daddy’s stomach, my head was on his chest., my nipples
pressing flat against him. Oh no, daddy had done it
again, he had cum all over my panties, I was soaking,
sopping wet.

I hoped Beth could not see anything. I had a thick cotton
robe on. I did not want to appear guilty so I stayed
where I was, with daddy’s arms around me.

After all, he was MY daddy, I could snuggle with him if I
wanted to. He was still asleep.

“Morning baby-girl, shush be quiet, don’t wake your
grandpa. When she turned back to watch the TV, I
carefully slid out of his arms. Dad must have really
gushed all over me, my panties were dripping. His
pajamas… oh shit, holy shit! His pajamas were dry! My
robe was dry… but my panties were slick, sticky, and,
very, very, wet. Slowly I realized the truth. Daddy did
not cum on me, I had come on him.

This was impossible, I don’t even like sex. Certainly not
with my own daddy. After Ron I knew I would never trust a
man again. I would never let someone hurt me and my
daughter. I could not trust any of them. I went upstairs
for my second shower of the day.

Then I got dressed and asked dad if he would mind
watching Beth for me. I could not even look him in the
eye. I did some shopping, stopped by my office, went to
the library–anything to be alone, where nobody would
talk to me. I needed to figure out what was going on, why
my body was reacting this way to my dad. I stayed out for
hours and had not really solved anything. So, I went

It was after 8pm when I got home and Beth was dressed for
bed. She was watching TV and my dad was doing a load of
laundry. I let Beth finish her movie, and then tucked her
into bed. Dad and I were still awkward around each other.
He felt bad cuz he had reacted to me sexually. I felt
worse cu I had done the same thing, and not told him. So
we said good night and went to our rooms. Alone. I just
could not sleep. I kept tossing and turning and sweating.
I felt itchy and hot.

Finally I got up to get something to get something cool
to drink. It was 1am so I did not bother with a robe, I
had on a silk nightie, no bra, no panties. I went to the
kitchen and saw dad at the table. Drinking a glass of
milk. He almost choked when he saw me. For a second his
eyes filled with pure lust and I felt myself blush. I
resisted the urge to cover my breasts, to hide my pussy
from my daddy. For some reason I let him see me.

“Hi dad, I couldn’t sleep.”

“Me either… um, well I’m gonna go watch a little TV,”
he said as he looked at my nipples peeking through the
sheer material. I should have left. I should have gone
upstairs. I didn’t.

“Daddy, can we talk?”

“(Sigh) Ok, sure baby, I think we need to. ” I knew what
I had to do, had to tell him everything. What Ron had
done, how he had raped me repeatedly. How stupid, and
weak I had been. I needed to tell him how much I loved
him, how he had saved me. That I had moved in with him
for my own reasons, it wasn’t just nobility, to take care
of him. It was also out of desperate necessity, I had
used him.

His grief and depression had played to my advantage. I
would have to tell him that I had heard him cry, heard
his suicidal talk. I would have to tell my daddy that, I
was attracted to him, somehow. I chickened out, it was
too much, to hard, too soon. So instead I said, “Daddy, can we talk in the morning, I
want to go to bed.”

“Um ok sweetie, we’ll talk tomorrow, goodnight. “

“No, daddy, you don’t understand, I don’t want to be
alone. I want to sleep with you. I want you to hold me.
Please, daddy, just hold your girl.”

Daddy was quiet, so quiet. “I’m sorry baby, I’m so sorry,
but I can’t help myself. I can’t just hold you anymore,
or let you sit in my lap. I think I better start looking
for a new place. It’s not your fault, Susan. Please god,
never think that it is. You just look so, I must be sick.
If I hold you again, I am going to do things to you. I’m
not going to stop. I’ll ruin everything.”

I fell in love with my daddy for the second time in my
life that night. I don’t know where I found the courage,
but what else could I do? I pulled my daddy to his feet
and stood on my toes. Then I kissed him. Slow and gentle
at first, then I heard this ragged panting coming from
me. Daddy picked me up and dangled me in the air while he
licked my tongue, sucked my mouth. So slow, so gentle, so
delicious. I hugged him tight and he set me down. I
pulled my gown over my head, and threw it aside.

Daddy licked his lips and mumbled, “So fucking

He picked me up in his strong arms and carried me to his
bed. Then he got naked, and crawled next to me. Softly he
spoke: “Susan, I love you. I want to make love to you
very much. I need to suck you, to taste that salty little
pussy of yours, to suckle at your breast. I want to fuck
you hard and thick, and proper. But that is not going to
happen tonight.” He looked longingly into my eyes.

Then after a long silence he continued, “I know baby, I
know what Ron did to you. Your mom told me. I know that
he was a selfish, greedy bastard. I could not bear it if
you ever thought I took advantage of you. We have to take
it sl-o-w baby. I just want to kiss you tonight, to sleep
naked in your arms. Maybe one day we’ll do a little more.
Maybe one day a whole lot more. But tonight, I just want
to look, and touch and smell and taste you. Only you.”

I was 26 years old, and I had never had that, never been
in love. I’ve never had a man make love to me like that.
It felt sensual, and pure, almost innocent, virginal. It
was a precious gift he gave me. Daddy caressed me, licked
and sniffed me. He made me laugh, it was fun. Just laying
there, exposed.

Seeing how bad he wanted me. Looking at his big cock,
straining, nearly bursting, bouncing up and down. I
straddled daddy and tried to put it inside of me, but he
stopped me. He was serious, no fucking. I could feel the
heat of his dick next to my pussy and it made me drip
sloppily. I wanted him to fuck me now. To slide that cock
inside of me. I was used to rough sex.

Somehow I knew that daddy would never hurt me as bad as
Ron did. Even if he ripped me a little bit, I could take
it. I’d let my daddy fuck me. I wanted it. I was sitting
on his stomach now and he made me lay down. I reached
back a second time to stuff that beefy cock inside of my
dripping little pussy when daddy grabbed my hands and
held me still.

He was serious. In that deep, daddy voice he said, “No!
Susie, that’s enough. Shh, rest little one, hush now go
to sleep. Daddy’s here and he loves you.”
What else could I do, he’s my daddy?

Like any good girl, I was trained to obey my daddy’s
voice. I kissed him goodnight and he rocked me to sleep.
For now, that would have to be good enough.
For now…


Aw, now ain’t that sweet. A tender little love story from
me to you. In this holiday season it’s important to take
a moment and appreciate the ones we love. C’mon guys,
just this once. No roses, no cards, no diamond foo-foos.
Just once, it’s time that we actually say the words. Out

“Honey I love you. I need you more than anyone or
anything else in my life. You are the woman (ok, um
significant life partner) I adore.”

Tell your wife, tell your mom, tell your children, tell
all the people that you could not bear to live without.

Just once.

Then maybe they’ll shut up and let you watch the game in
peace. Hey maybe you can whip out the camcorder and they
can see/hear it whenever they get lonely, insecure, or
need a quick pick me up.

As always, the story is not real, and before you ask no I
have no plans to write a sequel where Grumpa rapes Beth.
That’s just sick. I mean why would I do that… she’s
only six fer chrissakes. Even if she were 10, I would not
do it.

Ok now 12 is at least defensible, I mean I would
understand 12, or 13. Ok, you talked me into it. I’ll see
you in 2009 for a sequel.

There, now I can rest easy.

Drop me a line at jaz1701@webtv.net

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