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Authors name: Hornymother ( Story title : When Daddy Was Away

In my neighborhood there was a remarkable woman. Her
name was Ellen Parker. She was a stunning beauty. She had
dark perfect hair, eyes that melted the soul of many men,
and a body inspired by a goddess. Mrs. Parker had a
family and a beautiful home that whenever people would go
by it that would say, “I want to live in a house like

Mrs. Parker had one son. His name was Andrew. I came to
know him very well in the coming years. He was good in
school and at sports, later with the ladies. Mrs. Parkers
husband Burt was a businessman of some sort. He was
always traveling. From the things that they owned and
they way they lived it was apparent that he made a lot of

It was these absences of her husbands that set the stage
for her to be approached by many of the men and boys of
the neighborhood. Many were obvious in their attempts to
try to bed Mrs. Parker. Some would use sly and cunning,
but all were refused.

It was quietly whispered that she had a lover but no one
knew for sure. I had stared at her from afar many times
as she walked down the street with her legs flashing, and
her breasts bouncing. She was not my first sexual fantasy
but she soon became a major one. Many nights I would lay
in my bed masturbating to the thought of her naked body.
Her tits, her ass, her mouth…her cunt.

One summer day when my mother was visiting her sister my
father took me to see Mrs. Parker. He dressed and
showered with care and led me over to her house. My
father did carpentry work in his spare time and made a
lot of money doing it. He had worked on many of the
houses in the neighborhood and even had a small crew of
workers. “Hello Ellen.” He said when she answered the
door. “Hi Bill, come on in.” “Thanks, O Ellen this is my
son James. James this is Mrs. Parker.”

“It’s nice to meet you James.” She said smiling. “It’s
nice to meet you to Mrs. Parker.”

“Your Daddy is going to be working on my house did you
know that?” “Yea, he said that he had a job today.”

“Would you like to play with my son while we’re busy with
grown up stuff?”

“Sure.” My dad has brought me to several of the places
that he works. Every time there was a woman he always
seems to be busy for a real long time and I get bored
waiting. It would be nice to have a friend to play with.
“Here sweetie why don’t you come with me and I’ll
introduce you to my son.”

“Follow Mrs. Parker.” My father added. She led me to her
son’s room and introduced me to Andrew. We got along very
well. We both like army men and spying on people and
comic books and girls boobies. Andrew showed me around
his house and yard. They had a pool and he invited me to
go swimming with him the next day.

My dad didn’t take a real long time like he normally does
that day. I left and told Andrew that I would be back
tomorrow. When we got back home I went to my room to
play. After a while I heard voices in the kitchen and I
went to see who it was. “He is gone until tomorrow night.
Please let me stay.”

“I don’t know Mary. My son is here and even though my
daughter is staying over her friends house she could
still come back early.”

“Come on Bill I’ll do anything. I mean anything for you.”



When my father noticed me in the door way he said “Hey
squirt. Mrs. Weis has come over to help us with dinner
tonight because your moms away isn’t that nice?”

“Yea. What are we going to have?”

“I don’t know squirt we’ll have to see. Mary and I…Mrs.
Weis and I have to do some adult things in my room for a
while. Why don’t you go play in your room or something.”


Mrs. Weis has been over a few times before and always
goes into my mom and dads room to talk for a long time. I
think that they talk about the same thing that some of
the ladies that my dad works for talk about because when
I hear them it sounds the same. I was in my room for a
while when I decided to go watch some TV.

As I walked down the hall past my parent’s room I heard
my dad “talking” to Mrs. Weis. The door was closed so I
couldn’t see in but I could hear Mrs. Weis asking my dad
for something. I don’t know what she wanted but she must
have wanted it real bad because she kept asking for it in
this strange voice over and over again. Later my dad came
into the living room with a drink and looked in on me. He
was only in his boxers.

“How ya doing?”

“Ok dad.”

“How long have you been out here?”

“I don’t know a while.”

“Did you happen to hear what me and Mrs. Weis were
talking about in my room?”

“No not really.”

“What did you hear?”

“Just that she wanted something form you real bad.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha. That’s right. She did want it real bad.
That’s funny my boy. You know later on in life you’ll
know exactly what Mrs. Weis wanted today.” With that he
left. I got up to get a soda and heard more noise from my
parents’ room. The door was open so I decided to go and
see what they were talking about.

“AH-HA! that’s it fuck me. Oh fuck me. That’s it fuck me.
My husband never give it to me the way that you do.”

I looked in very curious. Mrs. Weis and my father were
both naked!! My father was on top of Mrs. Weis and she
had her legs wrapped around him. I could see my dad’s
penis. It was big and hard and wet. He kept moving his
butt and he would make his thing disappear into Mrs. Weis
girl hole. I could see her tits shake every time my dad
put it in her.

“O god fuck me with that big dick. Fuck me and cum deep
up in me. Stretch me so that my husband will never be
able to fuck me again. O god!!! AHHH!! James!! Bill your
son!! AHH he can see us.”

When Mrs. Weis saw me looking at them she started
screaming and flopping around. “Jesus Christ Mary. Stop
it.” My dad yelled and he stood up. He was naked and his
big dick was all shiny. It stood up and pulsed with the
beat of his heart. Mrs. Weis had pulled the sheet up to
her chin to cover herself. “Come here son.”

I was a little scared for some reason but I approached my
dad. “Do you know what we were doing?”


“HA! Sorta my boy. You see since your mom is visiting
with your Aunt I’m a little lonely and Mary here has come
over to help me feel better. She does what mommy does for
me when she is here.”

“I do way more than that bitch ever did for you!” Mary
spit at my father. “Shut up!” My dad boomed. “Don’t ever
talk that way about my son’s mother in front of him or
you’ll regret it you fucking whore.”

Then dad looked at me and said, “You know son I bet you
miss your mom too, right?” I shook my head. “Well I have
an idea. Your 12 now and I have been meaning to have a
talk with you about the birds and the bees but it seems
to me that I have a better way. Mary has come over to
help me feel better and I think that she should make you
feels better too.”

“What are you talking about Bill?”

“I’m talking about a little sex education for my son.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Don’t worry, you will. Now James this is very important.
I’m going to teach you about sex. I’m going to move the
black curtain away and reveal the mysteries of sex to you
today. James the first thing that I want you to do is
relax understand?”

I shook my head. His demeanor gave me the feeling that
everything was fine and I would have a lot of fun if I
paid attention like when he taught me to fish. “Alright
son, when you see a pretty girl or one of them touches
you does your penis get hard?”

“Yeah, I guess.

“Good! Look here. This is my dick.” He said holding his
big dick. “Yours will be this big someday so don’t you
ever worry. Now you see these things below it? Those are
my balls. They make sperm and when I shoot sperm into a
woman it can make a baby. That’s how I made you with your

“Really!” I asked excitedly. My dad was telling me things
that no other Adult would ever share with me before now.

“Now where do I stick my dick if I want to make a baby,
or just feel real good. Well that’s where Mary comes in.”
My dad grabbed the sheet and pulled it off Mrs. Weis.
“AHH what are you doing Bill!!” She tried in vain to keep
herself covered as she fought for the sheet but it was no
use. “You see the hair between Mary’s legs? Spread your
legs Mary.”

“No, No I won’t do it. This is sick. How can you do this

“Mary if you don’t spread your Fucking legs right now I’m
going to make you and if I have to make you it’s going to
hurt. Now spread your fucking legs and show my son your

Slowly Mary sat back on the bed against the headboard and
very slowly spread her legs. “That’s good Mary. Now if
you give me any more lip you’ll regret it. Now James you
see the hair there? That’s Mary’s pussy. It’s also called
a cunt or cockpit and a ton of other names. You just
remember cunt and pussy for now.”

I stared at her pussy with rapt attention. I had only
heard of this place before. This was the place of great
mystery that all women guard and keep hidden. “That is
were you stick you cock when it gets hard. Get up on the
bed so that you can get a better look.”

My dad got on the bed beside Mary and showed me
everything. Her clit, her hole, the lips of her pussy.
“You’re getting off on this Mary. You little slut.” “No
I’m not.” “Your pussy’s drooling like a starved man at a
buffet. You see all this here James,” he said motioning
to her wetness.

“A woman gets wet like this when she want to get fucked.
I think Mary wants to fuck you sport.” My dad said with a
grin “No… grumfh… grumph,” Mary said as my dad
covered her mouth.

“Does she really want to have sex with me?” I was
oblivious to everything except the possibility to fucking
Mrs. Weis. “You want to fuck him don’t you Mary?” My dad
asked. His hand still covered her mouth as he stared at

After a moment or two before she shook her head. “Yes
James I want to fuck you. I want you to stick your cock
up in me and let me make you feel better.”

“That’s a good girl.” My dad replied. “You really want me
to do that Mrs. Weis you mean…” “Hold on there sport.
First off don’t ever call her Mrs. Weis again. Once you
fuck a woman especially a married woman like Mrs. Weis
here you always call them by their first name. Isn’t that
right Mary?”

“That’s right James…Call me Mary from now on. Now why
don’t you get your pants off so that I can help show you
how to use your cock.” I was out of my clothes in a
flash. I stood on the bed my cock standing before me hard
as a rock. “Whoa sport. You got a pretty big cock for a
12 year old. You are certainly going to have a big one
like me, may be bigger. You like the size of him Mary?”

“God it is big. Ok James kneel down between my legs and
we’ll get started.” Mary having become a willing partner
was eager to get things going with her new well-hung
lover. As I knelt between Mary’s legs she grabbed my hard
on and guided it to the opening of her slit. “You feel
that James? That’s my pussy. Just give a little push and
that big cock of yours will go right up inside of me.
Come on baby push it in me.”

“What’s wrong sport?” my dad asked as I hesitated. I
don’t know if I want to make a baby with Mary. I don’t
really want to be a father.”

“Ha, ha, ha, son there is still more for you to learn.
You see with a woman like Mary, a married woman, you
don’t worry about that. Here is something to remember.
Never fuck a married woman with any protection. If you
get her pregnant her husband will take care of the kid.
In fact here’s what you do. Try to get married women
pregnant. If they are cheating on their husbands that
means they want a baby so you give them one.” Mary looked
scared the entire time my father told me the facts of
life about married women.

“Do you want a baby Mary?” I asked.

“I…ah….I…” she stuttered and looked at my father.
“Yes James. That is all true. I’m a married slut and I
want a baby. Now push your big cock up in me and lets see
if you can give me one.”

With that I pushed into her. Her wetness surrounded me.
Her warmth penetrated me. Her pussy clamped on to my cock
and gave me a rush that made my heart swell and my brain
go numb for a minute. When it was over my dad was looking
at me with pride.

“Son I think you just had your first orgasm. Did he cum
in you?”


“Maybe you’re still to young to cum yet but you can still
practice. Now start to pump her like you saw me doing.” I
did as my father told me to. I stared to pump in and out
of Mary. Slowly at first then faster as something inside
me told me that was what I was suppose to do. Faster then
harder. I made Mary’s tits shake like my dad had done. A
grunt escaped my lips then another. I could hear the
sounds of my balls and Mary’ sloppy hole as they came
together again and again.

Mary stared to moan with me. “Oh yea that’s it James.
Give me that big dick. Show me what a slut I am. Call me
a slut James. Call me a slut. Fuck me like the slut I am.
Fuck your boy cock into me. Show everyone that I’m a slut
for fucking you. Show my husband by giving me a baby.
Fuck your slut James.”

I looked over to my dad who was jerking of to the scene
of me fucking Mary. “I’ll fuck you real good you slut.
Here take it take it talk it you slut. AHHHHHHHHH,” I
pushed deep into Mary and trembled but didn’t shoot any
cum. I looked down at Mary. Sweaty and red faced gasping
for breath. I looked to where our bodies where joined.

My cock still hard and inside of her all wet with her
juice. My father groaned and shot a big load of white cum
all over Mary’s face. “AHHHH there ya go slut. AHHH
that’s what she was begging for earlier son. A big load
of cum.” For the rest of the night we all stayed naked. I
watched Mary and my father fuck several times. I also got
to stick my dick in Mary again that night. She told me
that she loved it and wanted to keep doing it with me. I
felt real proud that night.

The next day Mary went home and I went over to Andrew’s
house early. “Hey James! I was hoping you were going to
come over.” “Hey why wouldn’t I?”

“Well some people just come over to talk to my mom and
then leave. I get board. Hey I got some new comics last
night want to go read them before we go swimming?”

“Yea sure”

After reading the comics we went swimming. We played all
day in the sun. It was wonderful. In the afternoon Mrs.
Parker brought sandwiches out to us and we ate. “Maybe
I’ll join you two in a bit. Would that be alright?”

“Sure mom.”

“Well eat your sandwiches, I’m going to change.”

We finished and were talking when she came back. She was
wearing a two-piece very conservative suit. Almost like a
sports bra and panties style. She talked to us and made
sure that we didn’t go in before our hour was up. She
asked me about my school and my family.

She was feeling me out to see if I was good for her son I
think. When we finally got in I marveled at her beauty.
Her nipples became hard from the water and her tight suit
gave me a hint to her hidden treasure underneath. She
played games with us and we all laughed.

I went home very happy. On my way home I saw Mary
greeting her husband in the driveway of her house. She
seemed very happy so see him. I waived but she must not
have seen because they quickly disappeared into the
house. When I got home Jennifer, my sister was there with
some of her friends. “Hey James boy dads not going to be
home until real late tonight. So I’m going to order pizza
for us and my friends are going to stay over.”


“Ok well go play in your room until I call you that the
pizza is ready. We don’t want you bothering us.”


I heard the other girls giggling in the living room as I
passed. Several hours passed and just as I was getting
very hungry my sister called. “James pizza!” We all sat
in the living room eating and watching TV. Jennifer’s
friends Becky, Tracy and Samantha (everyone calls her
Sam) were there. When we finished my sister told me to go
back to my room. “But I don’t want to. Can’t I just watch
TV with you?!”

“No. If you want to watch TV stay here and watch. We’re
going to my room.”

They quickly departed for her room. From time to time
each of them would come down to get a drink and would
stop and look in on me. Sam and Becky just said hi to me
and left. Tracy came in and sat with me and talked for a
bit. “Hi James.”


“Whatcha ya watching?”

“A James Bond movie.”

“You like James Bond?”

“Oh yea he’s my favorite. I want to be a spy just like

“You know James Bond always gets the girls. Is that going
to be you? When you’re bigger are you going to get all
the girls?”

“Yea, well I hope so. My dad says that the ladies will
love me because I’ll be just like him.” “Just like him
huh.” She said this while looking at my crotch. It gave
me a good feeling to have her look at me like that. “Well
I have to get back up stairs, have fun.”

A little while later… “JAMES. JAMES COME UP HERE.” My
sister called. I got up and walked up the stairs to her
room. “Probably wants me to get her a soda or food.
Always taking advantage of me.”

When I got to her room the door was closed so I knocked.
My sister opened it “Come on in.”

“Ahh ok.”

They were all sitting in a little circle and when I
walked in they all store at me. What was going on?
“James” My sister stared. “We would like you to help us
with something. You see we’re all in high school now and
there are things that we need to know. Things about
boys…and we were hoping that we…you…”

“We wanted you to help us find them out.” Tracy blurted
out. “Yes that’s exactly it.” My sister responded as the
other shook their heads.

“Ok I’ll try to help if I can but I really don’t
understand what you want.” Sam got up and walked slowly
around me. She lightly ran her hand down from my shoulder
to the middle of my back as she circled. I could smell
her perfume and it made my mind go blank. Her hand
stroked down the front of my chest and stopped over my
heart that was now beating furiously in my chest. “You
see James,” she said softly.

“We would like to see you. To explore you so that we will
know more about boys.”

“I…I…don’t understand.”

“Why don’t I just show you and you’ll soon understand…
and I bet that you’ll also enjoy it.” She said this with
a grin that touched only half of her face. My sister had
a big closet. It wasn’t exactly a walk-in closet but it
was so big that she had set up her own little changing
area in side. She could look through all her clothes and
easily dress inside. She had a mirror and a small stool
in there also.

This is where Sam led me. She turned on the light and
shut the door behind us. Dimming the light she said, “Sit
on the stool James.” I did as she asked. As I was seated
I gazed at her in the dim light. She was beautiful. She
had blonde hair, not natural, and these soft blue eyes.

As she moved towards me I could see the swell of her
breasts and could tell by their movement that she did not
have a bra on. She was wearing a white shirt and a light
blue skirt. She put her foot on the stool beside me and
bent forward leaning on her knee. She looked into my eyes
for a moment and the said “James do you think I’m

“Ye…Yea.” I said with a dry throat. Why was it so hot
in here all of a sudden?

“James I need you to help me.” She asked in a pleading
voice that woman use to get what they want from a man.

“What do you need?”

“Here I’ll show you. Stand up.” She said quietly. She
pressed against me until my back was to the wall. She
gave me that half smile again and then slid down my body
until her face was in front of my groin. Looking up at me
she began to unbuckle my pants. Then my zipper was pulled
down. With a sharp intake of breath she looked back to my
groin then after a second lowered my pants to my ankles.

“I want to see this James.” She said as she reached out
to rub her hand over my hard cock through my under wear.
She slipped her hands around the rubber band and lowered
my under wear.

My cock sprang up in front of her. “Ouu it’s a big one.”
With her right hand she reached out and touched it. “It’s
so hot…and hard.”

She then began to explore my cock and balls. Slowly
jerking me off, touching and feeling my balls. She even
squeezed them hard on time to see how sensitive they
were. I was very aroused and sweating heavily now. “Can I
suck it for a bit?”

“If you want to,” I replied.

“Don’t cum in my mouth.”

“I can’t cum yet. My dad says that I will be able to soon
but I can’t yet.”

“You can’t cum yet? But your cock is already so big! Well
never mind.” She then leaned forward and licked the tip
with her whole tongue. “ahhhhhh.”

“You like that huh James?”


“Want me to do more?”

“Yes, yes please.”

She then licked the head again. Then licked from stem to
tip and when she was at the tip plunge her whole mouth
down on me. “Ahhhhh,” she began to suck me. In and out of
her mouth she plunged me. Soon my cock was wet with her
saliva. She would look up at me and moan with my cock in
her mouth as if to tell me that she to enjoyed what she
was doing to me. My breath was becoming very labored. It
grew very hot in the room.

I closed my eyes tight and tried to catch my breath that
was coming in short gasps. I knew that I was going to
have and orgasm. I was on the peak…and then she
stopped. Her voice startled me. I opened my eyes and she
was standing before me staring at me with that grin. “Did
you like that?”

“Yeah…” I said breathing hard. “Why did you stop?”

“Well I want you to do some thing for me before it is
someone else’s turn.”

“Ok what do you want me to do?”

She got on her hands and knees and lifted her skirt so
that it rested on her back. She had on no panties!! From
my angle I could she her pussy. “James I want you to get
behind me and lick me between my legs.”

I did as I was instructed “That’s it James lick my hole.
Lick it good and I might finish you off. My clit lick my
clit.” When I didn’t respond quick enough she pointed and
growled “lick right her. Do it James!” I did. “That’s a
good cunt licker. Oh yea you’re a good little brother to
have. Suck it good James. Yea that’s it. Haaaa yea James
that’s good.”

The door flew open and bright light poured in. I was
shocked. “Hey it my turn!!” Becky shouted. She looked a
bit flushed and a little proud that he had disrupted
Sam’s fun. “Bitch I was about to cum.”

“Oh so sorry. You’ll have to wait your turn or use your

“I’ll use your mouth if you don’t stop being smart with
me.” Sam growled back. Sam did get up though and Becky
came into the closet with me.

“James why don’t you take off those pants you won’t be
needing them.” As I was finishing she added “And the

When I was done she looked closely at me. As if she was
weighing and measuring me. “My you do have a big one.”
After she said this she stripped off her own cloths
quickly revealing her teen body to me. Beck was a little
over weight but since she was still young nothing sagged.
She was very tight. Big not fat. She had large tits and a
little growth of hair on her mound.

“Look James this is how things are going to go: Your
going to suck my cunt and make me cum before my turn is
up. If you do a good job I might let you put that monster
up in me ok?”

“Alright” she lay down on the floor and pulled her knees
up to her chest exposing her wet excited pussy to me.
“Good then stick that tongue up my cunt and get me off.”
She was rough with me. She was in control the entire
time. She ground her pussy all over my face. She would
pull my hair and mash her cunt against my face. She
called me names and berated me. She made me suck her ass
and finger her cunt until she did explode.

“AHHHHHHHHH YES!!! That was real good James, ahhhh,” she
sighed. “Now get on your knees between my legs. There ya
go. Now rub that big dick of yours all over my pussy but
don’t stick it in. Yea like that. Does that feel good

“Yea it does.”

“Do you want to out it in me?”

“Oh yea can I….please?”

“I suppose. You did suck my cunt real good. Better than
most. Ok James you can stick in but do it slow. You have
a bigger dick than I’ve ever had and I don’t want you to
hurt me.”

“Ok I’ll go slow” Slowly I pushed my dick in to her moist
pinkness. She was very tight. She was much tighter than
Mary was. Becky had her teeth clenched as I pushed it up
in her. “Oh god your big.” I only had half in her when
she said “Shove it all in James. Just bang it all the way
in.” With a mighty lunge I surged forward in to her

“AHHH” she screamed as I bottomed out. “Fuck that things
is big. Lay on to of me for a bit so that my pussy can
get used to it. Kiss me. Mmmmm. Good boy now suck my big
tits for a bit.” I sucked her titties and kissed her
until she stared to push her pussy against my cock
signaling that she was ready. I started to stroke. Long
strokes like my dad and Mary had taught me. Then I would
bang up in to her hard and make her firm teenage tits
shake. I kissed her deep and firm.

“Are you going to be my slut now Becky?” I asked quietly
in her ear.

“Yes…Yes…just don’t tell the others. They are going
to stop us soon but we will do it again tonight or
another day I promise.” And on queue the door swung open.
“Times up love bugs.” Tracy stood at the door naked as
could be.

Becky rose and went out the door, but not before looking
back and giving me a small wink. Before the door could
close I saw that my sister and Samantha were both naked
and my sister had her head between Sam’s legs.

“Ok boy wonder let me clean that prick of your off and
then I want you to bang me hard and fast. True to her
word Tracy didn’t so much as suck me off as just clean
Becky’s girl goo from my dick. “Do you want me to lick
you now Tracy.” I asked.

“How sweet. No honey I think you have had enough cunt
sucking for tonight, I know that I have. I just want a
good old shagging but maybe I’ll take you up on your
offer some other time.


She got on her hands and knees “Now stick it in and lets
get on with it. If your anything like your dad I’ll be
barking in no time.”

I fucked her hard and she took it all. She felt like a
glove made just for me. A perfect fit. As I fucked her
arms grew weary and she just put her head down on the
floor and took what I had to give her moaning all the

“Roll me over James I want to look at your face. God
you’re so handsome and a dick as almost as big as your
dads already. Fuck me James. Fuck me real good. Oh I’ve
been waiting for this for a long time. Oh. Oh. OH! OH!
OHHHHH YES! Oh, oh, oh, oh.” She cried as she came.

“Stop. Stop for a minute James I too sensitive.” She said
very quietly. “What did you mean that you have been
waiting for this for a long time?” She turned her head
shyly then looked back at me. “I’ve wanted to fuck you
for a long time James. At night when I masturbate I think
about you. I have always liked you. Remember when I would
always play with you when you were younger. I loved you
even then.”

“You love me?” She bit her lower lip and shook her head
slowly. “Please don’t let the other girls know. Not even
your sister. I’m in high school and it would be bad for
me if it got around.”

“Ok. I’ll keep our love a secret.”

“You feel the same way?” She asked excitedly. “Yes. I
always thought you were the most beautiful girl I had
ever seen. When you would play with me I was always so
excited and would be happy all day long. I always wanted
you to stay longer with me.”

“Well then I’ll be your secret girl friend and you’ll be
my secret boy friend ok.”

“Ok. I have another question. How did you see my dad’s
dick to now mine was as big as his? And you said I would
make you bark just like he does?”

“I’ll tell you because you’re my boyfriend now but don’t
tell the other this or I’ll be in real trouble. Your dad
fucks my mom sometimes and one night when my dad was away
and he had fucked my mom he came out to the kitchen where
I was having a glass of water. He was still naked and his
dick was all shiny with my mom’s juice. He made me suck
it when he saw me staring. That’s how I know that he is
big. When he fucks my mom she is always yelling that’s
what I meant.”

We lay there for a while until the door opened in each
other’s arms. Sam was at the door.

“Ok Now for the main event! James bring that big dick of
yours out of there and come over to the bed. You see
James we have a little club so to speak. We all have
younger brother except Becky, she has an older brother,
and what we like to do is fuck them. That’s where you
come in. For the most part we have all had our fun with
you now it’s your sisters turn. What we do is fuck each
other’s brothers in private then the brother and sister
fuck in front of everyone. Sound good?”

“I guess so.”

“Well it is good let me tell you. Now get up on the bed
and stick that big prick of yours up your sister’s gooey
hole and after I’m getting you for myself for a while and
we are going to finish my cum.” She said with a smile
that scared me. On the bed my sister waited with her legs
open smiling at me.

“Come on little brother. Get up here with me.”

I climbed up on the bed and crawled between her legs. “My
god Sam you weren’t lying he is almost as big as my dad!”

“How do you guys know about dads dick?” I asked.

“Dad fucks Sam’s mom, in fact he got her pregnant. Anyway
Sam got him to fuck her too and when they where doing it
one time she had me hid in her closet and watch.”
“Really? He fucks you and got your mom pregnant?”

“Yup” she said with a smile that told the other girls
that she was superior. “Does your dad know my dad got
your mom pregnant?”

“No my mom would never tell him that my youngest brother
isn’t his. I only know because they fuck so much and your
dad told me.”


“Ok come on little brother my pussy is real hot from
listening to you fuck my friends and I need your cock in
me. Go ahead slid it up in me.”

She put her legs over my shoulders and I leaned forward
and slide my cock into my own sister. “Oh god your big.
You and I are going to be a lot closer from now on little

As I bottomed out my sister said, “Now show me what you
can do with that big dick of yours.” All the girls stood
around the bed naked and watched as I banged my sister.

“Oh that’s it shove that cock of your in me. Fuck me real
good. Show my friends how good you can really fuck. Fuck
my sloppy pussy till I cum on that big dick.” I looked
down to watch my dick slide in and out of my sister as we
fucked. “Oh fuck yea. Cum in me when your ready. I wan it

“He can’t cum.” All three girls shouted together.

“Oh how wonderful. You can fuck me all day anytime and
with no condom! Oh brother I’m going to have so much fun
with YOU.” I kept thrusting. I was getting close to
having an orgasm of my own. After all the stimuli in the
closet with the three girls and being interrupted I was
getting close. “Oh yea I’m gonna cum. Yeah! Yeah!
Yeeeaaaah.” And almost at the same time I felt my own
orgasm wash over me.

“AAAARRRRAGGGGHHHHH!” I shouted. I lay panting on top of
my sister still deep inside of her gooey slot. After that
I was a sex toy for all of them for the rest of the
night. I fucked them all, ate them fingered them. They
passed me around like a toy and to tell you the truth I
loved it.

The next day I went over Andrews house and went swimming.
His mom had gone shopping so we had the run of the place.
We were drying ourselves in his room when we heard his
mom call out to Andrew. “Andrew sweetie I’m home. Andrew
mommies home. Andrew where are you?”

“I’m in my room mom.” He called out.

“Good god Andrew why didn’t you answer me sooner I’m
dying. Mommy needs you to play daddy for her so bad!” she
said this as she opened the door. She had been
unbuttoning her blouse and when she saw me she froze as
though she had been struck. “James…what…what are you
doing here?” She asked dumbfounded.

“He came over to swim and hang out mom.” She was still in
shock but was starting to come around and closed her
shirt and held it closed. “Well James Andrew has to help
his mother with something very important so it’s time for
you to go home. You can come back later.”

“Aww come on mom. We were having so much fun. Can’t we
play mommy and daddy later?”

“Hush Andrew. Don’t talk about that.”


“Just don’t” she spat. Andrew looked over with a sad look
on his face. “Sorry dude but I got to help my mom.”

“Hey it’s ok. I’ll stop by later. I just need to get

His mother stayed watching, as I was getting ready to
change into my regular clothes. I looked at her with the
towel wrapped around my body and when she didn’t make a
move to leave I just decided to change in front of her. I
dropped the towel and started to get my under wear on
when Mrs. Parker spoke up. “You know Andrew maybe James
would like to play with us too.” She said staring at my
naked body. “Do you want to James? It’s really fun.”

“Well what do I have to do?” I noticed that Mrs. Parker
had stopped holding her shirt closed and I could see her
bra-encased tits as she stared at my cock.

“Dude I’ll go first so you can watch ok.”


Andrew stripped of his pants and looked to his mom. “Is
that ok mom? Can I go first?”

“Yea sweetie I think that is a great idea. Come on lets
go to my room.”

I picked up my towel.

“Dude leave it we have to be naked.” I was beginning to
get the idea of what we were going to be doing and
started to get hard. As we followed Mrs. Parker down the
hall she stripped of her shirt and walked in her bra and
skirt. When we got to her room she unzipped her skirt and
tossed it on a chair with her shirt. Then sat on the bed
in just her bra and panties. My cock was rock hard now
and standing out before me. Mrs. Parker sat on the bed
with her legs spread a little and looked right at me and

“Ok James let me explain everything. My husband is away
in business a lot and when he is I get lonely.


“Good. So when I get lonely Andrew here pretends that he
is my husband and we play mommy and daddy.”

“You mean he puts his thing in you?”

“Yes that’s right.”

“Mary the woman who lives down the street from us does
that for my dad because my mom is away right now.” “Yes
I’m sure that she does. Your father seems to need a lot
of… comforting even while your mom is around. Ok so
watch Andrew and you’ll see what you’ll need to do when
it is your turn.”


“Ok Andrew why don’t you get up on the bed with me now
and pretend your daddy.”

“All right mom.” He climbed up on the bed and his mom
laid back. He positioned his naked body over hers and
they started to kiss. “Oh go yes. Mmm that’s what I need.
You’re a good boy.” They kissed for a few moments with
her running her hands all over his naked body. Over his
back and squeezing his small ass. “Honey why don’t you
kiss my pussy. I need you to do that so bad right now.”
“Ok mom. I love eating your pussy so much. It tastes so

“I know you do baby that’s why I let you do it so much.”
She pulled her legs up and he slide her little white
panties off. “Uww now kiss mommies pussy.” She spread her
legs and Andrew moved his mouth to cover her cunt.

“Oh yea baby. Lick mommies’ pussy. Oh you’re such a good
pussy licker. Yea mommy needs to cum so bad.” She started
to breath heavy and grind her pussy against his mouth.
“Yea that’s it eat your mother pussy. Make mommy cum.”

I watched in rapt attention as he eat her. He had her
bucking hard and Cumming on his tongue soon after.

“Oh god Andrew!!! AAHHH!!” she screamed as she cam hard.

He continued to lick her pussy and thighs cleaning her
juices up until she told him to stop. “That’s enough
baby. Why don’t you get ready and stick you dick in
mommies pussy now.”

Andrew quickly reached over to the nightstand and opened
a draw as hi mom laid back and watched. He pulled
something out and ripped it open. Pulling out a white
thing he began to roll in onto his dick.

“What is that?” I asked.

“That’s a condom. You see when Andrew and I play mommy
and daddy games he has to wear one so that when he cums
in me I don’t get pregnant.”

“I can’t cum yet but my dad says that some day I will be
able to. Does that mean that I don’t have to wear a

“You have never shot any white stuff from your dick?”


“Really…and it’s so big. Well then you won’t have to
wear one, but if you think that you are going to start
you have to pull out of me because I can’t take birth
control pills and I might get pregnant.”

“That’s fine.”

“Now watch Andrew fuck me so that you will know what to

He slid his cock into his mother with practiced ease.
When he had buried his cock in her all the way they
kissed like lovers.

“Oh yeah, that feels so good. Now fuck mommies pussy real

They fucked like lovers. Mouths sucking at each other
groins humping in rhythm. “That’s it Andrew fuck my
pussy.” She moaned. The sounds of their union filled the
room. His balls banging against her ass and the sloppy
noises of her cunt and he pulled out and pushed back into
the place of his birth.

“Yeah mom!! You feel so good. I love when daddy is away.”

“I do to son.”

“Ohh mom, I’m getting close! I’m going to cum soon!”

She looked up at her son with a look of utter lust, “Do
it baby, cum. Cum in mommy. Fill that condom up with your
cum baby. Cum now Andrew! Oh god, mommy’s cumming. UHHHH
yea cumminggggg.”

“Yeah mom here it comes!” and with a lung he plunged deep
into her and started to spurt. His thrusting slowed and
they kissed deeply again.

“That was so good honey. You get better and better.”

“Thanks mom.”

They both turned to look at me as mother and son lay
joined cock in pussy in an incestuous embrace. “Why don’t
you pull out now so your friend can have a turn?”

“Ok,” Andrew carefully pulled his cum filled condom out
of his mother cunt.

“Let me see honey. Wow, your load keeps getting bigger
and bigger each time. Soon we are going to have to get
bigger condoms for you.”

“I hate wearing them.”

“You don’t want mommy to get pregnant do you?”

“I don’t know, but I wish I hadn’t started to cum yet
like James, so that I wouldn’t have to use a condom.”

“I know baby. Maybe I’ll let you do it without one when
it’s safer.”

“Ok mom.”

“James why don’t you get up here with me now.”

I quickly got up on the bed. I was very anxious to put my
dick in her. “Do you want me to lick you like Andrew

“No sweetheart, that’s alright. I’m already for that big
dick of yours. Remember if you think that your going to
cum make sure you pull out before you do.”


“Good now stick that fucking thing up in me.”

I leaned over her. With one arm I held myself up and the
other I guided my cock up her gooey slot.

“Oh god that’s big. Uggg I haven’t had a dick that big
for a while.”

When I was all the way in her she said “don’t move just
yet let my pussy get used to it. You have a really big
dick James. If you want whenever you are over here and
Andrew and I play mommy and daddy games you can play to.
Would you like that?”

“Oh yeah. I’d love that Ellen.”

“Why did you call me by my first name?”

“Well aren’t we suppose to be pretending that I’m your

“Yes that’s right. Call me Ellen all the time. I like

“Ok Ellen.”

“I think that my little pussy is already for you now.
Start slow though.” I started slow like I was taught and
made sure to use the whole length of my dick. I would
leave just the head in before plunging it back into her.

“Oh god James that feels so good. You’re so big. You’re
stretching my fuck hole.”

“You like that?”

“God yes baby. Ram that monster up into my belly.”

“Ahh you feel so good.”

“Do it faster James! Harder! Harder!! That’s it bang me

“Like this? Huh like this slut?”

“Yeah!! Just like that.”

“You like my big dick don’t you. Don’t you, you married

“God yes. Fuck me like a whore James!! Fuck me and make
me cum on that big dick of yours.”

I did. I didn’t let up. She kept moaning and calling my
name. Telling me to fuck her hard. I fucked her hard. She
flopped around like she was rag doll until I had my
orgasm. As I was seeing stars she also came. “Oh god
James that was wonderful. That was great.” She said
panting into my chest. “And you really can’t cum? I
doubted you but you can’t. How wonderful.”

We laid there for a long while. “Hey Mom am I going to
get another turn or what?” Andrew said, snapping us back
to the present.

“No honey. Not right now. When we go to bed you can sleep
with me tonight.”

“Ok that fine with me.”

“Dude I told you it was real fun huh?”

“Yeah man, your mom is so hot.” I pulled my cock out of
her with a slurp.

“Ahhggg,” she grunted. “Lets all get dressed now and have
something to eat.”

As we were about to head out the door she stopped me.
“James what we did here is very special. You can’t tell
anyone ok.”

“Yeah I know.”

“Good. Andrew is going to be gone the day after tomorrow.
He is going with his uncle to go fishing. Could you come
over here in the morning?”

“Do you want me to fuck you again?”

“Oh yes. We’ll lay in bed all day and you can fuck my
pussy until your warn out.” She smile and I smiled back
at her. “Now give me a kiss and go get dressed.”

We embraced and as we kissed the head of my dick went up
into her hole again. Breaking the kiss she said ” god
that thing is wonderful. Quick shut the door and fuck me
quick before Andrew comes back. She sat at the foot of
the bed as I shut the door. She leaned back as I

“Just stand there and fuck me.” She leaned back and I
guided my cock back up in her as I stood there. “God that
thing is going to ruin me.”

I fucked her hard and fast like she wanted. I wanted to
make her cum before Andrew came knocking. “Come on baby
fuck me fuck. Fuck me good before he gets back. I was
thrusting hard when there was a knock at the door.

“Go away I’m busy!” His mom shouted angry at the

“It doesn’t matter now. He knows that I’m fucking you
again. Just keep going. I’m so close to cumming.” As I
looked down to where our bodies were joined I began to
get this odd feeling. Something was going to happen — my
brain kept telling me to go faster. My cock was a blur
inside of her. I kept driving hard into her.

“I’m coming she called out.”

Then it happened. A wave of pure pleasure rose up through
me my balls lurched and I began to spurt through my very

I had cum in her, I knew that I had but I couldn’t pull
out I was in shock at the wonderfully intense feeling.
Again and again my sperm flew from my cock into her body.
“AARRRGGGhhh…..” I cried out. I had cum. I had just had
my first cum. It felt so much different than before. It
was so much better. I stood there my cock in her cunt
basking in the wonderful after glow.

“James? Did you came in me?”

“YES! That was the first time ever!” I said happily.

“You don’t have a condom on. I could get pregnant!” she
said in a low voice. “I’m sorry I didn’t know what was
happening. It happened so quick.”

“I know honey. I guess it’s ok but don’t tell Andrew that
you came in me. He might get mad.”


We kissed and I pulled out of her. I watched as my cum
flowed out of her. There was a lot. “That was a big load
James. I can feel it leaking out of me. Give me a

I gave her one and she tried to wipe up all the cum.
After she was finished she got dressed and we left so
that I could get dressed. We ate and talked Andrew was a
little mad but he understood when his mom explained that
he got to do it with her all the time and it was still my
first time.

That night my mom came home. She was very happy to see
everyone and said that she had a wonderful time visiting
with her sister and her family. We ordered pizza and went
talked, then went to bed. That night I laid in my bed
thinking about what went on over the past few days. I had
sex! As I thought about it my cock grew hard and I began
to actually hear the noises from my thoughts.

I started to stroke my cock. Then I realized it wasn’t
all in my mind. It was my parents having sex. I began to
listen closer. I could here them fucking. I jumped out of
bed and headed down the hall. I wanted to see if I could
get a glimpse of them doing it.

As I crept closer I saw a sudden flash of movement. I

You little jerk! What are you doing up?” My sister
whispered harshly at me.

“I could ask you the something, but since your standing
outside mom and dads room half naked I don’t really need

My sister looked down at her body. She only had a
bathrobe on that was open in the front revealing her
naked body underneath. “Well with the way your little
cock is standing out in front of you I could say the same
for you.”

I just smiled at her. “Come on stop talking, as you can
see it’s not all that little sis,” I got down on the
floor trying to peer under the door, hoping to get a
glimpse. We tried everything but opening the door. We
didn’t want to get caught. So we stayed there and
listened to the sounds.

After listening for a bit my sister said, “C’mon, lets go
to your room.”

I wasn’t sure what she had on her mind, but we got to my
room she turned around with her hands on her hips
displaying her body for me. “James,” she said sweetly,
“would you fuck me?”

“Sure!!” I said with a grin.

“Great,” she replied and jumped up on to my bed. A hand
went immediately to her pussy. “Listening to them doing
it made me so hot! Come on James quick, I need it bad,”
she begged.

“I coming, just a second,” I replied as I pulled my
boxers down revealing my own state of arousal. I got up
on the bed and grabbed her by her ankles and lifted her
feet above my shoulders then gave her a lick from ass to

“OHHHHhhhhh WOW, that feels nice,” she replied.

I flicked my tongue over her clit a few times and then
put her legs down so I could mount her. Then as I guided
my stiff cock up her hole she moaned out loudly, “OH GOD!

“SHHhhhh… you want mom and dad to her you?”

“You’ve just got such a big cock. I’ll try to be quiet.”

I sunk my dick into her depths and marveled at her
tightness. “Ohh yeah! You’re so fucking tight,” I said
giving her a few small pumps.

“Well brother, not many boys have a dick your size.”

“Well sister you’re going to take it all.” I kissed her
deeply and started to fuck her. Hard slow strokes. I’d
pull almost all the way out and brutally fuck my cock
back up her cunt.

“God yes fuck me!! Oh god that feels so good!!” Her
wetness coated my dick and began to run down the crack of
her ass. I got an idea.

“Let me fuck you in the ass.”

“NO WAY!” she said loudly. “You’re too fucking big. I’ll
never be able to take that thing up my ass.”

“Come on sis,” I pleaded.


I stopped fucking her and made like I was through with
her. I could see the panic in her eyes. “Look not tonight
but maybe some other night ok?”

“Cool,” I renewed my fucking motions. I was beginning to
understand how things worked.

“Let me be on top. I like the top.”

“Sure, however you want it.”

We rolled over and she mounted me. Lowering herself down
on my rock hard cock she let out another big sigh. When I
was all the way in her she just sat there for a moment as
I played with her tight teen tits. After a minute of rest
she began to bounce on my fuck pole. “Yeah take it!! We
have to fuck more often at night when they go to bed.” I

“Yea…uhuh…” she moaned back at me as she road my hard

I could tell that she was getting close to her climax, I
was too. I didn’t want to tell her that I had started
cumming so I needed a way to hold off as long as possible
until she finished.

“Let switch, I want to be on top.”

“No… No… No… I’m almost… almost there… just
a… minute more… come on fuck me!!”

I was so close I could feel the cum building in my balls.
My toes curled. I tried to hold it in. I grabbed my cock
to block off my ejaculation like when I make myself stop

“GET OFF HIM NOW!!” we heard in a load whisper. OH

“Mom, what…” I tried to ask as my cock wilted so
quickly that in one second it was hard and I was fighting
not to cum to completely flaccid. My sister practically
fell off the bed.

“Get off him right now Jenn,” my mom said trying to be
quiet but make her voice hash with displeasure.

My sister scrambled off my bed and gathered her discarded
robe. In the moonlit room you could see the wetness
between my sister legs. “Go to your room I’ll be there in
a minute.”

My sister fled the room and I looked at my mother too was
stark naked. At the sight of her body I began to get hard
again. I was laying on top of the bedclothes and my dick
was still shiny from my sister’s juices. My Mom has a
wonderful body, she is a little thick around the waist,
after all she did have two kids. But she has wonderful
full tits and a relatively flat stomach. And an
invitingly hairy pussy.

As I gazed at her bushy cunt getting harder and bigger, I
finally realized that she was looking at my dick, I
covered myself.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” she said in a more soothing
manner. It was clear that she thought my sister was the
instigator of this crime. She left and shut the door
behind her.


When I got up the next day my sister and dad were both
gone. I went down to have breakfast and my mother was in
the kitchen making French toast. “Hello sweetheart, did
you sleep well?”

“Yeah mom.”

“That’s good baby. I made you some French toast so eat
up.” With that she left. I got myself a glass of milk and
ate. When I was done I put my plate in the sink and went
up stairs.

“James can you come here?” I walked to my mom’s room. She
was sitting on the corner of her bed. She was still
dressed in her nightgown.

“Yeah mom?”

“Honey we need to talk about last night.”

I knew that this was coming and I was a little scared.
With the way breakfast had gone I thought that I was home
free. I hung my head.

“Honey look at me.”

I lifted my head but couldn’t look at her. “Look sweetie,
what you and your sister were doing last night was both
wrong and right.”

‘What?’ I said to myself.

“You see at your age, your body starts to develop and you
need… a release.

I understand that.

“When I was your age I did very similar things. I
personally think that it is ok to seek out a family
member at those times, it’s safer than strangers. The
only thing that you have to remember is it can’t go on

“It just felt so good mom.”

“I know it does honey, that’s why we all do it. Your
daddy and I do it. We were doing it last night… is that
what happened? Did you hear us and get horny?”


“Oh sweetie I’m so sorry.” She hugged me to her breast.
God this was making me horny. My mom giving me a sex talk
and telling me it was ok to bang my sister.

Blink! I had an idea. I looked up from her tits. “Mom you
said that it was ok to go to a family member when I need
release right?”

“Yes honey. As long as there are limits. You can’t marry
your sister you know. And some day you will have to find
another woman. For now it ok with me if it’s ok with both
of you.”

“Well mom I was thinking, what about you?”

“Me what do you mean?”

“Well… if I wanted to go to you for help?”

She gave a little chuckle. “You want to have sex with me
is that it?”

“Yes please.”

“Alright mister I suppose that we could. After all that
tent in your pants looks mightily impressive and I could
give you a little education about a woman’s body at the
same time. It might be a good idea to get you started
early and the right way.”

I don’t know why I did it but I just blurted out. “Mary
already showed me everything.”

“WHAT????” My mother was livid. She started screaming
about Mary the whore, Mary the no good slut. She made me
tell her everything. She ranted and raved about how the
second she was gone she was hopping in her bed and
banging her husband and son. “Well let me tell you
something young man. I’m twice the woman she is. I’ll
show you.” She ripped off her clothes and then started on
mine. “Just like your father. A big cock and already
sticking it in every girl around. Come here and let me
suck that big pussy fucker.”

She went down on me and sent me to heaven. I could only
think that my mother invented cock sucking. She was that
good. She loved it too. She was on her hands and knees on
the bed sucking me. As she sucked me she was furiously
fingering her cunt. “MMmmmmmMMMMMmmmm,” she moaned with a
mouth full of my cock. I began to fuck her face slowly.

“Mom stop! I want to put it in you know.”

“Oh yeah son? You want to put this big fucker in mommy’s
pussy?” she said this last as she slapped my dick against
her tongue.

“Yeah mom.”

“Good climb up on top of me and put it in,” She laid on
her back and I got between her legs. Her pussy was very

I rubbed my cock around the opening of her hole. All the
women that I’ve fucked like that. It’s a tease.

“Sick it in James. Don’t make mommy beg.”

I slipped my cock into my mother pussy. She was perfect
for me. It was like I was made for her body. I truly
believe that mother and son are meant to fuck. The way
her pussy felt wrapped around my cock. It was a perfect
fit. Perfect.

“That’s it baby. UHG! Right where you belong. In mommy’s

I began to pump my cock in and out of her body. It was so
hot. I kissed her hard and passionately.

“You like fucking mommy don’t you baby?”

“Yes mom,” I moaned weakly. I began to fuck her in
earnest. I picked up force and speed but I knew that I
wouldn’t last very long. It was too much for my body.

“That’s it baby, fuck mommy’s pussy harder. Fuck her real
good baby! Fuck her just like her mommy got fucked by her

It was too much for me, and I sprayed my cum deep into my
mother’s body. “AHHHHHHgnh!” I cried as jet after jet of
my seed sprayed into my mother’s pussy.

“Yeah baby, give it to me. Give me it all to me,” she
cradled my head to her breasts as I shot the last of my
seed in her.

“You see baby, mommy made you a man. Your first cum, and
it was in my pussy not that slut Mary Weis.”

We lay there for a while and I dozed. My cock up my
mother’s pussy as she stroked my hair. I woke up a little
later when she shook me, “Wake up honey.”

I awoke and looked at her.

“Did you like fucking mommy?”


“Well mommy liked it too but where not done yet baby.”

Was I ever in for a treat. Talk about a slut. My mother
was one. We fucked all day long. I fucked her pussy, her
mouth and even got to stuff my cock up her ass opening.
She let me do anything I wanted to her.

She also told me some stories. My mother had grown up in
a family were everyone fucked each other. Her brother
would sleep regularly with their mom. He even got his own
Aunt pregnant. Their dad wasn’t allowed to fuck the
daughters unless they wanted him to. When I told her
about my friend and his mom, she even told me that she
wanted me to bring him over and she would let us both
fuck her. She said that she loved doing it with young


The next day I spent the entire day with Ellen Parker.
From the start she never asked me to put on a condom. A
little over nine months later she gave birth to a baby
girl. My first child. I continued to fuck her for many
years. She got pregnant once more but would never tell me
whom that father was. I believe it was Andrew.

I paid Mary Weis a visit every time her husband was away.
Whether it was just to go to work in the day or away on
business. She gave birth to my first son.

Sam’s mom also got pregnant from my dad once more. A boy.

Sam ran off with Mr. Parker. She gave birth to a baby boy
almost nine months after my dad did work on her and her
new husbands house, odd.

I married Tracy. She simply really got off on the fact
that I would sleep with married women and get them
pregnant. She even helped me get in some that she knew.
Everything came full circle when I came home and watched
my son mount her for his first time. My wife motioned for
me to remain quiet as they fucked.

My mom was true to her word. She would fuck me and my
friends any time we needed it. We would come home after
school and slide our cocks up her until we were all
fucked out.

My father revealed to me around his 70th birthday that he
had kept track of every woman he and I had ever gotten
pregnant. The total by the time I was 48 was 52. 37 of
the children were my father’s.

It seems that this was a family tradition that was
started by my great grandfather. He slept around and got
a couple of woman pregnant. He worked real hard to
support all of his children. They all knew who their
father was. This was a tradition that was pasted down.

There was even a trust fund that had been set up to help
support the children. It was an astonishing thing to find
all this out. I kept with the tradition and supported my


When Daddy Was Away
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