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When Bobby’s father marries again, he will have new experiences.

We had to wait for the other members of our family more
than we expected to. We were naked in the living room and
I guessed Donna and Laura were having serious fun over
Judy’s place and Mike and dad were giving us time. Well,
I tried to fuck my stepmother once more (of course!) but
she said no. She wanted us all or nothing at all. But she
let me suck her nipples. Which was something I wanted to
do since I had seen her in a bathing suit. But she did
not let me fuck her or suck her pussy. Just the breasts.
Till someone get back.

Her full breasts were already completely wet when my dad
and Mike arrived. Rebecca and I heard the car.

“Oh, Bobby, they’re here! Behave yourself!”

I licked her right nipple once more, just to say goodbye,
and sat properly on the couch. She looked at her breasts
and laughed:

“Great, now my cunt and my tits are wet! Thanks, Bobby!”

I smiled at her. We heard the key on the door. Dad and
Mike were back home. Thank God, I needed to cum! They
called us:

“Bob? Becky?”

“Over here, honey! Bobby and I are here,”

They entered the living room and saw both us naked. They

“So my son accomplished his task, uh?”

She kissed dad.

“Just like mine! Shame on both of you for hiding all this
family fucking for so long! Now I demand a show!”

“You’re the boss, mom!”

“Good, Mike! Well, I want to see… My husband fucking my
son! Live! How about it, Bob?”

“It sounds great! But my cock is still hard! I’m in pain

“Okay, but I want to watch it! Mike, you suck Bobby’s
prick, okay?”

“Sure mom! Any time you want!”

“Good son. I did a good job raising you. Now let’s see if
these two can raise you!”

Mike and dad took off their clothes. I was stroking my
cock. Mike went on his fours, on the floor and dad and I
took our places. When Mike saw my cock in front of him,
he smiled. And licked my head! God, it was so good! His
tongue was amazing, I should be getting use to it, but I
wasn’t. Dad kneeled behind my stepbrother and started to
fuck him in the ass:

“Oh, this ass just knows exactly how to be good! Are you
enjoying it, Rebecca? Are you enjoying the show?”

“Yes, I am! My son really knows how to deal with a couple
of cocks! Take a look, he’s a real cocksucker! It’s just
a shame he’s not a motherfucker.”

“Becky, it makes me sad that you don’t have a cock to
feel his tongue around it like I’m feeling now! It’s just
so good. It remind me of his mother!”

“Oh, Bobby, then I must be really something!”

“Oh, you are, honey! You know that, you don’t need my son
to tell you!”

“No. But it’s good to hear.”

“Oh, Rebecca…”

“Call me Becky, I told you before, Robert!”

“Oh, Becky, you’re a great cocksucker! And so is your
son! I’m gonna cum soon. Do you want to watch me cumming
in your son’s mouth?”

“Of course not! What a stupid question! I want to see you
cum on his face! I want to really see you cumming, Bobby!
Not in his mouth, where I cannot see your beautiful big
cock spurting, but on his face, where I can watch!”

“Can you believe he’s deep-throating me?”

“Yeah! Like mother, like son! Keep fucking him, Ed!

“I’m almost losing it, Becky! I’m almost cumming!”

“I know you, you can resist longer. Don’t be afraid.
Can’t you see my son is liking? Keep fucking!”

Then I took my dick out of Mike’s mouth and started to
jack off. He licked my peehole a couple of times and I
knew what was going to happen! I took a step back and
came! Several loads of my cum fell on his face. He licked
some of it, but it was just too much and there were
places where his tongue could not reach. His eyebrows,
for instance.

So I had to help him. After all, he was my new brother
and it was my duty as a good brother to help him whenever
he was in trouble. So I got on my knees and started to
lick my cum off his face. Just like good brothers do!

“Oh, Bobby, that’s so sweet! I love to feel your tongue
on my face. I want to taste some more of this cum of
yours! Keep fucking me, Ed! Keep fucking me!”

That’s when Laura and Donna arrived!

“What? Oh, my!”

Rebecca smiled:

“Oh, hi girls! Aren’t you a little uncomfortable, since
you’re both dressed and we’re all naked?”

They laughed. So did the naked people. They started to
take off their clothes. I guess they were uncomfortable,
after all.

“Mom, are you going to fuck with us?”

“Well, Donna, yes. But now my cunt’s on fire and… God,
you’re both gorgeous! Well, Donna, I’m very disappointed
with you because you didn’t come to mummy to tell me
about all this sex you’re having. So I’ll only forgive
you if you come here and lick my clit for a while. Would

“Sure, mom!”

Dad was still fucking Mike’s ass, but his eyes were on
the two young girls who had just arrived. When Donna
kneeled and started to suck her mother, her ass was
pointing at him. It was too much for his heart. He came.

“Oh, Mike, Donna, Laura, Bobby, Becky! I’m cumming! I am!

Laura smiled:

“Good for you, dad. I hope you recover quickly.”

“I hope so too, honey. You’re beautiful. I had no idea
your nipples looked like that.”

“Hm, Donna, where did you learn to eat pussy?”

“Upstairs, mom!”

“You do it so well… So well… Laura, come here for a
second, will ya? Your dad is right, these nipples you
have need to be sucked. Do you mind?”

“Not at all, Becky. They’re here for you. Your tits are
great too, I want to suck them later!”

“That’s the spirit, honey. That’s… Oh, Donna, honey!
That’s. Just. The spirit! Hm.”

Becky started to suck my sister’s right nipple. Dad left
Mike with me so he could suck Laura’s left nipple.

At that moment, Mike’s face was already clean again.
Which was a shame, he looked really hot with cum all over
his face. Anyway, there was something I wanted to try

“Mike,” I kissed him on the lips. “Do me again. Fuck me

“Okay, Bobby!”

So I got on my hands and knees once more. And, once more,
Mike started to pressed his cock in my ass. It felt so
good. Laura was the first one to see it:

“Look, Mike is fucking Bob!”

They all looked at us. But Rebecca was not pleased with

“Keep sucking me, Donna! I was almost cumming, for
Christ’s sake!”

I looked at them and Donna resumed her lapping. Rebecca
and dad resumed their action on Laura’s nipples. And Mike
started to really enter me. When he was all inside, I
realized it didn’t hurt me anymore. I was just feeling
good. With his cock inside my ass.

“Fuck me, Mike! Move it! You know how to do it, so do

“Don’t worry, Bobby! Are you feeling? Can you feel my
cock moving in and out of your super tight ass?”

“Yeah… It’s so fucking good, man… I just love to have
my ass fucked by you.”

I looked to the other four. Oh, Donna was a bad girl! She
was sucking her mother’s cunt while she moved her hand
over dad’s dick. But, apparently, Rebecca didn’t agree
with me.

“Oh, yeah, Donna, good girl, good girl, keep licking me!
I’m almost cumming! Oh yeah! I love you so much, honey!
I’m gonna cum! Oh, I can see you’re helping Ed to get
hard again. Good! Keep licking! Yeah, that’s it, you know
just how to do it. Oh! Yeah! My clit, honey, my… CLIT!
Oh, yeah, I’m cumming, Donna, I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I
am! Ah! Faster! Ah! Oh!”

Rebecca couldn’t even breath anymore. She came hard on
her daughter’s mouth! She could only say:

“Wonderful. Lick my juices. Oh.”

I was also breathing hard with a cock deep inside my ass.

“Faster, Mike, faster!”

Donna looked at dad. He looked at her. There was nothing
they could do. Dad was hard again and he forgot all about
Laura and started to fuck his stepdaughter on the ass.
Who could blame him? I already had done it twice, and was
just waiting for a third one.

“Oh, Ed, thank you! I was needing a big cock inside my
ass! Thank you! Fuck me and fuck me hard, will ya?”

Laura was a little sad. First, because she wanted dad’s
dick for herself, but most of all, she wanted to cum.
Just that tit licking was enough to keep her horny, but
she was not a kid anymore. She needed some furious
fucking. Just like I was getting from Mike. I felt sorry
for her, but I knew Becky would be a good step mom and do
something about it.

“God, Donna, I can’t believe this ass! Becky honey, we
must lick it someday, you’ll see how great it is!”

“We will, Ed. We will. Any day. But right now, I feel
sorry for your daughter. Do you want to cum, Laura?”

“Yeah, please, Becky! Eat me!”

Becky kissed Laura’s nipple once more.

“Do you want to 69 with me, Laura? Do you want to make me

“Yeah, let’s do it!”

They did. Becky was over Laura and her wonderful ass was
pointed to Donna. Donna was not tired of her mother, not
yet, so she started to lick her mother’s ass. Just like
Judy had done to her the day before: Slowly.

“Oh, Bobby, your ass is so tight! I’m gonna cum soon!”

Then Mike started to give me a handjob. Just to make sure
we could cum together. At that moment, I had a vision:
Someone fucking my ass while I and another guy were
having fun with a hot and sweaty 69. Just like dad had
it, on Friday. I needed it to try someday. Hopefully,
soon. It had to be something! But I was also enjoying how
Mike was doing me that day!

Laura and Becky were sucking each other’s cunts like they
were crazy. They just wanted to do their best to see the
other one cumming. Which made me glad, after all that’s
how everybody should fuck. Donna, however, was not so
altruistic (I told you she was bad) and forgot about her
mother’s ass. The young selfish was just thinking on her
ass. Which I guess is fine, after all that’s where dad’s
dick was.

“Fuck me, Ed! Fuck me! Show me no mercy! Do it fast, do
it hard, and do me cum!”

Meanwhile, Mike and I were already over the same edge.
His cock in my ass and his hand around my cock were too
much for me. And I knew that my ass was making him crazy.
He came first. And I felt it, hot, deep inside my ass.

“Oh, Mike, thanks! I wanted that cum of yours inside my

He had some trouble breathing, but he didn’t lose any
time. He just turned my body and started to suck me. When
I felt his tongue on the underside of cock, however, I
didn’t have time to enjoy.

“Oh, Mike!”

I just came. And I came a lot! This time, however, inside
his mouth, since Becky was not paying attention. She was
too busy with her ears between Laura’s thighs to care
about us. Or about Donna and dad.

“Fuck me! I’m gonna cum, Ed! I’m gonna cum!”

“Me too. Donna! I’m cumming, babe! I’m cumming inside
your amazing butt! I’m cumming inside of it!”

“Yeah! I’m… I’m… Cumming! Ed, I’m cumming! I love
your cock inside my! Ass, I love it, I love it…” She

So Donna and I had cum inside our asses, but we did
nothing about it. We just sat on the floor and watched
the show Becky and Laura were giving us. God, they didn’t
want to stop. If they had power, they would go on and on
all night. But they were also tired. They both got fucked
more than once during that afternoon and were cumming
again that evening. It was too much. For a while.

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