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When Bobby’s father marries again, he will have new experiences.

“What?” I said.

“This finger is mine! I want to taste that cum!”

“Get out of here!” Said Donna.

Judy, however, did the exact opposite. She jumped on the
bed and hold Donna’s hand. Judy, then, licked Donna’s

“That’s so good…”

“Let go of me!”

“Shut up, little bitch! Why the hell can Bobby here fuck
your ass and I can’t even lick your finger?”

“Because he’s a man, that’s why!”

“You have so much to learn… We’ll teach you right now.

My sister then, also naked, entered the room. She

“So? What’s going on?”

“Hold this bitch!”

Laura held Donna’s arms. Donna was still kicking. Judy
ordered, “Bobby, hold her legs! That’s it! Very good boy.
Don’t worry, Bobby, I’ll take care of you later. I just
want to lick your cum out of this ass first.”

What have Judy said? Did she want to fuck me? God, it
would be great! Meanwhile, I was sitting on Donna’s back,
holding her legs apart, and Judy started to lick Donna’s
ass. Donna went crazy.

“Take your filthy mouth out of my ass, you lezbo! Let me

Judy raised her head and, while she talked, I could see
that her tongue was full of my cum.

“Shut up! Relax and enjoy! Your beautiful stepsister
loves when I suck her ass, you’ll see how good it is.”

I looked to my sister. So, she also had a sex life, uh? I
was starting to get use to it, but I was not prepared to
that kind of talking. She smiled at me, naked, she had
the most beautiful body, beautiful breasts and pink
nipples, she smiled at me and said, “Yeah, I love it,
big brother.”

“That’s fine with me,” I said and turn my face so I could
watch Judy licking Donna’s ass.

“You two should be more quiet when fucking,” said Laura

“Yeah, I know,” I replied.

Donna was silent by now. I was watching Judy sucking my
cum out of Donna’s ass and my cock was getting hard
again. I only wished that Judy didn’t forget her promise
of “take care” of me, later. But I would have to wait.


“What?” Said Judy. “The bitch is liking. I think the
bitch is liking!”

“Don’t stop! Please!”

“Okay, honey, don’t worry about that!”

Then Judy licked Donna’s ass a little more, and said,
“Bobby, Laura, you can free her now.”

We did as Judy told us. And Judy resumed her sucking.

“Yeah, deeper!!!”

“No. Now, I want to suck your cunt!”

“No, Please, Judy, keep licking my ass, please!!!”

“No. Turn around. Don’t worry, you won’t regret.”

Donna turned around and Judy started sucking her pussy.
She had to be good, because in the second when she put
her mouth in Donna’s pussy, Donna cried:

“That’s it! Right there! You found it!!! Don’t lose it,
now! Don’t stop!!! Please!!! Please, keep sucking!!!
Please!!! My clit!!”

Meanwhile, Laura and me were both naked and didn’t know
what we could do. Well, at least I didn’t because, even
if I had a major hard on, I couldn’t do anything. Laura
was my sister and I didn’t want to spoil the party of the
other two.

“Bobby,” said Laura, “Are you thinking what I’m

“What sis?”

“Do you want me to suck your huge cock?”

“Well… I mean…”

“Shut up, Bobby!”

“That’s the spirit, Laura!” Said Judy.

Laura was on her knees. She hold my cock. She licked the

“It’s so big! I never saw anyone so big! Chad doesn’t
have anything near this. Well, maybe his leg.”

The three girls laughed. And Laura started to suck me.
She was also good, I guess Chad was a good teacher. She
couldn’t deep throat me but she licked my whole cock and
my balls. So, who was I to complain? My 16 year-old
sister was sucking my cock!

“Oh, Laura, you’re great! Keep sucking me!”

“Don’t stop, Judy!!! Don’t stop!!! Keep going!!! My
clit!!! My clit!!! I’m cumming!!! I’m cumming!!! I’m
cumming!!! Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“So, Donna, what did you think? Do you still think girls
are disgusting?”

“Not at all!”

“Do you want to try licking my cunt?”

“Yeah, but I’m not so sure if I could do it right.”

“Don’t worry, honey, I’ll teach you. Now kiss me.”

Donna hesitated for a few seconds, then French kissed my
sister’s best friend. I was getting a great blowjob and,
to make it even better, I was watching the two girls
kissing. Donna touched Judy’s huge breasts without being
asked to. Then she stopped kissing the lips and started
kissing the breasts.

“Good girl. See how I have so little to teach you? You’re
a natural, honey. Right there. Kiss my nipples. I have
great nipples, don’t you think? They’re so sensitive. I
love when you kiss them. Now the other one. That’s it.
Lick it a little. Make my nipple really wet. Slow. That’s
right. That’s it. Hm… You know what you’re doing,
honey. Touch my cunt now. Keep kissing my nipple. Bite
it! Yeah… Oh, my God, your hand is so warm… Hot. Bite
me again. That’s it. Now touch my clit!”

“Oh, sis, I’m gonna cum really soon!”

“No, no, big brother. And I mean it when I say big. I
want that big brother of yours inside my little cunny.

I was a little startled. I mean, getting a blowjob from
your sister, fine, but now she was asking me for some
serious fucking. Well, I could not disappoint her. I laid
on the floor and she lowered her body. God, that was my
first pussy in days, and what a pussy! It felt like
velvet. A wet velvet.

“Oh, I’m good, am I not, Bobby? I feel wonderful! God,
your cock is so good… Wait a minute! Wait! Yeah, it’s
so big… It’s amazing. Why didn’t we start doing it
several years ago? I want this cock inside my cunt
everyday. Will you fuck me everyday, Bobby?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Good boy! That’s my brother.”

From the floor, I could not see Judy and Donna, but
apparently they were having fun. I touched my sister’s
breasts. They were firm, rounded, and great to feel. I
was having a hell of a day, so far.

“Harder, Laura! Faster, please!”

“You’re the boss, Bobby. Yeah… I can see now what you
meant. That’s great. Oh, boy, I’m cumming. I’m fucking my
big brother and I’m cumming!”

“I’m cumming too, Laura!”

“Cum, cum inside me, Bobby. Cum inside meeeeeeeeee… I
CAN FEEL IT!!!!!!! I can feel your cum inside me. God,
it’s great!”

Then she collapsed over me. By then, Donna and Judy had
already came several times, and now they were watching
us. Judy looked at Donna and said, “Do you mind if lick
her cunt clean?”

“Not at all. I was having the same idea myself.”

“Oh, you want to do it?”

“Yeah.” Donna smiled, a little shy.

“Okay. Do it. Since you’re the beginner. You can do it.
It’s all yours. Laura, do you mind if your stepsister
suck your brother’s cum out of your pussy?”

“I would love that.”

“Go ahead, Donna.”

And Donna licked my sister’s pussy.

“She’s good,” said Laura.

“Yes she is,” answered Judy.

Well, I thought to myself, she certainly a great

Judy then turned to me and said, “Well, Bobby, I would
love to fuck you, but I should get going. One of these
days, okay? I want that big cock for myself.”


Judy started to getting dressed and kissed Laura and
Donna and me on the lips. Then she asked Donna:

“Hey, don’t you want to sleepover at my house, tonight?”


“Wait a minute,” said Laura, “I didn’t lick her yet. I
want to do it.”

“Yeah, you’re right. But it’s really Donna’s choice,
honey. So, Donna?”

“If you sleep here, you can have a real first night in
the house.”

“Well thought. I guess I’ll stay here for tonight, Judy.
But tomorrow…”

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