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When Bobby’s father marries again, he will have new experiences.

That night, again, I met Mike. This time, we already knew
that we were not going to sleep at different beds. And,
this time, that night, we also knew we would fuck. After
I fucked Laura, I had no more problems in my mind. Incest
was good, sex was great, or vice-versa. So we went back
to our room right after dinner.

“How was your day?” I asked.

“Fine. What about yours?”


“Did you fuck that girlfriend of yours?”

“No. But we’ll go to her house tomorrow after school.”

“Hm,” he said.

“You don’t mind, do you?”

“No, not at all. If you like girls, fine. So… Was this
morning the last time you came?”

“Well… No.”



“Boy, you don’t lose time, do you? In less than 24 hours
you already fucked us both! Did you fuck her in her ass?”


“And did you like it?”

“Yeah, it was great.”

“Good for you.”

“Don’t you mind?”

“Hell, no! I would fuck her myself if I cared about
girls. I know she’s beautiful. And so is Laura, by the
way. But I don’t care about that.”

“Well, I fucked her too.”

“Yeah, you fucked the two siblings… Congratulations!”

“Uh… I also fucked Laura.”

“Hey, that’s real incest!”

“Yeah, I know.”

“And how was it?”

“Terrific. Fantastic.”

“Good for you, Bobby. Anyway, do you realize you have a
huge hard on?”

He was right. Of course. And why wouldn’t he? That talk,
specially my memories on the subject was making me really
hot. Obviously.

“Well, Mike, what do you suggest me to do?”

“Take these clothes off.”

“Isn’t a little early? I mean, everyone’s awake.”

“Donna and Laura went to their bedroom the same time we
did. And I bet Mom and your Dad are also in their room.
But I don’t think anyone is sleepy.”

He was probably right. So, this time, I took the first
step. I took off my shirt. Than my pants, than my

“Yeah, that’s how I like it, brother.”

Then he also took off his clothes. We both laid down
naked. I opened my legs and Mike put his right hand
around my cock. He started the handjob. Then he started
to move his head to my cock. He licked it. He started to
suck it. Mike deep throated me. I was in heaven. Again.
He took his head off my cock and started to lick my
balls. His hand was, again, around my cock, moving slowly
from base to head. His tongue moved around my balls. Mike
went down and started to lick my ass. It was amazing. He
went back to my balls. Then he started to lick my cock
again, slowly, starting from the base and going up, from
the underside of it. He reached the head, licked the
peehole for a few seconds and deep throated me again.

“Oh, Mike, I’m gonna cum!!”

“No, Bobby, no! I want it inside of me again.” But he
continued to suck me.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself, Mike.”

“You will, Bobby.”

I didn’t. I came inside his mouth. He swallowed all of my
cum. Then he said, “Now, what about me?”

“Sorry, Mike. Don’t you want to lick my ass again, and
see if I can recover real fast?”

“No. I’m almost ready to cum now. Take a look at my
dick!” I did. It was hard. I could see some precum on the
tip. “See? I wanted it now.”


“Well, I guess I’ll have to jack off, again.”

I was feeling guilty. I wished I could have controlled
myself, but I didn’t. My cock was still limp while I
watched Mike jacking off.



“Do you want me to do it for you?”


“You know… Give you a handjob.”

He opened his eyes and smiled.

“Gee, Bobby, that would be great! You know I wanted you
to do it. Do you think you’re ready?”

“Well, I never did it before, but I guess I can try.”

It would only be fair. He made me cum, I should make him
cum. Right? Besides, I saw Donna losing her fears and
prejudices about sex with other girls and apparently she
liked it. So… Maybe I was just being silly. I touched
his cock, at last. For the first time, I had my hand
around someone else’s cock.

“Don’t be afraid, Bobby. Treated like it was yours.”

I tried. Actually, touching another man’s dick was not
unpleasant. I could live with that. It was making me hot.
His cock was not so big as mine, but I didn’t care. Mike
touched my neck. He started to caress my head. I liked
that, and so I began to move faster.

“Put a finger in my ass.”

I did it with my left hand. First, I caressed his balls.
Than I inserted a finger inside him. He almost jumped.

“Oh, God, Bobby. Yeah. Put another one.”

I did. Bobby started to moan. He moved his hips for me,
while I stimulated his ass and his cock. He was loving
it, I could tell. And I was glad for him.

“Another one. A third one, Bobby!”

I tried, but I couldn’t.

“Lick your fingers, Bobby. That’ll make it easier.”

I stopped for a second. Fuck it, I thought. I licked my
fingers. I sucked them. They didn’t taste bad. I turned
Mike’s body and started, then, to lick his ass. The taste
was not bad.

“Oh, Bobby, that’s a good surprise! Thanks! Yeah!! Do it,

When his ass was full of saliva, I inserted my three
fingers on it. Mike moaned again. My cock, I realized,
was coming back to life. I then made a brave move. I
licked his cock. Just once. It was not bad. It was kind
of salty. I liked it. I did it again.

“You’re bold today, uh?”

I didn’t answer him. I sucked his dick. I could feel the
head of his dick touching my throat.

“God, you know what you’re doing! Are you sure you never
sucked cock before?”

Yeah, I was. But, again, I didn’t answered him. I moved
my head. And my tongue. I moved my tongue, in circles,
around the head. I could taste some of his salty precum.
It was not bad either. Donna, Laura, Judy and Mike were
right: It was not bad to have sex with someone of the
same sex as yours. In fact, it was great! That was when I
thought to myself that I wanted to make him cum and,
then, taste his cum. I moved my head faster. And my hand,
because my fingers were still inside his ass. Faster.

“Oh, Bobby! I’m going to cum!! Don’t stop!! Are you ready
for this? Oh, my God!! You’re a great cocksucker, Bobby!
Don’t stop! I’m going to cum!! Stop, Bobby. I’m going to
cum!! I mean it. Stop!! Okay, don’t stop!! Go on.
Faster!! Faster!!! Ah!!!!!”

He came. In my mouth. Actually, I didn’t taste that much,
his cock was deep inside my mouth and most of his cum
went down to my stomach. I tasted just a little. It was
not bad. I had never tasted my own cum, but I guess it
could not be bad. Not at all. It was good, actually. I
could do it again, someday. I wanted to. Mike relaxed. I
took my fingers out of his ass. I took my mouth off his
cock. He French kissed me. I liked it. I liked the whole
experience. Well, I loved the whole day. But I still
wanted more. I wanted to fuck him again.

“Turn around,” I said.


He was on his hands and knees. I stood just behind him.
He told me:

“Yeah, Bobby, I’m ready!”

I licked his ass again. Just for lubrication. And for my
pleasure, of course.

“Hm, Bobby, you like it, don’t you? You like sucking my

Yeah, I did.

“Don’t worry, Bobby, I also like when you suck my ass.
Stick your tongue into my ass. Go on… Oh, YEAH!!!”

His ass was ready. And my cock was so hard that I
couldn’t wait no more. I stick my cock into his ass.

“Oh, Bobby, go on!! Push!!! Push it!!! Oh, you’re so
great!!! I want it all, remember, I like it all!!!”

I gave him all my cock. I was deep inside him. His ass
was so warm… I touched his dick, again. It was hard and
I started a handjob. My stepbrother deserved it, so there
I was, pumping his dick while fucking his ass.

“Oh, yeah, Bobby, you know how to jack me off! Go on.
Push it harder into my ass!! Harder!!! Faster!!! Oh, your
hand feels so good around my cock!! Great!!! That’s

“Your ass is amazing, Mike!”

“Do you like my cock? Do you like to feel my cock?”

“Yes! I love it!”

“Good. Hm… Go on! Oh, Bobby, I’m going to cum soon!!”

“Me too, Mike!!! Your ass is so great!!! I’m gonna


I stopped.


“Let’s sixty-nine.”

“Oh, okay.”

We did. I laid on top of him and he started to suck my
cock. I licked his peehole. His head was full of precum.
I licked it all. I started to suck him. Mike pushed a
finger into my ass. He pushed it all and I came. I
couldn’t believe how good it felt. I came in Mike’s
mouth. After that, I was so spent that I could barely
suck his, but I had to do it. I continued with my
blowjob. I stick a finger into his ass. He came. And I
drank all of it.

After that, we were both spent. He French kissed me
goodnight and we both went to sleep.

You Can Cum Anytime You Want – Chapter 4 – A Brave Move
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