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A true story about young Polynesian girl cousins, swept in a frenzy of masturbation. fem-ejaculation, cousins

One night last week, my husband and I were laughing about his prepubescent antics and how kids that age do the ‘circle jerk’ thing. I wasn’t shocked to hear
of his boyish brushes with sex, however I have never related anything of this nature to him. I’m sure he
thought I was completely ‘well-behaved’ as a young girl. I felt it was the right time to tell him my

I was eleven years old, and tall for my age, also an early bloomer, budding out in all the right places. I
skipped right over the ‘training bra’ stage and was already wearing a B cup for about half a year. My brown, wavy hair, highlighted with a hint of gold, was kept long for my hula and Tahitian dance

The summer of ’86 had the promise of a family re-union on a neighbor island at an older relative’s beach house. I couldn’t wait to see my cousins.

When we arrived, my favorite cousin Keli immediately
grabbed me by the arm and dragged me down to the
beach. We hadn’t seen each other for an entire year, but the scent of fresh, ocean air and the warm, salty spray of the sea, sent us into giggles. I couldn’t help but notice, the differences in the way we had grown. We are both a mixture of Hawaiian, Tahitian and French. It was amazing how pixie-like and light her features were, compared to my more shapely,
olive-toned, Polynesian look.

Naturally, we spent the entire day in the sun and
surf, and by late afternoon we were baked and ready to wash up in the outdoor shower. The shower was made
of bamboo poles lashed together, a floor of sand and no roof.

When we removed our tops, Keli couldn’t get over the size of my breasts. The moment they were released, from my fluorescent-pink, bikini top, her eyes widened, a mischievous smile danced upon her lips.
Playfully she said, “Let’s dance hula.” We certainly had that in common.

She turned the cold shower on and ordered, “Pretend
we’re dancing in the rain.”

She sang and danced under the cold stream, I joined her, feeling slightly embarrassed about my exposed

We looked over each other’s bodies while we moved.
Keli was so delicate and pretty, with long arms and pouting, red lips. Her wavy, auburn hair, fell to her tiny waist and glistened in the late-noon sunlight, that cascaded from between the bamboo poles.

After a while of dancing she smiled at me and said, “I love your tits, they’re so big.”

We were no longer ‘little’ girls, and I felt a singe of heat flush over me. Keli told me to take my bikini bottoms off so we could dance naked. Before I could protest, my eyes glued to her dainty figure; she danced more of a bump-and-grind, than hula.

After a few hip thrusts into the air she turned her back to me, spread her legs slightly, hooked her thumbs into her bikini, and bent over. She exposed
her pink, and completely hairless pussy to me. A burning swelled in my breasts and raced down between my legs.

After wiggling her butt, she quickly turned and pulled my bikini down to my thighs. I reached for my bikini-bottom, but it was wet and rolled over my hips and thighs, making it impossible to pull up. I felt ashamed of the soft mound of hair, that just barely covered my privates.

Keli ran her fingers through my fine down and exclaimed, “Wow! You got hair!”

She tugged at my bikini, I let her pull it down to my ankles. Stepping out of them, something wild took over my senses. It was her turn to watch me dance.

I copied some of her moves, and did a few of my own, raising my arms and widely swaying my hips side to side. She told me to bounce my tits, said it was a turn-on, so I did. I watched her eyes drift slowly to my breasts, then down along my stomach, until they finally rested on my pussy. Keli moaned softly, slightly parted her lips, and closed her eyes.

Suddenly, we were surprised by hushed voices and giggles, coming from outside the shower. We knew it had to be our boy cousins spying on us. One boy cousin, Thomas, was about seventeen; he was tall, with dark brown hair, deep-green eyes and a white, dimpled smile, just to die for! “Tommy” was often the object of incestuous lust for most of us girl cousins, myself included.

I panicked and asked Keli “What should we do?”

She raised an eyebrow, smirked and simply said, “Let’s give ’em what they want.”

Her long, wet hair whipped around her body when she turned, spread her legs and stuck her ass against one of the larger cracks in the wall. Within seconds she
gave out a long, loud moan and rubbed her tiny pink nipples.

She whimpered and shook while thrusting her hips at the hole; it looked as if she was about to cry. Who knows what slipped through and touched her delicate,
young pussy? At the time, I was too na‹ve to know what was going on, and everything happened so fast.

“Show them your tits!” she cried.

Hesitant at first, but knowing that Tommy was out there – and not wanting Keli to ‘get him’ – I found myself with breasts pressed against the shower wall. I could hear heavy breathing and deep male groans on the other-side – the guys weren’t giggling anymore.

I felt fingers lightly stroke my protruding left nipple, I bit my lower lip. Another gasp and moan came from whoever it was beyond the wall. I peered through another opening and thought I saw Tommy, I
wasn’t sure, but I closed my eyes and enjoyed this new burning sensation.

Flashes of Keli’s fleshy, wet pussy, of Tommy bringing his lips and tongue to my developing breasts and hard, tender nipples, burst in my mind.

Through the crack in the wall I moaned, “More… more.”

I wasn’t sure what ‘more’ was, I just knew I needed it. I gripped at the wall, tried to push my nipple right through, and cupped my pussy with my right

Suddenly, it all stopped – complete silence – no breathing from outside, no moaning, no touching – nothing. All we could hear were the distant sounds of
the party and the constant, crash and roll of the waves. We wondered what the guys were up to, and searched through the cracks – but saw no one.

Keli turned to me and whispered, “I think we’re alone now.”

I wasn’t sure, though disappointment swept through me.

Keli reached out and gently pinched my left nipple.
An electric wave rushed my senses. I watched her bend and kiss my right nipple, kisses turned to licks, licks turned to baby sucks. At first, she softly sucked my nipple, then pulled her red lips off with a small, wet pop, opened her mouth wider and almost sucked my entire tit into her mouth.

I reached up and held the back of her head; pushing my aching breast deeper into her mouth. She stopped for a moment, rubbed her cheek against my very enlarged nipple then turned to grab her blue-green, beach towel. She slid the towel between my thighs and brought it up against my pussy. The towel was already wet, but I quickly made it slippery.

My entire body, felt it was on fire. I was confused with immense feelings, wanted to slap her for the
enormous sensations she created in me, but also wanted to push her down between my legs, and grind my
pussy into her sucking mouth.

I tried to shove her and the towel away when I felt the urge to pee, but she continued working the towel back and forth; all of a sudden, a wave of extreme pleasure washed through me. I bucked my hips and ground my pussy down into the towel, my orgasm surged.

“Oh, goooood!” I cried; my hair whipped around us when I shook.

I grabbed onto Keli for support and buckled forward.
She held me up and cried, “Yeah, cum… cum!” and brought her mouth to mine, we sucked at each other’s
lips and tongues.

My pussy throbbed and pulsed for ages, then slowly I
regained consciousness. Though my legs were very shaky, Keli straddled one of my thighs and pressed her wet pussy against it, jerking her hips back and forth. Her hairless, little snatch, blushed and swelled, her lips slid easily, leaving a clear, glistening liquid against my thigh, her clit was large and hard with excitement.

I slipped my index finger over her stiff, little button, but quickly had to wrap my arms around her,
when she burst into convulsions. I bent my knee slightly so she wouldn’t fall off, and also to get a
better look at her sweet pussy.

I felt another flutter of heat rise in me when she bounced on my thigh and pinched my already sensitive nipples. We both groaned, pushed and pulled at each other.

With a tiny cry, Keli stumbled back, fell against a corner of the bamboo wall, and rubbed her own clit. I
backed-up into the opposite corner; at the same time,we slid to the wet sand and spread our legs.

Feeling another orgasm coming, I raised my hips,rubbed my clit wildly and through half closed eyes, watched hot liquid splash from my twitching pussy. Seeing me cum again, sent Keli over the edge, her little body writhed and rolled in the sand, covering her in a grainy mess. She got on her knees, arched her back in, her little butt thrust up. She braced herself with one hand against the wall, but not once did she let her fingers slip from her smooth, petite pussy.

She drove her hips back once more, her tight, virgin hole contracted. Finally, she released her clit, only to reach behind with both hands and spread her ass cheeks, exposing her tiny, puckered ass and honey, dripping pussy.

Keli looked over her sandy shoulder and watched me in the final stages of my climax. My feet were planted in the sand, neck and head rested against the rough bamboo wall, my hips up in the air with fingers quickly rubbing my own swollen clit.

Thoughts leapt and danced through my mind, of our
succulent, young pussies mashed together, clits grinding – and of circling her clit with my nipples, slowly forcing them into her snug hole – when the last droplets of girl-cum streamed from my tight, little cunt. My body relaxed, twinges of the most incredible orgasm swept through me. I rested my ass
on the saturated sand.

Keli rolled onto her back, spread her legs and dipped a finger into her blushed cunt.

While probing her hole and pinching her tiny nipple,she moaned, “Your cum shoots out. I saw that on a
video with my dad.”

She slid her finger from her pussy hole, brought it to her lips and sucked them into her mouth.

Her sassy eyes shot my way, she asked, “I wonder what your cum tastes like?”

“I don’t know.” was my breathy reply.

That naughty smile grew on her face, she told me to try it.

I can’t remember if I did, I just remember the way she licked her lips and the last flickering pulses of
my climax. The rest of the day pales by comparison, so of course, I remember nothing of that particular,
family reunion.

Naturally, since then I have tasted it, and I like the sweet, cinnamon flavor of my cum, especially when
licking it off my husband’s lips. I don’t have to tell you that this revelation stiffened his cock to
purple, pre-cum soaked my panties and soon enough, his engorged cock shot gobs of man-cum down my

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Young Paradise – sex story
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Young Paradise – sex story

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