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I guess my story started when I was 7 years old.
I was an only child and my parents spoiled me in every way
possible. As far back as I can remember I slept next to
them in their bed. Whenever I had a bad dream I would
go in and lay with them clad only in my panties. There
naked warmth soothed me, relaxed me. I would hug them,
letting my legs wrap around them. They never told me to
stop. As a matter of fact, they would move themselves so
I could rub against them! It felt so good. Waves of
pleasure pierced my loins. Sometimes I would get so
excited a bit of pee would leak out. But no one seemed
to mind. At about ten and a half I started to become aware
of my uncontrollable desire to satisfy my pre adolescent
lust. I realized that the movement and sounds my mom and
dad made at night next to me were the sounds of sex.

Then came one night that I cuddled up next to them

while they fucked hoping they would notice me. They did of
course and instead of making me go to my room, they pulled
me as close to them as possible. They were hot and sweaty,
moving against each other while at the same time running
their hands all over my little body. My mom took my hand
and put it on her breasts. I began to squeeze and caress
them until her nipples were hard as rocks. She pulled my
head down and put her nipple in my little girl mouth. I
began to bite hard. Her moans of pleasure and my dads
thrusting into her began to increase. She reached down and
began to stroke me. I spread my legs and began humping back
at her fingers. It was all to much for me! I loved it so
much! My dad pulled out of her and started to jack off on
her breasts. I boldly reached up with my free hand and
started stroking his cock. My little fingers barely wrapped
around his huge erection. Touching it made my whole body
jolt with funny feelings. As soon as I touched his cock he
began to cum. I rubbed the hot cum all over me and my mom.
It was salty but I loved licking his juice from my moms
breasts. This was the first time I can really remember
dad cumming.

After my dad had cum, my mom told me she wanted to

show me some things, She had me sit on her face and spread
my lips as far as I could. She went wild on my tiny pussy.
I got so hot I grabbed her hair and began rubbing myself on
her face! She ate me for what seemed an eternity until the
moment I had my first orgasm.

I remember my father all the while watching and

jacking off. I wanted his cock in me like mommy had had it.
But he told me he was too big and it would hurt me. Instead
he let me lick it all over while mom ate me. I was in heaven!

Now that I’m 12 I know that this was all very naughty!

But then I just wanted to feel their sex on me. Nothing else
mattered. After that night I couldn’t stop. I slept naked in
their bed almost every night of the week.

My mom bought me a tiny little vibrator. We would dildo

each other for hours until my cunt was so sore I could barely
walk. She taught me how to have multiple orgasms by dildoing
my pussy while at the same time pinching my tiny clit and
sticking her tongue deep in my ass. It hurt at first but she
taught me how to relax. After that I craved it.

When dad went to work is when me and mom had most of

our fun. I would start finger fucking her pussy and pretty
soon my whole hand would be fucking in and out of her. She
seemed to like this the most. I could get my whole arm up
there sometimes. I will never forget those forbidden moments
the three of us shared night after night. My parents are
now divorced. I don’t see my dad anymore. But me and mom
still love to SEE each other. 🙂

YOUNG SEX – sex story
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YOUNG SEX – sex story

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